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Model Monica Corgan gained digital prominence through her diverse social media platforms. Briefly linked romantically with the controversial rapper Kanye West, she experienced a surge in public interest. However, her ascent as a social media influencer faced a significant pause when she chose to deactivate her OnlyFans page, especially in the wake of alleged private photos from her exclusive content being leaked to the public; fans speculated that this account deletion was part of a deliberate effort to focus on rebranding her image. Monica also took a bold step by either deleting or filtering her other social media accounts, subsequently introducing new ones.

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Early Life and Family

Monica Corgan, born on 11 November 1998, in Hobart, Indiana, USA has maintained a level of privacy regarding her family background. Detailed information about her parents and siblings remains scarce, as she seldom references them in her social media posts. While she once humorously tweeted, ‘My dad and I are so much alike it’s humorous,’ and expressed a willingness to seek comfort at her parents’ home during inconveniences, she generally keeps her family life discreet. In 2021, she proudly celebrated her parents’ enduring 31-year relationship, indicating that she has a good relationship with them.

Her energetic personality found an outlet in sports during her formative years. She excelled in basketball and secured a spot on the girls’ varsity team. Starting as a shooting guard, she later transitioned to a small forward, and eventually assumed the point guard role, proudly donning the No.5 jersey. Monica also showcased her versatility by contributing articles to her high school paper, “Purple and Gold.”


Monica’s educational journey began at Hobart High School, then in 2016 she transferred to Whiting High School, from where she matriculated. She pursued a bachelor’s degree at the Calumet College of St. Joseph, where she engaged in the college’s athletics program. There’s no confirmation regarding her graduation status.


Details about Monica’s career beginnings remain elusive, particularly in the aftermath of the disappearance of her former social media accounts. Despite the limited online information, screen-captured photos from her previous accounts offer glimpses into her interests during that period. The absence of comprehensive details adds an air of mystery to her early career trajectory.

As a model

Monica quickly caught the attention of fashion brands seeking new ambassadors for their clothing lines, thanks to her striking looks and overall physical attributes. Her face and figure graced the pages of both print and digital magazines, marking the beginning of her journey into the modeling world.

, Monica gained recognition in 2019 as one of the faces of Boutine LA, a prominent swimwear brand. Her well-defined and proportioned body perfectly complemented the brand’s aesthetic, particularly emphasizing her curvaceous behind as a focal point in the main theme of their swimwear. As her distinct face and style gained recognition, in 2021 Monica secured a lucrative deal with the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga, a partnership that has endured since, a business relationship that she proudly acknowledged on social media. She even expressed her amusement on Twitter, stating, ‘My sales associate at Balenciaga texts me more than my own parents.’ Her association with Balenciaga extended beyond endorsement, as she actively participated in the brand’s fashion shows. She also worked with fashion brand HMN ALNS.

In 2022, Monica’s fashion choices prominently featured pieces from the collection of Ghanaian designer Kwame Adusei. Known for his clothing line, initially named Charlotte Prive in honor of his mother, but later introduced another line under his namesake label, Kwame’s designs became a sensation in the world of fashion. Monica, becoming one of his brand ambassadors, aligned perfectly with the rising popularity of his label, especially as it garnered attention from A-listers in Tinsel Town, including Kylie Jenner, Ciara and Beyoncé, who were also seen wearing his creations.

As a social media influencer

For those new to the realm of social media, the question may arise: How did Monica gain recognition as a digital influencer in 2024 without amassing a massive following similar to other influencers on popular platforms? While no official explanation has been provided, it appears Monica chose to undertake a rebranding initiative, creating new accounts and filtering her existing X (formerly Twitter) page. Despite being created in 2016, her X page retained a filtered presence, with the oldest accessible posts dating back to 2020. Notably, all posts preceding that year were deliberately removed.

Delving deeper into this peculiar situation, online community discussions and entertainment blogs reported the deletion of most of Monica’s previous social media accounts. On her previous Instagram account, she commenced sharing modeling content in 2017. The allure of her posts extended beyond the designer clothes showcased in her photoshoots, attracting fashion enthusiasts. Particularly captivating were her posts featuring swimwear from the Boutine LA fashion brand during her representation in 2019, which garnered a substantial following. Back then, her digital numbers increased after she opened up an OnlyFans page.

Social Media Metrics

Navigating a rebranding journey in the social media landscape can be challenging, and when Monica’s pages were deleted, fans found themselves perplexed. Considerable effort had been invested in curating her Instagram and TikTok grids, not to mention the time spent creating content to attract followers. Monica faced the daunting task of rebuilding her online presence from scratch.


As of February 2024, she’s managed to capture the attention of approximately 35,000 followers, a figure that some fans deem a significant departure from her previous numbers. Her new Instagram account, under the username @monicac0rgan, was established in 2021 and features fewer than 30 posts. Observers noted a decrease in her posting frequency, suggesting a shift toward using the platform primarily for marketing purposes. Speculation arose among Reddit users, hinting that Monica suggested her prior Instagram page was removed by the platform’s management. Some assumed this action was taken due to the alleged inappropriate content, with the platform deeming her photos too explicit for a general audience as she used this platform to promote her OnlyFans page.


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X (formerly Twitter)

Monica’s X page boasts a modest following, exceeding 6,000. On it, she shares not only professional updates but also insights into her personal life, opinions, advocacies, and glimpses into her relationship with her parents.


On TikTok, Monica accumulated a follower count of 15,000, with fewer than 10 videos uploaded. Her last post dates back to November 2023, and it appears that some of the content from her TikTok account is also shared on her Instagram reels. The apparent decline in her overall social media activity hints at a diminished interest in reclaiming a dominant presence.


Monica’s connection with an OnlyFans page frequently emerges in entertainment articles, even after the controversial deletion of the account. She’s chosen not to address the matter on her new social media platforms, leaving room for ongoing speculation about the reasons behind its removal.

Ironically, her Instagram page allegedly faced removal due to deemed inappropriate content, while conversely some of her fans criticized her OnlyFans content for being too discreet, given its exclusive and paid subscription nature. Adding to the unfortunate circumstances, explicit photos purportedly originating from her OnlyFans page were allegedly leaked online. Reports claimed that Monica intended to pursue legal action against those responsible for the breach of privacy, signaling her determination to formally address the situation.

There was also a malicious rumor that there was a sex video on her OF account of Monica with American rapper Tyga, but it remained a rumor since there was no proof of it.

Personal Life

During a time when Monica was more open about sharing details on her now-deleted Instagram page, fans learned about her ex-boyfriend named Nate when she posted of him in 2019. As with many social media personalities, Monica’s online presence faced persistent, meticulous scrutiny, particularly when she became a headline figure in entertainment and gossip circles in 2022. Rumors surfaced that Monica was spotted on a movie date with the controversial fashion mogul and rapper Kanye West. They were seen watching Tom Cruise’s movie, “Top Gun – Maverick,” in a theater in Los Angeles, with photos circulating among those who witnessed the outing. Monica was spotted multiple times with Kanye, including a visit to his under-construction Malibu home.

Despite no official confirmation from either party, their frequent appearances together led to widespread speculation about their relationship status. The rumor mill went into overdrive when Kanye shared a photo on his Instagram, revealing a text conversation with someone named Monica, hinting at discussions about her future career plans. She wrote, ‘I want to stop OF and do fashion consulting full time,’ to which he replied, ‘Praise God.’ Although Kanye deleted the photo soon after it was shared, screenshots circulated online, fueling further speculation. Given Monica’s frequent sightings with Kanye, many assumed that she was the woman in the text conversation, especially as it coincided with the deletion of her OnlyFans account.

The rumor eventually subsided when Monica and Kanye were no longer seen together, and assumptions arose that they had parted ways, particularly when Kanye unfollowed her on Instagram. The only tangible link between them became apparent in the lyrics of one of Kanye’s songs, featuring references to Monica and her friend Juanita.

As of now, Monica is believed to be single, as she hasn’t been publicly seen dating anyone.

Interesting facts

A Horse Enthusiast

On Monica’s previous Instagram account, she shared a photo of her horse, expressing her unwavering devotion to the animal. Tweets occasionally revealed her dreams of returning home to be with the animal, showcasing her genuine passion for these majestic creatures.

Love for Skateboarding

Monica’s TikTok and Instagram reels featured a video showing her skateboarding. Fans noted her remarkable comfort on the skateboard, leading some to speculate that she might have been mastering the skill since childhood.

Helping Friends

Despite the rebranding of her social media accounts, one consistent aspect of Monica’s persona is her commitment to supporting her friends in their careers. Notably, she actively promoted her friend Omar Apollo, an American singer-songwriter who released his debut album in 2022. Monica also demonstrated her support for Mexican-American singer Angela Aguilar, by attending one of her concerts and sharing clips of her performances on her social media page.


She openly shares her opinions on issues close to her heart, addressing important topics such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement, injustice and equality for women, and the Palestine-Israel conflict. Her willingness to use her platform to advocate for social causes highlights her commitment to raising awareness of societal issues.


Monica Corgan stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (175cms) and maintains a balanced weight of 120lbs (54kgs). She completes her look with blonde hair that matches her striking blue eyes.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Sara has an estimated net worth of over $2 million, as of February 2024.

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