Who is Tony Gonzalez’s wife October Gonzalez? Wiki: Age, Ethnicity, Sister, Parents, Real Name, Husband

• October Gonzalez is a television personality and host, best known for hosting the game show series “Beat Shazam.”
• She has a net worth of close to $1 million, with her husband Tony Gonzalez having a net worth of over $30 million.
• She began appearing as the co-host of the talk show “Rachael Ray” in 201•  
• She is married to former professional American Football player Tony Gonzalez, with whom she has three children.
• Her latest project is hosting the game show “Beat Shazam”, which features players competing against the Shazam app for a grand prize of $1 million.

Who is October Gonzalez?

October Calinda Vegas-Russell was born on 10 October 1980, in Los Angeles, California USA, and is a television personality as well as a host, probably best known for hosting the game show series entitled “Beat Shazam”, and for co-hosting the show “Rachael Ray” several times during her career. She is also the wife of former professional American Football player Tony Gonzales.

The Wealth of October Gonzalez

How rich is October Gonzalez? As of late-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is close to $1 million, earned largely through success on television. Her potential net worth has also been significantly increased thanks to the success of her husband, whose wealth is estimated at over $30 million. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career

Very little information is known about October’s childhood and the early part of her life as there was not a lot of focus on her during these times. She was raised in Los Angeles alongside four siblings though not many details have been shared about them, including where she was educated.

She started to get attention on television when she began appearing as the co-host of the talk show “Rachael Ray”, which is mainly hosted by the titular television personality. The show made its debut in 2007, and has since gained a lot of international attention. It is taped in New York City at the Chelsea Television Studios and has been running for over 12 seasons. The show often focuses on the culinary skills of the main host, bringing in various celebrities to discuss their success in their respective industries. She also has a segment which she asks for strategies and tips to help stay healthy from various experts. There are also make-over segments, and musical performances akin to the format of “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. The main difference is that she keeps cooking at the forefront of all of her segments, with October appearing as a co-host from 2014 to 2017.

Husband – Tony Gonzalez

Anthony David Gonzalez is a 14-times Pro Bowl selection, and is the National Football League (NFL) record holder for total receiving yards by a tight end, second in all time receptions trailing only Jerry Rice, and first in receptions by a tight end, His career was typified by his durability, missing only two games during his 17 year career, and is considered one of the most sure handed players of all time in his career with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was drafted during the first round of the 1997 NFL Draft, prior to which he had earned a lot of attention for his college plays at the University of California, Berkeley.

After his retirement from professional American Football in 2013, he became an analyst on the pre-game show “NFL Today” on CBS, and worked there until 2016, following which he was added to the FOX pre-game show team. He’s also been involved in various business endeavors, founding the commercial cleaning service called Extreme Clean 88, and is also the founder of the sports nutrition company called All-Pro science, which manufactures a complete line of protein shakes. He has also done a lot of charity work too.

Relationship and Marriage

Tony and October have been in a relationship for about 15 years, and they had a commitment ceremony in 2007 – the couple consider themselves married despite not being married legally. They have three children together, and two adopted children from Tony’s previous relationship with entertainment reporter Lauren Sanchez, and the family resides in Huntington Beach, California. The couple are advocates of a healthy lifestyle, particularly when it comes to food as Tony has been the victim of facial paralysis known as Bell’s Palsy for which he had to undergo a strict diet change to prevent it from happening again.

He is also known to be a supporter of Barack Obama during his presidency, though it has never been revealed if October shares the same political stance. The couple have been seen together in various public events, though they rarely collaborate on anything work related. Both of them have tried their hand at hosting work, and look to be supportive of each other in their endeavours.

Beat Shazam and Social Media

One of October’s recent projects is the television game show “Beat Shazam”, in which she appears as a host and DJ; the show is mainly hosted by actor Jamie Foxx, who is also an executive producer of the show. It began in 2017 and features two players competing through rounds to identify a series of songs, making money for each correct answer. They then fight against the Shazam app trying to increase their winnings by naming six songs before the app can identify them. If the pair manages to guess all six songs before Shazam, they win a grand prize of $1 million.

Similar to numerous television personalities, October is highly active online through accounts on social media Twitter and Instagram, which promotes some of her latest endeavors. She also posts a lot of personal photos and pictures of her family. Her Twitter account has not been active for a year, last posting Tweets in 2017.

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