How did Big Nik Become so Famous? His Age, Height, Net Worth


BigNik – birth name Nikhil Keswani – was born in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, on 11th September 1998, and became internet famous after reaching three million followers on Vine. Nik’s family moved around several times during his childhood, as he was mainly raised in Naperville, Illinois but studied in San Diego, California for two years while attending Torrey Pines High School.

During his junior year, Nik enrolled in online school and began recording Vines as a way to kill time after a leg surgery which left him in a wheelchair for months. He later grew an impressive following on YouTube and would often feature in David Dobrik’s vlogs.

Right now, Nik has almost one million YouTube subscribers on his original channel despite deleting all his old videos and starting over. The reason behind Nik’s new channel is his religious journey, as the former Vine star is now using the handle BigNikMinistry, and uses his platform to denounce occult and satanic symbolism in celebrity music videos, and convince his followers to turn to God.

Vlog Squad

Despite being fondly remembered for his amusing Vine clips, Nik became popular on YouTube thanks to his affiliation with David Dobrik, the creator of the Vlog Squad. With over 20 million subscribers on the platform, David is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the social media world – but in early 2021, Nik called him out and claimed that the seemingly tight-knit group was toxic and cult-like behind the scenes.

Nik left Vlog Squad in 2018, but his relationship with David was always a complicated one, as David would make him the butt of many jokes due to his dwarfism. In an appearance on the H3H3 podcast, Nik explained that he left the content creator collective when the jokes – and the behavior of other Vlog Squad members – began negatively impacting his mental health.

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As it happens, Nik isn’t the first social media sensation to expose the Vlog Squad. Influencer Trisha Paytas previously dated Vlog Squad member Jason Nash, and described the group as ‘toxic’. According to Trisha, David’s behavior towards her while she was dating Jason made her visibly uncomfortable, as he turned her into the laughing stock of the group, and often inserted himself into her relationship with his friend.

Nik agreed with Trisha’s assessment, saying: ‘It’s kind of like a cult. I would come home so drained, just like mentally.’ At the time of his H3H3 interview, he was still occasionally in touch with David, and added that he had always liked Jason. However, according to the Florida native, the other Vlog Squad members often gossiped about him and others in private, and had a superiority complex.

Nik and David apparently met back in the Vine days, when Nik was the bigger star with three times his following. The power balance shifted when David began gaining millions of YouTube subscribers, however, and Nik struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts as David continually mocked his physical appearance.

According to Nik, the other Vlog Squad members followed David’s lead when they saw that Nik allowed the disrespectful comments. Things took a turn for the worse when the online toxicity spilled over into real life, as David’s fans began approaching Nik in public, and making jokes about his height.

Apparently, Scotty Sire and Jason were the only members of the Vlog Squad who defended Nik and treated him as an equal, and things got so bad that Nik felt like the punching bag of the group. Taking a stand, Nik told David that he didn’t want the Vlog Squad members to make any more jokes about his height during their videos – which led to David cutting him out altogether.

Although David apologized to Nik during a private conversation that took place in December 2019, Nik wanted to publicly dispel the rumor that he’d been kicked out of the squad. He suggested that David take down the videos which included height jokes – which, as far as we’re aware, has yet to happen.

However, Nik wasn’t the only Vlog Squad member who was bullied by his peers. Alex Ernst was mocked behind his back as well, whereas group members gossiped about David and badmouthed him whenever he wasn’t around. ‘Just because you’re popular doesn’t mean you’re a good person,’ Nik said.

2020 Onwards

Despite no longer being part of the Vlog Squad, Nik was an integral part of the collective for years and is still widely discussed in the YouTube community. In 2021, netizens became concerned when Nik revamped his image, and began pushing anti-vaccine rhetoric on TikTok and other platforms, while using Bible passages to justify his views.

Others suspected that Nik had gone off into the ‘deep end’ and was fully embracing Evangelicalism, as the YouTuber stated that feminism is a Satanic agenda, and posted a video celebrating the controversial Texas abortion ban. Nik also claimed that faith, not surgery, had healed his leg, and slammed women for wearing Spandex and yoga pants at the gym, saying: ‘I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m in a strip club when I’m just trying to work on my health. It’s annoying.’

Some believe that Nik converted to Christianity after years of struggling with a rare form of dwarfism which also left him partially blind and deaf (as well as the aforementioned mental health problems that were brought on after David’s bullying). However, others are certain that his religious content is merely for clicks and views.

There could be a grain of truth in the second theory, as the ex-Hindu has uploaded some pretty outlandish videos on his newest channel, such as “Aspiring Warlock Exposes SHOCKING Truth about Satan’s Agenda!” and “Jesus Christ Just Appeared To Over 200 MUSLIMS in Palestine!”. It’s also hard to overlook the fact that Nik often asks his fans for donations and still wants to be internet famous in some capacity, as all his content is monetized.

Whatever the case, Nik is embracing his new lifestyle as a born-again Christian, and claimed that he was ‘battling so many demons’ and was a slave to his addictions before beginning to research Jesus Christ in 2021. After repenting for his sins, he also claimed to have felt ‘a supernatural force illuminate my entire body, mind and soul’, which he believes to be the Holy Spirit described in the Bible.

Nik is 4ft (124cm) tall and his estimated net worth is close to $300,000.

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