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Julia Gisella, a highly skilled artist, has carved out a distinctive niche for herself in the world of social media. Her artistic prowess, amplified through the use of digital applications, takes center stage on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. This strategic presence has not only garnered her a massive following, but has also propelled her into the spotlight, showcasing her talent to a broad and appreciative audience.

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Early Years and Family

Julia Gisella, born on 27 November 2001, in Germany, shared her upbringing with her brother James in a Christian household. She’s guarded her privacy well, offering only a few details to the public. It’s believed that she spent her formative years in Germany before relocating to the United Kingdom at some point.

Despite the limited information disclosed, Julia has revealed her early passion for the arts, engaging in drawing, sketching, and painting from as young as four years old. Her family played a significant role in nurturing this love for creativity, with her eyes lighting up at the sight of crayons or colored pencils gifted to her as she was growing up.


Contradictory reports surround Julia Gisella’s educational background. Some sources suggest she pursued her primary and secondary education in her hometown in Germany, while others claim that, owing to her proficient command of the English language, she attended schools in the United Kingdom. The exact details of her educational journey remain a subject of speculation and curiosity among her followers.


With the widespread acceptance of being a social media influencer as a legitimate full-time career, many teenagers including Julia Gisella have eagerly embraced this digital world.

The Artistic Flourish – The Attraction to Her Content

Julia is celebrated for her vibrant and imaginative artworks, creating a visual spectacle in the Explore section of Instagram as well as in the trending video page on YouTube. Her adept use of color, coupled with a talent for captivating designs, sets her apart in the digital art sphere. Even with unconventional subject matter, her creations strike a delicate balance between the surreal and the real world, consistently infused with artistic flair.

Digital Evolution – Embracing Technology

In the evolving landscape of digital art, Julia’s creations stand as a testament to the transformative power of technology. Her chosen app serves as the conduit through which her artistic soul finds expression, skillfully blending traditional and digital tools. It enables Julia to explore her imaginative ideas with ease.

Social Media Presence

Julia’s rapid rise in digital followers has left online enthusiasts impressed, especially considering her lack of connections to popular artists or social media personalities. She’s amassed 50 million followers across various platforms, indicative of the appeal of her unique content, and her active presence on social media.

YouTube Phenomenon

Establishing her self-titled YouTube channel in September 2020, Julia has uploaded over 700 videos, including 12 longer-format videos and numerous YouTube “Shorts.” Covering speed drawings, reactions, tutorials, and vlogs, her channel has garnered over 15 million subscribers. Notably, her most-viewed full-length video, “Bella Poarch dm’d me on Instagram for a drawing,” received close to three million views. It was uploaded in June 2021, and also garnered more than 8,000 comments. A YouTube “Short” entitled “I can’t believe I DESTROYED my self-portrait for THIS” amassed over 160 million views, seven million likes, and 80,000 comments. Julia’s content, featuring challenges and celebrity-inspired drawings, blends creativity and humor, resonating with her audience and fostering a loyal following.

On her secondary channel, Julia Gisella ASMR, with close to 100,000 subscribers, she showcases a more specialized content style. Although less active on this channel, Julia strategically caters to an audience that prefers content creators who do not engage in verbal communication, showcasing her understanding of platform dynamics and audience preferences.

TikTok Takeover

Julia’s TikTok presence mirrors her success on YouTube, attracting close to 15 million followers and accumulating 370 million likes. Her ability to seamlessly integrate traditional and digital methods showcases versatility, appealing to a diverse audience with varied preferences. Vloggers have analyzed her strategy, noting her use of time-lapse in artwork projects and incorporating elements commonly employed by marketing professionals. Julia’s active engagement with her audience, responding to comments, and sharing insights about her artistic journey, have cultivated a strong sense of community, contributing significantly to her increased popularity.

Instagram Impact

Julia boasts an impressive following of around 1.5 million users on Instagram,. While she shares similar content across her various platforms, this particular social media space serves as a canvas for showcasing more facets of her personality. Here, followers get glimpses of her through selfies and promotional posts, offering a more personal touch to her artistic journey. Instagram has become a medium for Julia not only to exhibit her creative works but also to connect with her audience on a more intimate level, sharing moments that go beyond the realm of art and extend into the expression of her individuality.

Patreon’s exclusivity

To meet the demands of fans who frequently seek behind-the-scenes footage, downloadable sketches, high-resolution finished artworks, and other exclusive content, Julia has created a Patreon account. This platform serves as a dedicated space in which her committed followers can access premium content through a paid subscription. By utilizing Patreon, Julia provides a more intimate and exclusive experience for those supporters who desire a closer connection, and additional specialized content beyond that available on her public platforms.

Business Venture – Julia Gisella Store

Responding to the frequent requests from her fans who wished to own her artwork, Julia Gisella ventured beyond the digital canvas and launched her online store on her official website. This move allowed her followers to directly purchase carefully curated artworks, providing them with the opportunity to possess a tangible piece of her captivating and colorful universe. In addition to the artwork, she offered t-shirts adorned with her unique designs. However, it’s worth noting that as of the moment, all of her products are sold out, indicating a high demand for her artistic creations and merchandise. This success in merchandising underscores the strong connection she has established with her audience, turning her art into sought-after collectibles.

Shaping the Digital Art Landscape

Julia’s impact on the digital art community extends beyond her exceptional creations. Her journey, intertwined with her chosen app and techniques, sparks a revolution, ushering in new trends and shaping the future of digital art.

How did she learn to draw

During a Question and Answer session on one of her platforms, she addressed one of the most frequently asked questions: how she learned to draw. She explained that she discovered her passion for drawing in childhood, and dedicated countless hours to practice, remarking, ‘I’ve been practicing for hours and hours one summer until I got better.’ Additionally, she emphasized to her fans that reaching her current level required extensive learning of techniques from other artists, and consistent practice, highlighting the importance of dedication in creating artwork.

Her artistic process

Julia’s revelation about the time invested in her artwork surprised many of her fans, as she disclosed that some pieces could take up to 50 hours to complete. Despite the seemingly extensive timeframe, her passion for her craft transforms the laborious process into a labor of love, making the hours dedicated to each project feel more like a fulfilling journey than a lengthy endeavor. Additionally, she clarified that projects with less intricate detailing typically require a more concise timeframe, averaging around 20 hours. This insight into her artistic process not only highlights the dedication she pours into her creations but also showcases the balance she maintains between meticulous craftsmanship and efficiency, ensuring the end result aligns with her artistic vision.

Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

In a recent interview, Julia delved into her artistic ethos, highlighting the pivotal role of digital applications as an extension of her soul. This seamless fusion of tradition and innovation empowers her to imbue her creations with emotions that transcend the confines of the digital realm. Notably, one of the digital art apps she frequently utilizes is ProCreate, acting as a catalyst for her artistic expression.

Popular Celebrities Who Reached Out

Despite amassing a massive following on her social media accounts, Julia Gisella remains genuinely surprised by the reactions, especially when global celebrities extend requests her way. She’s graciously shared glimpses of the messages she’s received from renowned figures, and strives to fulfill their unique artistic requests. Among the notable celebrities who’ve reached out to her are Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer), Lisa Manoban from Blackpink (KPOP), Bella Poarch (Social Media sensation), and the iconic music legend (Sir) Elton John. This intersection of artistic worlds, where acclaimed celebrities seek Julia’s creative touch, speaks volumes about the universal appeal and recognition of her distinctive artistic talent.

Personal Life

While Julia Gisella maintains a preference for keeping her personal life private, and hasn’t disclosed significant details about her boyfriend, Marius Leqi Pfennigdorff, who frequently makes appearances in her videos. According to information from the official website of the Royal Academy of Art, Marius completed his undergraduate studies in Communication Design at the Academy of Visual Arts in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2021, he pursued a degree in Information Experience Design for his Graduate Diploma at the Royal College of Art in South Kensington, London.

The couple often engages in art challenges together, including dedicating a day to follow whatever her boyfriend desires. Despite Julia’s discretion about personal matters, it’s evident to her fans that she enjoys spending time with Marius, and the sentiment appears to be mutual. Their collaborative and supportive dynamic resonates positively with her audience, offering a glimpse into the personal side of Julia’s life.


Julia stands at a height of 5ft 5ins (165cms), and maintains a weight of about 112lbs (52kg). She typically sports dark brown hair, although she’s been known to occasionally wear blonde wigs. Her eyes, a striking feature, are hazel in color. This combination contributes to Julia’s unique and versatile appearance, which she may modify for artistic expression or personal style.

Net Worth

Julia Gisella earns her income through paid partnerships, brand endorsements, and exclusive content (Patreon). According to authoritative sources, she’s estimated to have a net worth of $14 million, as of February 2024.

Julia Gisella’s story is not just one of artistic success but a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of human creativity in which technology amplifies the artist’s voice, weaving narratives that resonate with authenticity.

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