Bruno Massel from Garage Squad Wiki: modeling, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Age, Height, Brother

• Bruno Massel is an American of white ethnicity, born on 23 May 197•
• He is the son of Bruno Massel Sr., the NHRA drag racer champion.
• He studied Business Administration and attempted to study law, but abandoned it to pursue a modeling career.
• He is a motorsports commentator, car racer, and TV host.
• His net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

You probably know Bruno Massel as a pit reporter with Foxsports, or the Garage Squad and Truck U host on Velocity and Discovery Channel TV shows. Beyond that, he is a man of diverse skills, more than being a TV shows host. He does other things that have added to his popularity. Of course, his world revolves around car sports; for Bruno, it’s a family business. He followed in the footstep of his father and has even surpassed Bruno Massel senior in many areas of the interests they both share.  In this informative post, you will find out facts and behind the scene information about the Drag racer champion, all that you have ever desired to know about the celebrity. What was his dream and how did he end up where he is today? If you want to know more about other sides of his life, you are at the right place, right now, as we will tell you about his career, how he started, and his rise to prominence. You will also have the benefit of knowing where he is now, plus his father, his wife and children. Of course, if you are curious to know how much Massel junior’s net worth is, continue reading this exciting piece.

Who Is Bruno Massel?

The motorsports commentator who will be 45 years old in May 2019 was born on 23 May 1974. He is an American of white ethnicity, and a native of Elmhurst community in Illinois. He is the son of Bruno Massel Sr., the NHRA drag racer champion with amazing records to his credit. His mother is Roz Massel. Bruno Jr. had a close relationship with his parents while growing up, so his world is all about cars thanks to his father’s chosen career which has greatly influenced his career choice and outlook on life.

Early life

While growing up, Bruno was close to his dad in his racing business in Addison. Unlike most young people who had a passion for baseball or other forms of sporting activities at the time, he spent quality time on the race track, in particular more time on the drag strip with his dad.


We do not have reliable information about his primary school, but we do know that after his high school, he proceeded to the University of Iowa to study Business Administration and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.

He then attempted to study law at DePaul in Chicago, but discovered at the fresher’s orientation at the university that a law degree wasn’t a good idea for him, so he quit, moving what he believed to be his real-life calling – motorsport, but perhaps not!

Bruno Massel

His father

Bruno Massel Sr. has been a great influence on his son’s career. His father happened to be the crew chief who started his racing career with the record-setting A/Altered roadster in 1965, and who became a serial champion who set national records and won various races at different levels of his participation in the sport of his choice. He earned the title of “The Gladiator,” the legend of Midwest racing division.

The success of Bruno Jr. in various sporting activities he has participated in does not come as a surprise to people who knew his father’s history as a serial champion who ruled the sport in his active days as the man to beat in all the areas he contested for 40 successive years with resounding success. Among his many laurels is the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Division 5, 2008, and 2009 “Crew Chief of the Year” awards!

His career

As mentioned, Bruno abandoned his plan for a law degree, actually in favor of a modeling career. His working life has been very interesting, revolving mainly around sports and showbiz.

After he left school, he didn’t immediately go for a career in car racing. Instead, he was thinking of playing football, but he sustained injuries while playing football which forced him to reconsider if the game was a good choice.


He was discovered in Chicago by a modeling agent, a professional photographer named Bruce Webber, who encouraged him to take-up a career as a model. He was in luck, as his first modeling job was a Ralph Lauren Underwear Campaign, and then assignments with other designers as well. Although he had a good show in his modeling career, this dream was to be replaced by something more engaging in his family business – car racing! While still working at his modeling job, he was taking part in motorsport as a side hustle.

Car racing

His involvement in his father’s car racing business exposed him to several tours, where he consciously built his car racing skills. After a while, he started taking part in races, in the IHRA National Tour with his 6-second 200 mph Top Dragster. He was certainly successful, winning a series of races with up to 37 titles to his name, crowned with the NHRA championship twice, in 2009 and repeating the feat in 2012. Like his dad, he also won the West Central Division championship, actually five consecutive times.


While still actively participating in car racing, he started working in television too, as a broadcaster and reporter. In 2001, he began on TNN and SPEED for the IHRA motorsports series, upgrading his skills to become NHRA host on ESPN2 talking Import Racing Series, and D1 Grand Prix Drifting. Concurrently, he featured in BBC show “Top Gear” in the pilot episode.

His television career also included anchoring the 30 minutes weekly show called Truck U, and eventually his show on Velocity Channel – “Garage Squad”.

Personal Life

Bruno’s success is not limited to his career; he enjoys enormous success in his personal life as well, as he is married with children and has a very supportive family too.

Besides building skills in car racing and modeling for career purposes, he is also skilled in martial arts, skiing and weightlifting. His enjoys basketball, football, tennis, baseball and racquetball.


Massel Jr. is married to Dayna Purgatorio Massel, and together they have two sons, but so little is known about his children that not even their names were shared publicly, really keeping his family information personal. He wedded his wife on 28 December 2002, and often uploads memorable photos of the marriage and other family pictures on his social media channels.

Car Crash

In 2010, Bruno had a car accident at the Route 66 Raceway, and was lucky to be alive, only sustaining a concussion in the crash. As a show of family support, his mother was at the scene of the accident to commiserate with her son.

Bruno is not social media shy

He maintains official social media handles on Facebook and Instagram, with a following of about 3000 on Instagram, and over 10,000 ‘likes’ on his Facebook page.

His Salary and Net Worth

Bruno enjoys a successful career, and is still very active in what he does. His success is not without a good return on his investment, as he earns a reasonable income from the series of rewarding careers he’s undertaking. We do not have reliable information on how much he makes as a salary, but we do know his net worth, estimated by authoritative sources to be a cool $6 million.

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