Drew Brees wife, Brittany Brees’ Bio: Age, Net worth, Parents, Hometown, Advocare Brittany Brees

• Brittany Brees is the wife of NFL New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees
• She is a loyal Virgo, born in Syracuse, Indiana in 1976 and graduated from Purdue University
• She is involved in social work and the Brees Dream Foundation, which has given over $25,000,000 to charities
• She and Drew have four children and own a $1.5 million home
• Drew Brees is worth $130 million and earns $22 million per year from his football contract and endorsement deals

Who is Brittany Brees?

Call her a housewife, a husband’s keeper, or a mother, and you will be right; Brittany Brees is a woman who gives all for the progress of her family. She’s a woman redefined who is unashamed to live her life besides her husband. She may not be the CEO of a trendy fashion store in Hollywood or a financial guru on Wall Street; she’s happy with her social work, her family life and being called Mrs. Brees. The following is a biography of Drew Brees’ wife, Brittany Brees; enjoy!

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Who is Brittany Brees?

Brittany Middleton Dudchenko, commonly known as Brittany Brees is Mrs Brees, the wife of the famous quarterback player of the National Football League (NFL) New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees. She’s widely applauded for her ability to weather the storm and be with her college sweetheart, and keeping her married life intact despite the increasing popularity of her husband, Drew Brees. Who says managing a celebrity as a wife is easy? Drew Brees’ wife is one of the few women who have kept the fire of love burning brighter to the admiration of many!

Brittany Brees Bio: Age, Early life, Parents and Hometown

Her name at birth was Brittany Middleton Dudchenko, although following marital vows to Drew Brees, she’s known today as Brittany Brees. She was born on the 18th September 1976, in Syracuse, Indiana USA, so is a Virgo by zodiac sign and never betrays one of her strong qualities – loyalty. Brittany is an American woman from a white background! Her mother is Kathleen Ann and her father Peter Dudchenko, but there are no other records about her parents and any siblings, so much that we can conclude that Brittany Brees had a humble beginning.

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Brittany Brees Education

After matriculating from Wawasee High School in Syracuse in 1994, she relocated to West Lafayette, Indiana, to enroll for a college education at Purdue University. Beyond her love affairs, early dating stories as lovers, we find more stories about Drew Brees’ education background as an industrial management major, and member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity of Purdue. Besides how she met her boyfriend and future husband in school in her sophomore year and went through the same college, nothing more is known about Brittany Brees’ education.

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Brittany Brees Early life Profession and Career

What is available as a career and professional life for Brittany Brees is her involvement, along with her husband Drew Brees, with The Brees Dream Foundation, a charity organization that helps people with cancer. We do not have other details regarding her career and profession outside her role in the Brees Dream Foundation, and that she is involved in some social works, but this is also about the family’s philanthropy.

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Brittany Brees marriage to Drew Brees

She met her husband while in her sophomore year at Purdue early in the 2000s, a relationship which developed into marriage after graduation. Brittany and Drew Brees tied the nuptial knot on the 8th February 2003. Drew joined the New Orleans Saints in 2006, and the couple relocated to Louisiana in pursuit of Drew Brees professional career. Brittany has played the homemaker’s role to keep the family one, and nurture family dreams! Brittany and Drew Brees union is blessed with four children, with their first child in 2009 named Baylen Robert Brees. Second son Bowen Cristopher Brees joined the family in 2010, and Callen Christian Brees made it three sons in 2012. Two years later, Brittany gave birth to the fourth child, this time a girl named Rylen Judith Brees in August 2014, to make it a six-member family!

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Brittany Brees and Advocare

Brittany Dudchenko Brees is known for her beauty, and caring nature; her big-hearted nature readily endears her to embrace the philanthropic activities of her husband, and together they are working wonders providing succor to aching hearts. The Brees Dream Foundation started in 2003 to provide charity globally, in particular helping cancer patients live a quality life, and support needy families’ children through readily available care and provision of education. Since the foundation was established, it had made available over $25,000,000 to charities, and still doing more to bring smiles into sorrowful hearts! While Drew Brees is providing the funding through his sources of income, Brittany Brees is providing the leadership, making sure the good works and dreams of the family are yielding results. According to Brittany in one of her public comment, she was quoted as saying she is a “gatekeeper.”

Brittany Brees is an unapologetic supporter of her husband’s professional dream and business, and with Drew Brees’ endorsement of Advocare, she had to throw her support around the nutrition products. The controversy around the endorsement notwithstanding, Drew Brees is a star that many brands run to for endorsement. She was on stage for advocare success school to reveal the new fit line, and her husband was proud of her as always!

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Brittany Brees Career and Net worth

Brittany has no definite career reported apart from her commitment to family dreams, but is a highly rewarded mother, wife and community advocate. She’s with Drew Brees in community service, and they love social works. The Brees family built a playground recently for children in their community to use, including those with disabilities, and work with the Charity Operation kids. Drew Brees’ wife salary is never a subject of the public; her salary was never mentioned. What we can comfortably say is that Brittany Brees draws from the same wallet as her husband, so her net worth is equivalent to Drew Brees’ because we are talking about a family that is one.

As of June 2018, Drew Brees is worth around $130 million, with a salary of $22 million per annum from his football with the New Orleans Saints, and has assets including the over 100 year-old mansion in New Orleans bought for community preservation as well as a family home after the devastating hurricane Katrina and renovated, currently valued at $1.5 million. Drew Brees gets extra income from his endorsement works as a star, which is quite an income many would stop all other work as the main income earner.

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