Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ex-boyfriend, Will Estes Bio: “Blue Bloods”, Spouse, Married, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings

• Will Estes is a well-known actor
• Born in 1978 in Los Angeles, California USA
• His career took off after he was chosen from 700 other kids for the role of Will McCullough in the TV series “The New Lassie”
• Has won several awards such as the Prism Award in 2014 for the Best Performance in Drama Series Episode, and the Golden Honu Award in 2015 as the Actor of The Year
• He supports the protection of wildlife and the environment

Will Estes Nipper is a well-known actor who has made a name for himself by portraying relatively low-key characters in several high-profile movies and TV series. He was born under the star sign of Libra on 21st  October 1978, in Los Angeles, California USA, the only child of Mary Lu Estes, an office administrator, and Bill Nipper, a projectionist. His parents were Christians, and they supported Will’s acting career from the early days. Here is everything else you may wish to know about Will Estes’ biography.

How did Will start his career?

He attended Santa Maria College where he majored in English literature, but had started acting at a very young age, i.e. as a 10-year old child, first appearing in commercials and advertisements, but he soon started doing guest roles in TV series. His performances caught the eye of Hollywood producers, and he soon began appearing in high-profile shows.

Acting career

It can be said that Will’s career really took off after he was chosen from 700 other kids for the role of Will McCullough in the TV series “The New Lassie”. Similarly, he was cast in the role of Cory Hartman in the sitcom “Kirk”, both of which had a significant impact on Will’s acting career. However, his biggest success came from joining the cast of “Blue Blood” – a TV series produced by CBS, which centers around day-to-day activities of the members of the NYPD. Estes played the role of young officer Reagan, and most critics agree that he gave a memorable performance. Also, he is well-known as being JJ Pryor on NBC’s series “American Dream”.

Other than that, Will Estes can be seen in movies such as the Nolan’s “Dark Knight Rises”, in which he portrayed the officer Simon Jansen. Also, Estes played the role of the torpedo-man Ronald “Rabbit” Parker in the movie “U-571”.

Awards and nominations

Will Estes has won several awards during his career; in recent years, he has won the Prism Award in 2014 for the Best Performance in Drama Series Episode, as a result of portraying the officer Jamie Reagan on CBS’s series “Blue Bloods”. Aside from that, he also won the Golden Honu Award in 2015 as the Actor of The Year.

He Has also been nominated in several categories for some very respectable awards, for instance as the Best Young Actor for the Young Actor Awards on three consecutive occasions from 1990 to ’92, and in 1996 for Best Performance by a Young Actor in TV comedy for his role in “Kirk”.

What is his current net worth?

As we can see, Will Estes has played in some blockbuster movies, and these big-short appearances have certainly left a mark on his wallet. Authoritative sources estimate that his current net worth is over $12 million, which seems to make sense after such roles. For example, the movie “Dark Knight Rises” was a long-lasting hit, and broke several records when it comes to the box office earnings. Will Estes has also appeared in several indie movies, such as “Not Since You”, “Blue Ridge Fall”, “Magic Valley”, and so on, as well as in high-profile music videos for rock bands such as Meatloaf and Bon Jovi, all of which have added to his income, currently reliably estimated at close to $1 million per year.

Is Will Estes married?

Even though there have been rumors about him being gay, Will has publicly denounced those claims; after all, he did have a love affair with his colleague Jennifer Love Hewitt back in 2004. However, the couple broke up, and it seems that Will tried to keep his other relationships far from the public eye. There is no record of him being married, so currently he remains single, and available!

Private life and social media

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Will Estes likes to lead a low-key way of life, and he remains reserved and cautious when speaking about his private life to the media. However, his Twitter and Instagram accounts are pretty active, and he uses them to communicate with his fans, usually promoting his projects and acting gigs. His followers could learn that he is a vegetarian, and that he trained in gymnastics and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Aside from that, Will’s love for dogs is well-known to his fans and friends.

Speaking of animals, Will Estes is a very vocal advocate for the protection of wildlife, i.e. he is a member of organizations such as the Wildlife Fund, Animal Society, etc. Similarly, he supports the protection of the environment, and his efforts to promote sustainable societies are channeled through organizations such as Vote Solar or Heal the Bay.

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