About Scotty Kilmer: His Net Worth, YouTube Earnings, Wife and Family

Scotty Kilmer is an esteemed American Auto Mechanic, YouTuber, and author. Renowned for his expertise in the automotive realm, Scotty dedicates his YouTube platform to diagnosing minor mechanical issues, providing insightful perspectives on vehicle engineering, and offering practical solutions to discrete automotive problems.

With an exponential growth trajectory, Scotty’s YouTube channel boasts a substantial following; his commitment to delivering valuable content has solidified his status as a respected figure within the automotive community.

Beyond his online presence, Scotty has garnered financial success, with estimates placing his net worth in the vicinity of $10 million. This financial achievement is attributed to his multifaceted career, encompassing hands-on mechanical work, literary contributions, and digital content creation.

Scotty’s professional journey stands as a testament to his commitment to automotive excellence and his ability to effectively communicate complex concepts within the industry.

So how much does this popular mechanic really earn, and who is the lady who captured his heart? Stick around as we answer these questions and more!

Scotty Kilmer’s Net Worth and YouTube Earnings

Boasting a staggering six million YouTube subscribers and a whopping two billion views, Scotty is a household name in the automotive world. While exact figures on his wealth remain elusive, industry estimates place him comfortably in the realm of a $10 million net worth.

Critics may raise an eyebrow at his distinctive voice modulation and unconventional style, but Scotty’s unique approach has undeniably struck a chord with viewers. With a career spanning over 50 years as a self-proclaimed mechanic, making him a go-to source for car advice.

Watching a Scotty video may require navigating through his animated delivery – darting eyes, enthusiastic voice modulation, rapid speech, and expressive hand gestures – but amidst the quirks lies a wealth of automotive knowledge.

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Not without controversy, some argue that Scotty’s advice can be excessive and potentially detrimental to cars, particularly for those less experienced. Love him or hate him, Scotty’s consistent upload schedule and candid approach have cultivated a dedicated audience since he launched his YouTube channel in August 2007.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Scotty also wrote a book about buying a second-hand car that performed really well. The book, “Everyone’s Guide To Buying A Used Car,“ was so well-received that Scotty was invited to host a CBS radio show between 1994 and 2004.

The show was called Crank it Up with Scotty and he won an Emmy in his last year of hosting for “Best Interactive Car Talk Host.”

Despite his internet fame, Scotty takes an unconventional route – he doesn’t own a traditional car repair shop. Instead, he operates the website “On The Road With Scotty,” offering viewers insightful Q&A videos on car repairs.

Analyzing his viewership data, with a standard revenue formula of $1000 per 1,000,000 views, it’s estimated that Scotty rakes in at least $30,000 monthly from YouTube ad revenue. While some automotive YouTubers may earn more, this figure speaks volumes about the financial success of Scotty Kilmer’s online endeavours.

How Did He Get Here?

Scotty’s journey began in Niagara Falls, New York, on 2 October 1953. Growing up as the only child of John and Shirley Kilmer, his early education took place in New York, where his fascination with cars took root under the guidance of his grandfather.

At the tender age of fourteen, Scotty’s interest in becoming a mechanic blossomed, inspired by the hands-on expertise of his grandfather. Though he didn’t physically wield a wrench alongside him, he observed closely, acquiring valuable skills that would shape his future career.

After high school, Scotty leveraged his acquired knowledge to forge a career in mechanics. His educational aspirations led him briefly across the border to Canada, where he attended the University of Toronto, earning an undergraduate degree in Anthropology.

His pursuit of higher education continued as he returned to the US to pursue a Master’s Degree in Anthropology at the University of Illinois.

Despite going after a PhD in Anthropology, Scotty found his true calling in the automotive world, prompting him to abandon academia and wholeheartedly embrace the life of a mechanic.

The roots of his passion traced back through generations, with his father, John, owning a Texaco Gas Station, and his grandfather, Elmer, serving as the station’s head mechanic.

After leaving the academic world, Scotty opened his garage, dedicating himself to the art of fixing cars. Encouraged by his wife, he transitioned his expertise into writing, ultimately penning his guide on buying second-hand cars.

Published in 1984, this book catapulted him into the automotive limelight, earning him recognition in the Houston Chronicle.

His newfound prominence led to his radio hosting opportunity, and for ten successful years, he became a fixture in Houston as the host of his car show on the CBS affiliate.

He started his now very successful YouTube channel, Scotty uploading his first video on the platform in 2007, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Scotty Kilmer’s Wife and Family

Respecting his privacy, Scotty keeps a low profile when it comes to sharing details about his personal life. What we do know is that he married a lady named Leslie in the early stages of their 20s, sealing the deal in 1979.

Their family expanded in 1984 when they welcomed their first child, Riley, into the world, and three years later, the Kilmer clan was further enriched with the arrival of their second child, Wyeth.

Having called Houston, TX, home for several years since tying the knot, the family made a move in 2020; their new residence is now in Clarksville, Tennessee, a relocation motivated by the desire to be closer to one of their children who ventured out on his own.

In a nutshell, Scotty Kilmer stands as a prominent figure in the automotive world, celebrated for his expertise as a certified mechanic honed over a remarkable 50-year career. Holding a master’s degree from the University of Illinois, Scotty’s commitment to automotive excellence is underscored by his wealth of experience and educational background.

As a seasoned YouTuber, his channel boasts a substantial following, translating into a monthly estimated revenue of at the very least $30,000.

Beyond the digital landscape, Scotty diversifies his income streams through book sales, contributing to his impressive aforementioned estimated net worth.

His multifaceted approach, blending hands-on expertise, academic achievements, and a thriving online presence, solidifies Scotty’s status as a notable influencer in the automotive industry.

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