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• Fred Hurt is a businessman, miner, and reality TV star who is estimated to be worth over $3 million.
• He was born in North Dakota in the 1940s and is married to his second wife Jennifer Sheets.
• He was a part of the TV show “Gold Rush” for four seasons before dropping out to start his own show.
• His son Dustin Hurt is also a miner and reality TV star, working alongside his father in the show “Gold Rush: White Water”.
• Fred is now content with his family, mining company, and enjoying a stress-free lifestyle.

Who is Fred Hurt?

Fred Hurt is a businessman and a miner, who owns a mining company, but also loves to travel the globe looking for good investments. He first came to prominence in the first season of the reality TV show “Gold Rush” when he appeared with the group The Hoffmans.

Fast Facts on Fred Hurt

As a boy, Fred loved fishing more than school, in fact everything about water, and wanted to become a marine biologist. However, knowing that the profession doesn’t pay much, he looked for another passion.

Fred Hurt is also a fitness buff and maintains a healthy lifestyle, which is evident in his physique and demeanor. He was born in North Dakota in the 1940s, and is called Big Boot by his close friends and family back home. Before investing in a gold mining company, he had a construction company that he ran for 25 years. He then retired from the job and started prospecting for gold in Alaska.

Fred Hurt’s Net Worth

With an established company under his belt, his estimated net worth as of early 2019 is estimated by authoritative sources at over $3 million, including his gold mining company, and income from the TV series that premiered in Discovery Channel. While on the show Gold Rush, he was said paid $16,000 as a monthly salary, amounting to $200,00 when it ended. Currently, he is now putting forth his best efforts in a show he owns, “All That Glitters” directed by Kirk Roos, and will focus on “Dakota Fred” and his crew of miner in Haines, Alaska.

Fred Hurt

Fred Hurt as a Family Man

He was a happy husband to his wife Lorrayne Hunt, who died from a long-term illness in 2015, and who he loved until her passing. His friends were there for him in his bad times, including his executive assistant Jennifer Sheets.

A year after Lorrayne’s death, he married Jennifer at Letnikof Cove in Haines, Alaska. She also appeared in the show “Gold Rush” as the cook for Fred’s crew. Fred has four kids, six grand kids, and five great-grand kids in total. The son who followed him in the TV series is his son Dustin Hurt, who is also a member of the Dakota Boys. Dustin is married to Arin Alhum Hanson, and apparently a baby in the way.

What is Gold Rush?

“Gold Rush” is a reality TV series airing on Discovery Channel since 2010, which focuses on gold mine deposits in Yukon Territory, Canada, and the teams of miners working there. It follows the family-run mining companies in the Klondike region and their efforts in mining various areas.

Fred Hurt was a natural in the show; he and his team excavated various places in search of gold. After “Gold Rush” came “Gold Rush: White Water”, in which he and son Dustin teamed up to hunt gold in Alaska. However, for Fred all good things come to an end, to welcome better opportunities. He was in the show for four seasons before he decided to drop out and start his own TV series.

Who is Dustin Hurt?

Dustin Hurt followed his father into the reality TV show industry, and filmed the spin – off from “Gold Rush” with Fred. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and began in the construction after high school. He was also a firefighter for the California Forest Service, after which he joined his father in Jim Placer Mine in “Gold Rush”.

Fred Hurt Left Gold Rush

He was an unrelenting gold miner, and pushed the team and equipment to the limit. He was brave and uncompromising, but after he left the show, there were many rumors as to why. No official statement has been released, but from the get go, it can be said that there was a disagreement between the team and the management, but there were internal feuds as well; the team apparently decided to drop the show due to payment issues.

Where is Fred Hurt Now?

Fred has said goodbye to the limelight for now. He has not appeared in any shows recently, although he is still busy with his mining company. This is apparent from his posts on his social media sites. He frequently posts about his daily activities to keep his fans updated with what’s going on with his life now. He wants to be an inspiration for many despite his old age, and still hikes challenging trails that are even difficult for men half his age.

A Happy and Contented Man

Fred may have stopped his showbiz stint, but his earnings in total have given him a satisfying and contented lifestyle. He isn’t rich according to him – he just truly loves what he is doing and passionate about making his life worth it.

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