Everything Need To Know About ‘AOA’ Member – Shin Ji-min

• Shin Ji-min is a singer and rapper who is a member of the K-pop girl group AOA.
• She has an estimated net worth of over $500,000.
• She learned to play multiple instruments and trained with FNC Entertainment prior to joining AOA.
• AOA's single "Miniskirt" reached eighth spot on the Billboard K-pop Hot 100 and "Short Hair" reached fourth spot on the Gaon Weekly Album Chart.
• She is single and doesn't often engage in relationships due to strict management practices.

Who is Shin Ji-min?

Shin Ji-min was born on 8 January 1991, in Seongnam, South Korea, and is a singer as well as a rapper, best known for being a member of the K-pop girl group AOA. She is the main rapper of the group and she’s also appeared in other projects such as the television program “Unpretty Rapstar”.

The Net Worth of Shin Ji-min

As of early-2020, Shin Ji-min’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000, earned through a successful career in the music industry. Apart from her work with AOA, she’s also collaborated with other artists, and all of these endeavors have helped in building her wealth.

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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Jimin grew up in Seongnam, and her parents discovered that she had strong musical inclinations as a child. Building her natural talents, she began learning to play multiple instruments, including the piano, harmonica and the guitar. While in middle school, she moved to China so that she could further develop her music skills, and stayed there until around the first year of high school, studying at a Chinese language school for two years.

After her return, a career in the South Korean entertainment industry piqued her interest, and she began auditioning for a prospective career as an idol. She was successful, and was signed by FNC Entertainment, which is known to be the home of many popular acts, including SF9, Cherry Bullet, F.T. Island, and CNBLUE. After training for a few years with the company, she was selected to become a part of a new girl group called AOA, joining seven other members, including Seolhyun, Hyejeong, Yuna, Choa, Chanmi, and Mina.

Shin Ji-min

In 2012, teasers for the group began circulating online, and through local media.

Rise to Fame with AOA

AOA or Ace of Angels was introduced with a unique concept, in that several of their members could work playing instruments as a band, while they can also function as a dance group. They made their debut with the single “Elvis”, and followed it up with “Wanna Be”, and gained a bit of attention during their first year, as they performed while cosplaying various pop culture characters.

The band of AOA was called AOA Black, with Youkyoung the only member of the group that stays with the band, not a part of the dance group. The band also released music on their own, debuting with “MOYA”.

In 2014, AOA made their breakthrough with their single “Miniskirt” which reached eighth spot on the Billboard K-pop Hot 100, and their next release – “Short Hair’ – reached fourth spot on the Gaon Weekly Album Chart. Their popularity was steadily climbing, and they began releasing Japanese singles to cater to their audience there.

Their next single “Like a Cat” was their most successful yet, staying at the top of the Gaon Social Chart for six consecutive weeks. In 2015, the group came back with an extended play (EP) called “Heart Attack”.

Recent Work with AOA

Jimin and AOA then went to the US to perform at KCON 2015, held in Los Angeles. The following year, a new sub-unit called AOA Cream was then created, but Jimin was not a part of it. She published an apology following an appearance in the program “OnStyle Live”, after failing to recognize activist An Jung-geun.

Youkyung soon left the group after the end of her contract. AOA continued releasing more music, including “Angel’s Knock” and the Japanese album “Runway”. In the middle of 2017, Choathen announced that she was leaving the group, as she was struggling with several health problems.

In 2018, AOA released its fifth EP called “Bingle Bangle”, containing a lead single of the same name which reached fourth spot on the Gaon Digital Chart.

There was a lot of news surrounding them the following year, as the contracts of most of the members were nearing expiry. Mina didn’t renew her contract, preferring to pursue a solo career, and AOA now continues as a five-member group. One of their latest projects is the mini-album “New Moon”, which has the lead single “Come See Me”.

Personal Life

Jimin is single, and like many K-pop idols, doesn’t often engage in relationships due to strict management practices by their agencies.

This is due to relationships being an unpredictable factor for their careers, as seen with some public relationships.

In 2019, a lot of Ji-min’s fans expressed concerns for her seemingly declining health, as she began posting photos that showed her in what looked like a malnourished state. FNC confirmed that she was not sick, and in fact, frequently goes to the gym to keep fit. Her figure later went back to normal, and the concerns around her subsided.

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