Why Did ‘American Chopper’ Choppers Turn Out to Be Poor Investments for Their Owners?

Hello, and welcome back to [Channel Name]. Rev up your engines, all you motorcycle enthusiasts, as we dive into the intriguing world of Orange County Choppers and the enigma surrounding their chopper creations.

Unfortunately, what seemed like a dream ride on the iconic Discovery Channel show “American Chopper” turned out to be a bumpy road for owners of OCC.

In the ’90s and early 2000s, Orange County Choppers, led by the Teutul family, rode the wave of the chopper craze, becoming synonymous with custom-built extravagance and on-screen fireworks.

However, the allure of these stretched-out, raked-back masterpieces concealed a darker truth—poor workmanship and questionable mechanical choices that made OCCthe company’s choppers more of a headache than a joy to ride.

The interesting and ‘out there’ designs made OCC builds stand out, but when it came to practicality and comfort, these choppers sadly fell short.

The hefty price tags, often surpassing $100,000, left buyers expecting a top-tier riding experience. Unfortunately, the reality was far from this dream, prompting us to ask the burning question: Why did ‘American Chopper’ choppers turn out to be poor investments for their owners?

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Choppers, the epitome of custom motorcycles, were never budget-friendly rides meant to be enjoyed by all bikers. This is mostly due to the intricate customisation involved. However, Orange County Choppers took the concept to brand new heights, thanks to the television show that propelled them into the limelight.

OCC chopper builds were synonymous with top-shelf parts, including fully-built custom gear cases and Harley-Davidson V-twin or aftermarket crate motors. With each chopper’s specifications and geometry varying, most parts had to undergo modification or be crafted entirely from scratch.

While this sounds awesome (and looks really great), such customisation isn’t actually ideal for motorcycles.

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The Price Tag: OCC Builds and Their Financial Toll

Reports indicate that OCC builds came with a price range of $50,000 to $100,000 when brand new. The special theme builds for charity fetched even higher sums at auctions.

However, obtaining an OCC chopper indirectly poses its own challenges. Acquiring an Orange County Choppers custom isn’t a walk in the park. Potential buyers need to sift through listings, discerning which fits within their budget and preferences. And it’s up to buyers to ensure they’re actually buying the real deal.

Chopper Hype: The TV Show That Defined a Motorcycle Era

American Choppers, in its prime, rode the wave of perfect timing and pop culture acceptance. The chopper craze, evolving from “outlaw” status to a pop culture phenomenon since Easy Rider in 1969, thrived alongside the rise of reality TV.

Choppers symbolised freedom with their unique riding position, but comfort took a hit due to their extreme geometry. While ideal for cross-country rides, city commuting or traffic navigation proved less than ideal.

Downsides of OCC Choppers: Sacrificing Comfort for Style

Many OCC-made choppers feature a rigid rear, lacking rear suspension and relying on the rider’s spine to absorb road bumps. Some models exhibit trigger-happy rear brakes, posing a risk of locking up and causing crashes with panic braking.

Evolution of Practicality: The Demise of the Chopper Era

The chopper era, characterised by oversized front wheels, lots of chrome, and supercar-like rear tires, has given way to a more practical biking landscape.

Custom adventure bikes, bobbers, and scramblers have taken the stage. While the chopper’s nostalgic value remains, especially an OCC creation, comfort and usability might take a backseat for those who value the cherished relic.


And there you have it—the unfiltered truth behind the allure and disappointment of Orange County Choppers. While the TV show and the builds themselves might have ignited the chopper craze, the practicality of these two-wheeled wonders leaves much to be desired.

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