Who is Love Island star Natalia Zoppa? Her Age, Height, Dating

Natalia Zoppa is a British fashion model, television personality, Instagram star, and influential figure in the realm of social media. Widely recognized for her participation in the 6th season of the British reality show “Love Island,” she has garnered fame for showcasing alluring and stylish modelling photos and videos on her Instagram account.

If you’re curious about who Natalia is when she’s away from the camera, stick around. We’ll be discussing her life and career in more detail.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 5 July 1999, Natalia Zoppa spent her childhood in Manchester, England, surrounded by her family and relatives. Despite her public presence, information about her family remains elusive, with no details available about her siblings or her early years.


Natalia completed her education journey at All Hallows RC High School. Subsequently, she pursued higher education at Pendleton College, where she obtained an A-Level diploma. Building on her academic achievements, Natalia earned a bachelor’s degree in law from The University of Salford. Following her educational pursuits, she dedicated her efforts to her professional career.


Before making her mark on the well-known reality TV show “Love Island” during the Casa Amor stage in 2020, Natalia worked as an events manager in Manchester.

In the 6th season of “Love Island,” Natalia stood out as one of the youngest Islanders, with Finley Tapp being the only other 20-year-old in the villa.

Describing herself as bubbly, weird, and random, Natalia exuded confidence in her great laugh and top-notch smile. Known for speaking her mind, she entered the villa hoping her distinctive personality would help her make a lasting impression.

A lover of sunny holidays and vibrant nights out in her hometown of Manchester, Natalia, despite her adventurous spirit, confessed to not being a fan of go-karting. This honesty made her an interesting member of the TV show’s cast.

Natalia initially joined “Love Island” as a Casa Amor bombshell and was brought back to the main villa by Luke. However, she soon admitted to not having a connection with Luke just a day after they got together. Subsequently, she recoupled with Jamie Clayton, but their romance fizzled out, leading to their exit from the show.

Having nurtured a passion for fashion, modelling, and glamour from a young age, Natalia embarked on her social media journey as a fashion model on Instagram, sharing engaging and glamorous photos and videos. Her rapid rise to fame on the platform is what paved the way for her casting on “Love Island.”

Beyond her reality TV stint, Natalia has worked as a model and social media promoter for various brands, including Lounge Underwear, Casa Amore, and That Bag I Want, among others. She is represented by the ElevationPR modelling agency.

In addition to her modelling endeavours, Natalia extended her presence to Instagram and TikTok, sharing gorgeous travel and lifestyle content, which further propelled her into the spotlight on these platforms.

Interesting Facts

Surfing, fishing, writing, reading books, travelling, and modelling constitute Natalia’s diverse set of hobbies.

Among her preferred travel destinations, Spain holds a special place.

Her love for animals is evident, as she shares her home with a pet dog and cat. Black and Grey are her favourite colours.

In terms of professional experience, Natalia has worked in various roles, including a sales assistant at Victoria’s Secret, a team assistant at Salford Foundation, and a sales assistant at The Perfume Shop.

She also served as a brand ambassador for Hollister Co. from June 2017 to August 2018.

Expressing her preferences in romantic interests, Natalia finds appeal in bearded, hairy men with kind eyes.

Among her celebrity crushes are Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, admired for his stature, Ian Somerhalder, appreciated for his mysterious demeanour, and Chace Crawford.

Natalia possesses excellent language skills in Polish.

When it comes to dating, Natalia advises against cheesy chat-up lines and warns against individuals seeking constant attention. She is put off by those who crave the spotlight or are excessively loud, emphasizing her preference for someone with a sincere and focused demeanour. Additionally, she asserts her aversion to individuals with wandering eyes in relationships.

Later Personal Life

Natalia was in a relationship with Hass Saleh, a successful businessman based in Manchester. After dating for several years, the couple parted ways, but the specific reason for their breakup remains undisclosed.

In early 2022, footballer Jack Grealish apparently made contact with Natalia via direct messages, leading to a public revelation when her then-boyfriend Hass shared a video on social media, showing his fans and followers that a popular footballer had tried to chat up his girlfriend. He didn’t seem angry or upset, though, and joked about how it made his day weird.

The video showed Jak sending a simple waving emoji to Natalia. Hass playfully suggested that Natalia send the star a link to her OnlyFans, but she stated she would not be doing that.

Despite their previous breakup, Natalia and Hass got back together a few months later, appearing to have eyes only for each other at Thorpe Park’s Mardi Gras event in 2022. According to an onlooker, the couple seemed to be close to each other again, and it was reported that they were dating again and extremely happy.

That did not last long, though, as she seemed to have removed any traces of him from her social media.

Since then, Natalia has been spotted leaving a restaurant in Malibu with footballer Marcus Rashford, after spending five hours inside. Marcus, who recently ended his engagement with Lucia Loi, was accompanied by personal trainer Courtney Caldwell.

Their relationship hasn’t been confirmed (or denied), so whether Natalia’s dating the footballer or enjoying the single life is yet to be determined.

Physical Characteristics

Natalia is quite short at 5ft 4ins (162cms) and weighs about 110lbs (52kgs). She has beautiful brown eyes and dark brown hair. Her vital statistics are 30-23-33.

Net Worth

Natalia’s net worth is estimated to be $550, 000 as of late 2023, wealth she’s accumulated through her social media content and brand endorsements.

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