Who is Jessica Tarlov? Wiki: Height and Weight, Marriage, Fox News, Husband, Education

• Jessica Tarlov is a political consultant, strategist, and analyst who makes guest appearances on television networks.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $800,000.
• She has an extensive educational background and has worked in various academic and private institutions.
• She is a regular contributor to Fox News, and has done written work for publications and newspapers.
• She is an animal activist and is active on social media, often posting pictures with her boyfriend.

Who is Jessica Tarlov?

Jessica Tarlov was born on 9 March 1984, in Manhattan, Kansas USA, and is a political consultant, strategist, as well as analyst who often appears as a guest on numerous television news networks. She mainly makes guest appearances as a part of the Fox News Network, on which she uses her expertise to discussing various political events.

The Net Worth of Jessica Tarlov

How rich is Jessica Tarlov? As of late-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $800,000, earned largely through a successful career on television. She has also worked in various academic and private institutions over the course of her career, and as she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

Jessica grew up in New York and is from a family very familiar with the entertainment industry. Her father worked as a director/producer and she grew up with a sister who would later pursue a career as an actress. However, for Jessica, her interests developed differently when growing up and she pursued other aspirations. After matriculating from high school, she then enrolled in Bryn Mawr College, studying for a bachelor’s degree in Arts & History. During her time there, she was the head of the college’s Political Science Association, and the Varsity Tennis Club. After graduating from Bryn Mawr, she furthered her studies at the London School of Economics & Political Science, where she completed a master’s degree in Political Science. Afterwards, she took things further by taking up a PhD in Political Science and Government, being awarded her doctorate in 2012. She didn’t initially want to pursue a career that involved appearing in front of the camera, but her path later gravitated in that direction, and was helped in that she had become familiar with that kind of environment thanks to her family.


In 2007, Tarlov started her professional career with the company Merrill Lynch, serving as a Project Manager, focusing on various EU related endeavors, and representing her company in conferences relating to EU directives. She often travelled due to the nature of her work, such as  to events in Brussels, Belgium, as well as in Paris, France. While working there, she also tried her hand at teaching work, serving as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for a year at her school, the London School of Economics & Political Science. After her run with Merrill Lynch, she moved to another London organization called BackBoris, which she served as their Communications and Digital Strategist, but stayed with the company for only five months as she was only tasked to help with Mayor Boris Johnson’s re-election campaign. She then moved back to the US to find better opportunities, and settled back in New York where she was offered a job as a Political Strategist at Douglas Schoen LLC., where she continues to work to the present day.

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Television Career and Other Projects

Jessica’s job at New York led her to numerous other opportunities, including television appearances in which her experience and knowledge about politics was used. She has guested on various networks, and her fame increased significantly when she started working for Fox as a commentator with a liberal stance. Concurrently, she also managed popular author, political analyst, and commentator Doug Schoen’s written work, including his editorials and books.

She started to do her own written work too, writing columns and articles for publications along with newspapers, including for “NY Daily News”, “Daily Beast”, “Fox News” and “Forbes”. In 2017 she was hired by Fox News to become a regular contributor, and during the same year was also hired by Bustle to work as the Senior Director of Research & Consumer Insight. She then authored a book alongside Doug Schoen entitled “America in the Age of Trump”, in which she focuses on the decline of America now that Trump has ascended to the presidency.

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Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Tarlov has never been married and does not have any children, however, she has been in a relationship with Roman Kuznetsov for some time, and though very few details have been shared about him, they have been seen in various social media posts. Her sister is Molly Tarlov, an actress known for having played the role of Sadie Saxton in the series entitled “Awkward”, and for her role in the film “Simply Irresistible”, which was directed by their father.

Similar to numerous television personalities and political correspondents, Jessica is highly active online through social media, particularly on Twitter, where her account is often filled with the latest updates on various politically-related news. She also promotes her recent television appearances, as well as some of her advocacie, including as an animal activist. Once in a while, she posts a picture of herself alongside her boyfriend as they travel to various locations around the world. She has rarely posted tweets of her own in recent months.

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  1. Have to say, as much as I like Jessica – her ultra liberal left Fake News narrative is the reason I quit watching FOX. Don’t need it. Not a member of MENSA, but I know when someone is pushing a socialist political agenda. That’s why I voted for Trump. No one liked him even though he was speaking the truth and supporting American values. I support American values, and I speak the truth. No time or interest in false newspeak. Jessica is owned. Sad but true, because if she were really intelligent, she’d support Trump. But she sells out her freedom for money. Not me.

    1. I agree with most of what you have said. However, young people who enter these liberal colleges are being brainwashed by the professors, especially if they are liberal arts majors. It is a shame that our young are at the mercy of these propaganda merchants if they endeavor to get an education.

    2. I cant stand her sqeeky, raspy voice so I turn it off when she is on. She acts like she knows nothing, only has opinions.

      1. Agree, her raspy voice is so annoying. Should Fox make her a regular host, I will NOT watch The Five again. She sucks.

  2. All Jessica Tarlov has to do is drop her voice an octave. Her voice makes me hit the mute button”! Surely she can afford a few voice lessons!

  3. Jessica sucks big time.What a loser.Not brainwashed an enemy of America.If you hate America so much head north or south if Canada or Mexico will have you.Please leave America it will be much better without your pathetic useless ass.

  4. I have agreed with these negative comments in the past. But honestly, she starting to grow on me. I’m liking her more and so think she has developed a softness about her.

  5. I saw she married in March 2017. Now she is engaged to this boyfriend in April. Just saw her tonight talking about her husband and she’s put on a few pounds. Looking like a baby on the way?

  6. I have watched Fox for many years. I have also had contact with her for several years. To say that she is an ultra liberal and other pejorative descriptions is palpable nonsense. The only thing that could be said to be accurate would be her voice. But that is a slim reed to be trashing her. She is a very considerate lady and deserves none of this.

    She seems be appearing more and more on “The Five.” Looks like a good fit. Suggested that several years ago.

    I have wondered what Debra Hilton mentioned. Interesting.

  7. Please delete my post.

    What I said is true but no one needs to know that we have been in contact.

    Thank you.

  8. I truly do not agree with some of these opinions. Jessica has been the only liberal I’ve enjoyed watching on the five. Everytime Juan would open his mouth I would yell at the TV for him to just shut up. Jessica is intelligent and is really convincing when she talks about a subject she truly believes in. Thank you, Jessica for being you. Although I do not believe in most of what you preach, you are simply a pleasure to watch when listening to the fair and balanced side of the five.

  9. Jessica Tarlov is a very bright, intelligent, and articulate woman who clearly deserves to be on TV. Her appearances on various Fox News Channel shows is a breath of fresh air. Good move, Fox News…

    1. I like Tarlov. I don’t mind her voice. Her opinions rarely match mine but I like hearing liberal ideas which gives the listener another point of view. Jessica is very articulate and courteous. She does not talk over when her co-hosts start talking to disagree with her.

  10. Enjoyed reading all of the comments about Jessica. I am a Conservative and regular viewer of Fox News. I like Jessica for her thoughtful liberal views. I was a Liberal before I saw the light. Jessica, you be you and keep us Conservatives honest in response.

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