Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife Michelle Moyer Wiki Bio, Age, Wedding, Kids

• Michelle Moyer is best known for being Dennis Rodman’s former wife.
• She has a daughter from a previous relationship, and two children with Dennis Rodman.
• Dennis Rodman and Michelle went through a turbulent marriage before divorcing in 201•
• She is now on good terms with Dennis and attends their children's games together.
• Michelle Moyer has an estimated net worth of over $1 million.

Who is Michelle Moyer?

Michelle Moyer is best known for being Dennis Rodman’s former wife. She was his third wife, so in their case, the saying “third time is a charm” wasn’t true. He was previously married to Carmen Electra, a model, and Annie Bakes, who Michelle even looks like. Her exact date of birth can’t be found online, but she was born in 1967 in the USA, where she grew up so is an American citizen and has American nationality She has an Instagram account with around 500 followers.

Where is she now?

Her current whereabouts aren’t known, because she mostly posts pictures of her children on her Instagram profile. She is mostly famous because of her husband, and when they divorced, she remained out of the limelight. As far as her pictures show, she mostly spends time with her friends and family.

Family and kids

She is very close with her family and very proud of them all. She has a daughter from a previous relationship, and two children with Dennis Rodman. In 2000, Michelle gave birth to a son, Dennis Rodman Junior, and in 2001, they welcomed a daughter they named  Trinity. Her oldest daughter Teyana, lives in California and is a mom of two, a boy named Koa and a girl called Kya. Dennis Jr. and Trinity followed in their father’s footsteps and took up sports. Trinity plays for the national US soccer team, and Dennis plays basketball. Since both of them are very active on their Instagram accounts, from the pictures we see, both of them are in serious relationships, and seem very focused on their careers in sport.

Marriage with Dennis Rodman

Dennis met Michelle in 1999, and they dated for four years before tying the knot in 2003 when he was at the peak of his fame; he is still known as a world-famous NBA superstar, whoe played basketball professionally from 1986 to 2006. Their relationship was in turmoil a few years before they ended the marriage – she filed for divorce in 2004, after just one year of living together, with the main problems apparently Dennis’s constant partying and substance abuse. He was also accused of domestic violence, and was ordered by a court to complete rehabilitation. Michelle stated that he has not been a responsible father and that she had seen him multiple times drinking alcohol in front of the children. She described one occasion where he took Jager shots during breakfast in front of their underage son D.J. He just couldn’t break a lot of his bad habits for the sake of his marriage. They stretched out the divorce for eight years, before finalizing it in 2012, trying several times to make their marriage work, but eventually decided to part ways. Dennis constantly failed to pay child support and had to do 104 hours of community service. Even though he was a famous basketball star, because of his alcoholism and drug abuse, he struggled to obtain endorsements or get a job, so his attorney claimed that he was broke. On the other hand, Michelle’s attorney said: ‘My desire is not to put Dennis Rodman in jail. My desire is to shake the tree a little bit and get money for his children.’

Relationship with Dennis now

In 2016, they were spotted at a basketball game with their two children; after a turbulent marriage, they seem to be on good terms now, and are dedicated to keeping it civil and cordial because of the children. They attend their basketball and football games, and try to put bad things aside. Dennis coaches his younger son for his basketball games, and as a family spend quality time together. However, Dennis couldn’t get rid of his bad habits entirely. In January 2018, he was arrested for driving under the influence, and got three years of informal probation.

Dennis Rodman and Michelle Moyer

Love life

Apparently Michelle isn’t dating anyone at the moment, or at least doesn’t post any pictures with men. Instead she posts pictures of her children, grandchildren, and their accomplishments.

Net worth

Authoritative sources estimate that her net worth is well over $1 million, as on top of the divorce settlement,she sued Dennis for not paying the child support, She claimed he owed around $850,000 in child support.


This blonde beauty is still a recognized stunner even in her fifties. Besides her beautiful facial features, Michelle stands at an average height and is slim, however, her exact body measurements are unknown. Michelle dyes her hair blonde, even though her natural hair color is brown, just like her eyes. She had her entire left arm tattooed. The information about her weight, shoe and dress sizes isn’t available at the moment.

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