Who is Jose Eduardo Derbez’s mother? His Age, Wife, Net Worth

The Derbez are one of the most important families in the entertainment industry of Mexico. Headed by the well-loved comedian and producer Eugenio Derbez, the clan is often under the spotlight for both ,their successful projects and controversies.

One of the most popular topics when it comes to the family is Eugenio’s past relationship with the renowned actress Victoria Ruffo, mother of his third son Jose Eduardo Derbez. The romance between the pair was seemingly tumultuous, and resulted in several controversies which still haunt them to this day.

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So what else is there to discover about Jose Eduardo Derbez? What are the other less-known facts about his parents? What’s going on with his on-the-rise career as an actor and social media influencer? Keep reading to find out!

Early Life

Jose Eduardo Derbez was born on 14 April 1992 in Mexico City, Mexico. He’s the only child born from the relationship between actors Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo, who separated for good in 1997. Jose Eduardo has five half-siblings, three on his father’s side all of whom have different mothers, and two through his mother.

For diverse reasons, Jose Eduardo didn’t spend most of his childhood with his father. For one, Eugenio allegedly wasn’t allowed to see Jose Eduardo for around four years, as his separation from Victoria was followed by a tough battle for his custody.

According to Jose Eduardo, Eugenio’s job obligations took him away from sharing valuable time with him during his childhood, and also affirmed that his mother Victoria encouraged him to contact his father and spend more time together. Jose Eduardo and his father have been rebuilding their bond since he turned 18, slowly but steadily growing a stable father-son relationship.

At nine years old, Jose Eduardo had a bike accident which severely broke his leg and left him deeply traumatized, as he revealed in a 2023 interview.


Jose Eduardo debuted on TV when he was less than one year old. Back then he was brought as a surprise guest in the show “TVO”, hosted by his maternal aunt Gabriela Ruffo.

At seven years old, Jose Eduardo went back to TV for an episode of “Derbez En Cuando”, acting alongside his father in a comedy sketch. In 2004, Jose Eduardo appeared in the final episode of his father Eugenio’s show “XHDRBZ”.

After taking a long break from TV, in 2012 Jose Eduardo made his professional acting debut as ‘Pato’ Fuentes Pedraza in the telenovela “Miss XV”, followed by his long-term role as Diego Armando Escandionda in “The Poor Rich Family”, a series which aired from 2013 to 2014 and gained him a TVyNovelas Award as Best Young Actor. Around the same time, he became a co-host in his aunt Gaby’s radio show “En la mañana con la Ruffo”.

Jose Eduardo’s Current Projects

Following his debut as an actor in the early 2010s, Jose Eduardo has been building a stable career on and off TV. Besides working in a wide variety of plays around the US and Mexico, he’s also appeared in several telenovelas such as “Vino El Amor” in 2017 and “Cita A Ciegas” in 2019.

His first movie role came in 2017 with “How To Be A Latin Lover”, followed by “Más allá de la luz II” in 2018 and “Los Guerreros Legendarios” in 2022. Jose Eduardo has also become a regular TV personality by appearing in shows such as “Hoy” and “Tal Para Cual”.

Jose Eduardo’s current projects include appearing in his family’s reality show “De Viaje Con Los Derbez”, sharing videos on his widely followed YouTube channel, and hosting “Miembros Al Aire”, which he’s been doing since 2021. Later in 2023, he commented in the podcast “La Capitana” that he’d been working on several movies throughout the year.

Famous Family

Jose Eduardo Derbez is not only known for his career as an actor, but also for being related to very famous people. His father Eugenio Derbez is internationally known for his work in the Mexican and US entertainment industry, gaining recognition for comedy classics such as “Al Derecho Y Al Derbez”, “Derbez En Cuando” and the movie “Jack & Jill”, in which he worked alongside Adam Sandler.

The mother of Eugenio was the late Silvia Derbez, an iconic actress known for her work on Mexican movies and telenovelas. Jose Eduardo’s paternal half-siblings Aislinn and Vadhir have also found recognition for their work on TV and as models, while his youngest half-sister Aitana has also become popular thanks to the family’s reality show. Aitana is the daughter of Eugenio with his current wife Alessandra Rosaldo, who is an actress and singer.

Jose Eduardo’s mother is Victoria Ruffo, known as the ‘Queen of Telenovelas’ for her unforgettable dramatic roles and talent. She’s been active on Mexican TV since the 1980s, when she debuted with small roles in a variety of telenovelas, passing then to take more important roles before becoming a regular lead. To this day, Victoria has starred in over 20 telenovelas and has won several awards for her work. Victoria is the sister of Gabriela Ruffo, a renowned TV and radio host.

The Controversy

While Jose Eduardo Derbez doesn’t get himself into scandals, he’s been at the center of media attention more than once thanks to the tumultuous relationship his parents had back in the 1990s.

In a 2020 video Eugenio filmed for Jose Eduardo’s YouTube, the comedian revealed that he met Victoria Ruffo in the late 1980s, but stayed away from her due to their different financial situations – he was still an unknown comedian, while she was already a well-known actress.

Eugenio and Victoria reconnected around 1991, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy. That’s when the pair had a ‘fake wedding’, as the media commonly refers to the party in which Eugenio and Victoria exchanged rings. According to Victoria Ruffo, she believed the wedding was real, but as Eugenio claims, it was a simple party to celebrate their bond and scare away malicious media outlets who commented on their pregnancy. He has also affirmed that Victoria used the argument of the ‘fake wedding’ against him during Jose Eduardo’s custody battle.

In the end, Victoria and Eugenio never married each other and separated in 1997, though according to the comedian, their relationship was on the rocks since around 1992,. The pair don’t have any type of contact these days, and Victoria is currently married to politician Omar Fayad, with whom she has two children.

Personal Life

Jose Eduardo Derbez is currently dating Paola Dalay, a model and stylist. The pair has been together since 2019, and aren’t shy about showing their love for each other on social media.

When asked about his famous family, Jose Eduardo told the podcast “La Capitana” that he doesn’t feel upset about being constantly linked to his parents. As he affirmed, he wants to be remembered with ‘love’ and by those who had a ‘good time’ with him, paying no mind to other things or people he might be connected with.

Appearance & Net Worth

Jose Eduardo Derbez has dark hair and brown eyes. He’s 5ft 4ins (1.66m) tall, but his weight is unknown.

Jose Eduardo’s net worth is estimated at around $500,000, resulting from his work as an actor, social media creator, and TV host, though it’s also fair to assume that he has a share in his parents’ fortunes. For one, Jose Eugenio’s father Eugenio Derbez has an estimated net worth of $30 million, while his mother Victoria Ruffo has a reputed net worth of $12 million.

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