Did Joel Osteen get divorced? His net worth, house, yacht, church, sermons, family, wife

* Joel Osteen is an American televangelist and pastor
* He is the son of the renowned pastor and founder of Lakewood Church John Osteen
* He is known for his style of preaching which emphasizes God's goodness and positivity
* He is the author of several books and his net worth is estimated to be $40 million
* He has faced some controversies, including criticism of his style of preaching and his lifestyle

Joel Osteen Biography

The life of the American televangelist popularly nicknamed The Smiling Preacher is amazing to many Americans, who continued to wonder about the secret behind his success. Joel Osteen is not the regular religious preacher; his style, charisma and soft touch approach to sermons have warmed him to the hearts of many followers. In the same token, many have criticized him for his style of preaching, but despite both criticisms and controversies, his success in the pulpit seems to puzzle his hardest critics. Beyond his pastoral duties, what is the personal life of Joel Osteen, his lifestyle, his wife and family? What his net worth? We bring you the inside information about one of the famous preachers of our time, Joel Osteen; come with us as we unwrap the real story about The Smiling Pastor.

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Who is Joel Osteen?

He is a pastor, an author, and an inspiration to many who follow the Lakewood Church. He is of white ethnic descent and an American national, the son of the renowned pastor and founder of Lakewood Church John Osteen; his mother is Lisa Osteen.

Early life

Born in Houston, Texas USA on 5 March 1963, he was christened Joel Scott Osteen, and grew up one of six siblings – Justin, Tamara, April, Paul and Lisa Osteen. Like other members of the family, he was helping in church activities as a growing child.


Joel attended Humble High School, and matriculated in 1981, then proceeded to the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma for his college education, studying radio and television communications, however, he didn’t complete this part of his education, leaving the college abruptly to join his dad in church works.

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Joel Osteen Career

After Joel left college, he joined his dad’s church where he initially worked behind the scenes supported by televising the sermons, and did that meritoriously for 17 years until the death of his father, succeeding him as a preacher!

Joel was never formally trained in divinity or underwent formal indoctrination for the job of preaching; in fact, he never took the podium while his father was active. However, he had his only chance at the job on just one occasion when his father could not go on stage due to ill health on 17 January 1999. From that historic day, Joel was inadvertently commissioned to take the place of his father, as John Osteen the founder and lead senior pastor of Lakewood Church transitioned six days afterwards when he suffered a heart attack.

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The events following the demise of his father saw him growing in the spirit, and his style of preaching was a clear departure from his father and orthodox Christian theology. Joel’s sermon and preaching style was simple, upbeat and unassuming, and resonated with the large majority of faithful who felt good and elevated listening to him. Joel changed the beat and rhythm of the Lakewood Church sermons in promoting the goodness of God, a sermon style that earned him the title of prosperity preacher!

After he delivered well-coordinated sermons and attracted more followers with his teachings, he was ordained with the position, and continued to lead the church to greatness as the membership grew quite rapidly from 5000 to 43,000 within a short period, and on 3 October 1999, he was formally installed the senior pastor of Lakewood church.

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The Lakewood Church expansion

With a growing membership and national following of Joel Osteen’s forward-looking church management, the church acquired the Compaq Center, the former home of the Houston Rockets basketball team, and renovated at a cost of $105 million, with a higher capacity of 16,000 seats  in 2003. Upon completion of the renovation, the new nest of the Lakewood Church was officially opened in 2005 with more than 56,000 people and the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, including the US House of Representatives Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi in attendance.

The expansion of the Lakewood Church and the savvy management of Senior Pastor Joel Osteen and dedicated members of the church management attracted more funds from its widely spread church outreaches within the US and overseas. Indeed, the Lakewood church under Joel became one of the most talked about and most followed churches in the US!

His Sermons

Joel’s style of preaching endears him to the hearts of his followers. He chooses to talk more about the goodness of God, and less of what might condemn people and their activities. He wants his listeners to see God as good and always on their side. He encourages positivity and wants people to think well of themselves. He encourages his followers to see life from the bright side and to discard the idea of evil and sin which has plagued our societies for too long. His teachings are about the mercy of God to forgive sins, and save people from troubles.

His authorship

Like his preaching, Joel Osteen books are extensions of his sermons, aiming to give people the reality of living a wholesome life in the goodness of God’s mercy. The following are some of the books he authored and published:

  • 2004: “Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at your Full Potential”; hit number 1 on the New York Times Best Selling list;
  • 2007: “Become a Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day”; another New York Times Best Selling book;
  • 2008: “Good, Better, Blessed: Living with Purpose, Power and Passion”;
  • 2009: “Hope for Today Bible”;
  • 2011: Every Day a Friday: How to Be Happier 7 Days a Week;
  • 2012: I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life;
  • 2014: You Can, You Will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner;
  • 2016: Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind;
  • 2017: Blessed in the Darkness: How All Things Are Working for Your Good.


Joel Osteen wedded Victoria IIoff, a co-pastor on 4 April 1987, and the union has produced a son name Jonathan Osteen born on 20 April 1995, and a daughter christened Alexandra Osteen born 9 November 1999. Both graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.


Joel Osteen is not without his fair share of controversies typical of celebrities, but his criticism has a different color due to the sensitive job he does as a preacher of the word of God. One of his major criticisms is his style of preaching, which some people condemn as giving too much prominence to prosperity. Another critique is his departure from the traditional method of preaching by most men of God.

At the height of the controversies that engulfed the Smiling Preacher was the Hurricane Harvey crisis in August 2017, for not making the church available to emergency shelter seekers who were displaced by the storm. However, our finding shows that the Lakewood church itself had its fair share of disaster, and the premises were apparently submerged at the time.

The church also faced a lawsuit from aggrieved parents who fingered it for the injuries their 18-month-old daughter suffered as a result of a dispute in May 2014 at the church; insurance settled the case.

His Net Worth and Lifestyle

Joel Osteen is listed among the richest pastors in America. His net worth is estimated to be $40 million as of 2017. Joel does what he preaches, and this is exemplified in his luxurious lifestyle. He is among the wealthiest pastors in the US, and according to him “it’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty.” He lives in a $10.5 million house, and owns exotic cars.

Our findings revealed that the talk about Joel Osteen owning a yacht is a rumor, and a part of the controversies to discredit him.

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  1. I don’t know who wrote this but God bless you…I love to see people who say hey this man lives what he preaches and thats why he’s blessed.

    1. I don’t believe that’s EXACTLY what was said, but I appreciate your perspective. To wit, he (and his wife?) has been actively investing his money a decade PRIOR to him being “employed” by the church as its pastor. Further, at least as of about a decade ago, he stated he did NOT receive ANY remuneration from the church from his being a pastor at Lakewood. Mind you, he’s an active author (or at least, has a lot of books stated they were written by him), so he DOES receive royalties from his books and other media (tapes, books, etc.).

      Mind you, this presumed “apologetic” approach to writing to defend Osteen might seem like I’m in full agreement and/or a fan of his, nothing could be further from the truth. His OBVIOUS ignorance of SOUND theological positions BASED UPON THE BIBLE is entirely evident, that does not mean he couldn’t “refine” his position as he moves forward. To wit, NO ONE has the “lock” on what it means to be 100% correct from a Biblical worldview standpoint. It’s a big book, with a LOT in it. So, I don’t claim to throw stones against Osteen from a position of presumed “higher knowledge” than he, other than I know what I know what the Bible states, and is sound reasoning based upon the WHOLE context of the Bible as I read it, have studied it over time, and the gross accumulation as to same. So, tread VERY CAREFULLY as to how much “truth” you should glean from Osteen’s books, opinions, philosophies, etc. However, to the degree that – as Paul stated – “…follow me as I follow Him…” Lastly, to that point, do not read ANYONE’s writings, philosophies, opinions as though they are from “on High,” but humbly apply that which is Biblically sound and true …and then proceed to THROW THE REST OUT! 🙂 I wish to NOT speak ill of ANYONE – Joel Osteen included – but I wish to put the right emPHAsis on the right sylLAble with respect to THE TRUTH, which ALSO has another Name: Jesus, the Christ! Whose teachings are THE PINNACLE of THE TRUTH, and the first and second commandments are to LOVE the Lord your God with all your soul, all your strength, and all your heart, …along with being followed IMMEDIATELY by loving one’s neighbor as themselves! (The Golden Rule: do unto others as YOU would have them do unto you.)

      1. “I wish to NOT speak ill of ANYONE…”. A nice sentiment, but totally unscriptural. Even Jesus called the ‘religious’ of His day a ‘brood of vipers, hypcrites’ , whitewashed sepulchers etc. etc” and threw them out of the Temple with a whip (knotted rope). Osteen is deceiving and misleading the ‘religious’ of today in the same way.
        John 3:3…”Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”.

        Rev. Roy……..<

        1. Of course, Jesus had more than the average humans insight as to what is in the hearts of others. We mere mortals need to be careful about casting stones at others. None are without sin, as Jesus pointed out. However, I doubt Jesus would agree with the accumulation of wealth using those who seek God’s love. His failure to directly provide for those of God’s children who do not have food, shelter, or security. He need not live in poverty like John the Baptist, but something to be said of living humbly.

      2. He is a great motivational speaker. I listen to him from time to time. He makes millions and lives a lavish lifestyle from his profits. I don’t think that is wrong, but I don’t think his “church” should be tax exempt. If you read the New Testament, Jesus is all about helping the poor and giving up everything to follow him. Seems to me, his lifestyle contradicts the teachings of Jesus. Again, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with being very wealthy, I am just not sure gaining your wealth using Jesus’s name is right. Why not just be a motivational speaker? He would still make millions.

  2. Joel how much money is enough? You say your a man of god. Then why dont you help the poor? I know why GREED. Shame on you and your family. Well god bless you and remember. It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle then a rich man to get into heaven

    1. Wow what a thing to say to a man of God. I have followed him for years and he is a true man of God. IF he left it would make him look bad. He does not take money from the church. All his net worth are from things that he his self did, ie booms, appearances etc. He is a wonderful human being and does more good than a lot of these so called preachers. Lastly he does help the poor and much much more. Seems to me that you are jealous not only because he has money that he deserves but also because he’s a GREAT human being. Just maybe you lack that characteristic. I have nothing and could use some small things even health wise yet I would never think just because he has money he should help me.

      1. Lee, what I see as Joel Osteen is a man that is blessed and should do more with his blessing by blessing others. In the Bible there’s a parable or story about a wealthy man who asked Jesus what he must do to be saved. Jesus replied to sell & give away all that he had & to follow Him(Jesus). The man went away saddened. This is where the saying comes from that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a wealthy man to enter the gates of heaven. When a person becomes wealthy,they do not live in the real world every day and experience the trials & struggles of real people. If Joel really wanted to walk the path then perhaps he should really live it by giving away let’s say 90% of his wealth to be the blessing God wants all of us to be for Him(God). Jesus says what ever you do onto others you do onto Me(God/Jesus). Simply not taking a salary of $200,000, isn’t much of a blessing.

    2. Your have a poverty mentality. You erroneously believe that the wealthy owe you or others something just because they are successful.

      On another note, his ministries help thousands of people. What are you doing, simply casting stones? What a hypocrite.

      1. Joel Osteen is successful in just one aspect. That would be convincing the masses to send money to him. If he ONLY takes $200,000 per year, how can he afford his home(s), and aircraft? He is a leech on mankind.

        1. Joel has what he has because God gave it to him for his devotion , hard work and above all his faith in the lord. That’s gods blessings

          1. you are so wrong in your response if he was a true man of god his wealth would be to give to others completely who really need help he should have amodest life so all his wealth can go to those who need it most in life help other first and live modestly.

    3. That’s metaphor, I imagine even Jesus used them. Money and prosperity aren’t evil, it’s the myriad bad influences they have that makes Heaven less attainable. It’s not evil when a MLB star signs a big contract, he’s wisely providing for family and helping the economy. It’s far easier for a poor men to turn to God, but more motivating and humbling for a rich man to grow in faith and righteousness. Joel Osteen brings Hope, Faith and God’s Word to millions, does good works grand and small, walks it like he talks it and helps the economy in the process. If the man wants a cool car or 2, he’s human, he’s earned them. It’s easy to judge and breakdown the spirit of others, but to know yourself takes a lifetime. God loves us so much, He took away the burden of judgement for Himself, it’s too heavy for us to bear. God bless you sincerely, Sir. Go forth and prosper.

    4. Joel Osteen does NOT live in River Oaks. He does NOT drive expensive sports cars. He does NOT own a yacht. I know.

        1. She doesnt she needs to take rose colored glasses off and c him for what he truly is a wolf in sheeps clothing. No i am not jealous no i am not bitter i just have a problem with false prophets.

          1. Joel Osteen doesn’t preach on certain subjects like Hell, Repentance, or Tithing because that would offend too many in his congregation, and on TV, making the seats empty. I also have noticed that Joel always mentions at the end of his sermons that “Prosperity” is just around the corner for those in the audience — never, once, mentioning the millions of dollars he’s now worth mainly from his book sales. I personally don’t believe it’s God’s will for everyone to become wealthy…it’s certainly not realistic statistically…so there’s no doubt that Joel is preaching a Prosperity Gospel. Remember that God said, “My Grace Is Sufficient For You.” meaning that he will meet our needs but not necessarily make each of us materially wealthy. Many people if they had vast wealth wouldn’t manage it properly. (Lottery winners who go broke are a good example).

    1. Your have a poverty mentality. You erroneously believe that the wealthy owe you or others something just because they are successful.

      On another note, his ministries help thousands of people. What are you doing, simply casting stones? What a hypocrite.

    2. Joel Osteen is not God. Why hold him to impossible standards you can’t even conceive? And, since no one truly knows the mind of God, how do you know what Jesus had or didn’t? He worked, so He at owned tools at the least. Jesus is God. He turned loaves of bread and fish into a feast; brought the dead to life, walked on water… People need money to live and grow, schools and churches need money to teach and provide services to the community, the government needs money to do whatever it is that the government does, God doesn’t. Was the pillow even invented 2 millennia ago?!

    1. He takes ZERO salary from the church and lives on the proceeds from his book sales. Is that too much wealth for you?

    1. What a buffoon! He helps so many people, the poor, the sick and many good causes, and delivers messages of positivity.

      Meanwhile, losers like you are quick to judge and yet not lift a fi for to be kind or helpful.

  3. Doing God’s work on earth, providing Hope, Faith and God’s Word to millions in true need, truly loving what you do and making money in the process… sounds like a Win, Win, Win to me! We judge others so easily, but are so quick to excuse, or worse, blame others for our own shortcomings, bad choices and career paths. What is too much money? Depends on who’s hands it’s in.

  4. As Jesus taught, His message was not primarily to make people feel good nor to promote economic wealth. He preached the absolute necessity of being born again. His message declared “Go and sin no more”. He taught that there is a heaven and a hell and how to avoid one and to reach the other. I’m afraid Mr. Osteen has tragically omitted the fundamental purpose of Christ’s presence on earth. “He came to seek and to save that which was lost”. That includes you and me. Have you heard that message preached from the pulpit of Mr. Osteen? I have not. He seems to be a very nice man…a good speaker and to possess the personality of the kind of man we’d all like to live next door to. He is so positive, so bright, so encouraging! However, those are not the attributes Christ taught as traits essential to eternal life with God in heaven. “ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD”.
    “REPENT…BE BORN AGAIN…” That would be my prayer for any…all who read this. No, I am not a preacher. But I am a believer. I would yell my head off to awaken my neighbor if his house was on fire at 2am. That doesn’t take a fireman!

    1. You are absolutely on target! Joel is a motivational speaker . That would be fine only IF the message of salvation through Christ was the flour in the cake !! I have never heard him teach and preach that one and only most important foundation to true Christianity . The Lord is not a genie in a bottle that we rub constantly to attain wealth and leisure. Money is NOT the root of all evil . It’s the Love of money. Big difference. If we follow and obey him he does enrich us in many ways , including financially . Christ must be first .

    2. Very well said! As a pastor, he has an obligation to preach the word of God, not only the “good parts” but, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Mr Osteen’s idea to discard the idea of sin and evil is not scriptural, sin and evil are all around us. The Holy Bible teaches us how we should be living life according to God’s plan, and warns us to be mindful of false prophets.

  5. I just thank God for giving Pastor Joel the anointing of communication – with which he has brought so many people, including myself, out of a life of hopelessness into a life of faith in God, being saved and knowing Jesus as my Lord, saviour and friend. I pray God continue to bless this upstanding man, his ministry, his family and all of you reading this whatever your opinion. IJHNIP

  6. I really enjoy Joel Osteen’s uplifting sermon’s. He is a wonderful example of a man of God and he he preaches the word of God.

  7. Sorry to burst your bubble . But Joel will spend all eternity, in the deeps of Hell unless he repents. If you think he is a man of GOD, you are being fouled and swindled out of your money. Joel does not believe in the Deity of Christ our Savior. He speaks of GOD but he doesn’t believe that Christ was born, lived a paupers life, along with the apostles. The Jews and Romans didn’t take his life, they only carried out the plan. GOD Killed His Son. And at the age of 33, he was tortured, and beaten, and carried his own cross, they shoved thorny vines on his head, for a crown, hammered spikes in his hands and feet. Then hoisted Him up on a tree. He didn’t utter a sound. Like a lamb led to slaughter. GOD killed His only Begotten Son. That who so ever believeth in Him (Christ) shall have ever lasting life. You can’t have the Father and not the Son. Christ crucified is the only way to GOD. This was the eternal plan. So that those who believed on his Son, that He died was buried and rose the third day. GOD is Love! but through His Son only. Repent! and ask Christ to come into your heart, and forgive you of your sins, sincerely! And you shall be SAVED. It’s Just That Simple! You will never regret it, promise.

  8. 17, 000 square foot Mansion in River Oaks. 4.2 million dollar house in Tanglewood. Ferrari 458 car plus many others. Private Jet.
    Jesus, lived with, ate with, and traveled with the poor, and preached against everything people like Joel Osteen has become. like
    I’m not jealous, I have enough to provide for my family, and hopefully enough to retire on. Joel Osteen is not his father. Joel Osteen is a motivational speaker, cloaked in a church, enriching himself off of those buying into his shtick.
    Old Biblical Verse:
    Timothy 6:10- For the love of money, is the root of all evil.


  9. Lee, what I see as Joel Osteen is a man that is blessed and should do more with his blessing by blessing others. In the Bible there’s a parable or story about a wealthy man who asked Jesus what he must do to be saved. Jesus replied to sell & give away all that he had & to follow Him(Jesus). The man went away saddened. This is where the saying comes from that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a wealthy man to enter the gates of heaven. When a person becomes wealthy,they do not live in the real world every day and experience the trials & struggles of real people. If Joel really wanted to walk the path then perhaps he should really live it by giving away let’s say 90% of his wealth to be the blessing God wants all of us to be for Him(God). Jesus says what ever you do onto others you do onto Me(God/Jesus). Simply not taking a salary of $200,000, isn’t much of a blessing.


  10. Joel should live a modest life if he is really a man of god all preachers should live a modest life please get with the program.


  12. I think he’s inspiring & helps people to not be negative hateful pieces of shit like most of you negative haters on these reply’s. GO TEAM JOEL!

  13. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” People get opinionated when someone advanced in life tremendously. Joel Osteen is gifted on inspiring others about the goodness, and of the grace of God. Lord Jesus is the ultimate judge: let Him be the God Who rewards everyone of His children. If Joel Osteen has a weakness, God’s grace is sufficient to cover his shortcomings.
    It is easy to become a negative person because of strange, unclean spirit of having to feel as a loser compared to someone who advances in life very easily of because of God-given talents.
    In the Old Testament, we learned that Abraham and King Solomon lived a very prosperous life. Abraham owned herds of cattle, servants, and slaves, and ownership of lands. King Solomon owned many palaces, chariots, horses, gold, and other unimaginable material things.
    Work hard and be content for what you have. Praise God. Leave the judging to God. Your riches are in the Kingdom of God. Do not envy or judge people that have material riches. Joel Osteen have put hope and spiritual healing to a lot of people because of his preaching the Word of God: not the way you want him to preach! Love God and love one another as you love yourself. Obedience is better than sacrifice. “For you have been saved by grace through FAITH [in Jesus], and this is not of yourself, but it is the gift of God: NOT of WORKS, else, you should boast.”

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