“Wicked Tuna” captain Tyler McLaughlin’s Wiki: Net Worth, Family, Father, Drugs, Arrested, Wife

• Tyler McLaughlin was born in 1987 in New Hampshire, USA
• His father Marty taught him how to fish and he caught his first bluefin tuna at the age of 7
• He attended Bridgton Academy High School and graduated from Nichols College in 2011
• He is captain of the “Pinwheel” on the reality show “Wicked Tuna” and has a net worth of $400,000
• He is in a relationship with Savanah Tarpley since 2015

Tyler McLaughlin’s Biography

Tyler McLaughlin was born on 22 December 1987, in Rye Harbor, New Hampshire USA, and is known for his appearances in the reality show “Wicked Tuna”. Tyler’s father Marty was the one who thought the young boy how to fish, and according to stories in their family – Tyler caught his first bluefin tuna at the age of 7! He has a younger sister Marissa. However, there is a lot more going on with Tyler McLaughlin, and if you want to learn more – check his wiki down below!

Early life

There is no doubt that our social surroundings play an important role in shaping our personalities and determining our interests. Tyler is no exception to this rule, and his childhood was spent on fishing boats, so nobody really expected him to become a piano player or a mathematician – he was good at catching fish, and his parents supported him in doing what he loves. As a matter of fact, his father Marty named his boat “The Pacifier” since it was the only thing which could keep the two-year-old Tyler calm and quiet.

School and education

When it comes to education, you would be surprised in regards to some facts about Tyler’s biography. He attended Bridgton Academy High School, but his focus was always directed towards fishing expeditions. Tyler even enrolled as a freshman at Nichols College, and even though he was very close to dropping out on several occasions – he graduated in 2011. A big part of this success goes to his parents, who promised to buy him a boat if he manages to get a college degree. Once he fulfilled his end of the deal – they came through, and it could be said that the year 2011 marks the beginning of Tyler’s fishing career.

What is “Wicked Tuna”?

A reality show produced by the National Geographic Channel since 2012, “Wicked Tuna” is regarded as a highly exciting and popular TV show. The theme of the show is centered around a group of fishermen who compete in catching bluefin tuna in the waters of the North Atlantic. The teams spend weeks out in the open sea as they try to lure in the elusive and highly intelligent fish. According to some estimates, the tuna-fishing industry is worth as much as $800 million in yearly sales, and it’s no wonder that Gloucester crews compete fiercely for the title of the winner of “Wicked Tuna”.

Tyler’s role in the show

Tyler joined “Wicked Tuna” for season two back in 2012, shortly after he got his own boat and started fishing professionally. As a  captain of the “Pinwheel”, which is a 35-foot long metal beast powered by a single engine, Tyler was chasing schools of tuna with ease. His close friends, Alex Whitney and Adam Moser have also found their place on board the “Pinwheel”, and they are proving to be of significant assistance to their friend and captain. Unfortunately for the team, it seems that they have not been able to land the big prize yet.

Was Tyler ever arrested?

Even though he can let off steam by yelling at the fish and cursing the turbulent sea, Tyler seems to have a short fuse when it comes to social interactions and this sometimes gets him in trouble. For instance, he was charged with a misdemeanor assault when he broke a guy’s nose and smashed his face, in an incident which happened in 2016 in North Carolina. Allegedly, Tyler was holding his victim in a choke hold and later left the guy with two black eyes. Weeks later, the “Wicked Tuna” captain turned himself in to the authorities, and had to pay $10,000 to avoid jail time.

Net worth

Authoritative sources estimate Tyler’s fortune at around $400,000. The majority of his income comes from “Wicked Tuna”, but he is also fishing on a regular basis when the cameras are not following him around. Of course, all sorts of endorsement deals bring money into his pocket, too. Tyler owns a clothing line, and his merchandise is sold online under the brand “Pin Wheel Gate”. All in all, he is a hard-working guy, and he does not rest on his laurels. The constant battle against the elements out in the open ocean has probably taught him a lesson or two about not giving up and working hard for your goals.

Is Tyler married?

Due to his good looks and the fact that he is 6ft 2ins tall, Tyler charms the ladies with ease. However, he is still not married and there is no rumor about any plans to tie the wedding lock any time soon.

However, since 2015 he has been in a relationship with Savanah Tarpley, and the couple frequently shares their love on social media. Tyler is quite active on Twitter and Facebook, and surely he will inform us about any changes in his love life or marital status.

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  1. Hey Tyler, Just had a few hours on fathers day to relax and watch the show.. I think it’s awesome that you honor Fudge!
    When he was on nantucket we spent some great time together. he Was and is a great dude that im happy to have been get to know.
    Crush it for him .!!!!!!!
    Scott Nantucket

  2. Hey Tyler and merm ,great win in the outer banks. You both worked hard and came out on top. LOVE LOVE wicked tuna and North v south. Merm can I just say how cute you and tj are . I hope to see you both on the top of the 2021 ladder. I am always in withdrawals waiting for the show to return. 👏 all the way from Australia QLD.

  3. You and Marissa are my favorites. I have fished on boats in Kona and Honolulu..skunked but not in San Jose Cabo San Lucas. Mahi Mahi. Fished off Capitola in California Albacore but far off shore so puked. DID Salmon in Monterey Bay..barbless hooks…PC fishing.

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