Is auctioneer Dan Dotson from Storage Wars dead? His Bio, Net Worth, House, Auctions, Alive

• Dan Dotson is a renowned television personality and auctioneer with 44 years of professional experience.
• Dan and his wife Laura are both professional auctioneers and have featured in the A&E reality TV series “Storage Wars”.
• Dan started as an apprentice at the age of 11 and Laura joined the trade in 1988.
• Dan owns a multimillion-dollar auctioneering business and the couple have featured on various TV shows.
• Dan’s net worth is estimated at over $4.5 million and Laura’s at over $3.5 million.

Dan Dotson Biography

If watching a favorite television program is your thing, then you probably know who auctioneer Dan Dotson from “Storage Wars” is, and of course you must have seen his wife too, because they are always together – they are both auctioneers and have also an excellent pedigree in television broadcasting, featuring in the reality TV series on the A&B channel called “Storage Wars”. Of course, beyond their jobs you want to know about their private life, family, early life, and education. Perhaps you love them so much that you are considering taking up a job as an auctioneer, so what school did he attend to master his auctioneering skills, how much does the job fetch him as salary, and how much is Dan Dotson’s net worth, as of late 2018? In this authoritative informative piece, we give you information on Dan Dotson to satisfy your curiosity about him. Let’s go right into the details below; please enjoy every moment of it!

Who is Dan Dotson?

Dan Dotson is a renowned television personality and seasoned American auctioneer who has more than 44 years of professional auctioneering work to his credit. Dan Dotson owns a full-grown auctioneering service company run with his wife, located in Riverside, California. Dan’s fame is not only through auctioneering business, but also from being featured in the popular television series, A&E’s “Storage Wars” on which he holds interesting auctioneering discussions. By every standard and reckoning, Dan Dotson and his wife Laura are professional auctioneers with proven excellent performances in the business.

Dan Dotson Early Life

Danny ‘Dan’ Dotson was born on 23 November 1962, a native of Riverside, and of white ethnic background and American nationality. He didn’t go far with formal education, as history has it that he started life in auctioning at the early age of 13, when he joined the Chino auction service in California selling furniture. His history as an auctioneer is a family one, as his grandfather Sam Fancher, who was an apprentice in 1945 to Detmen Mitchell, auction farm equipment and cattle in the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas; Dan’s formal training in auctioning could be said to have started at the age of 11 under the tutelage of his grandpa! Equipped with the exceptional skills to auction and apparently sell anything, Dan joined Merl Bernard auctioneers to sell furniture at the age of 16, graduating into the respectable job of auctioneering with enviable successes to his credit today.

About Laura Dotson, early life, career, and income

Any mention of Dan Dotson will bring up discussion about his wife Laura, because they are best of friends when it comes to the business of auctioning. Laura didn’t have as much industry cognate as Dan, as she joined the trade sometime in 1988, but since then has become a side-kick of immense value to her husband. Laura Christine Payton was born on 13 May 1968, in Thousand Oaks, California, also of white heritage. Like her husband, her early life with regards to education and childhood is unknown, but her career started with auctioneering, and then featuring on the popular TV series A&B “Storage Wars”.

Laura has also featured on many TV game shows as a contestant, including “The Price Is Right”, “Family Feud”, and “Let’s Make A Deal”. She is a co-founder of the family auction business which they co-manage as partners. Authoritative sources put Laura’s income from the business at over $4.5 million as of late 2018. Apart from which, Laura is also a social media icon, with over 106,000 followers on Facebook and more than 84,000 on Twitter. She doesn’t seem to be on Instagram at this time.

Dan Dotson’s Career

From his early days as an apprentice and graduating at the age of 16, Dan Dotson has built a multimillion-dollar auctioneering service. He started in 1983 with American Auctioneers, with interested in pottery, dolls, porcelain and furniture. His business got a boost in 1996 when he met Laura, who became his wife and partner in the business of auctioning.  From that point forward, the focus of his company changed to high ticket items, selling real estate, foreclosure, storage units, and business inventories as well as fundraisers and appraisal tasks.

He owns an internet portal dedicated to auction storage – is a resourceful online system that provides self-storage auction listings in the US and Canada. His business has been most successful as he undertakes an average of two auctions per day, six days every week.

At present, his business American Auctioneer is credited with handling over 3000 auctions and appraisals annually, placing them as the number one auction professionals in North America!

Television shows

The year 2010 was a year of television appearances for Dan and Laura, debuting in A&E’s “Storage Wars” series, which showcases four professional buyers bidding on default storage units contents. Dan and Laura played different roles in the series, Dan as the auctioneer while Laura plays the ring-man role, on other occasions the characters swap, and showing the reality of how auctioneering works, to educate their audience.

The “Storage Wars” series gave Dan a media boost, and featured him in popular print and electronic media such as The Washington Post, TMZ, USA Today, and several others, icing on the cake to promote him and his business.

Among television appearances Dan and Laura have had in the course of their auctioneering are “Storage Wars” since 2010, “Happening Now” in 2012, and “Hot in Cleveland” in 2012. They also appeared in the guest show “Fox & Friends” and “Anderson Live” both in 2012, and “The Home and Family Show” in 2013. They were also featured in Sports Center 2013 and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in 2015.

Dan and Laura Dotson continue with their television appearances and managing auctions!

Dan Dotson personal life and family

The Dotson family currently lives in San Bernardino, California. Like most celebrities, there have been rumors of their separation as husband and wife, but our findings show this is not true. In 2014, Dan suffered an aneurysm and was operated on, but has since recovered to live a normal life again – rumours of his death ‘were greatly exaggerated’!

Before his marriage to Laura, Dan Dotson had another marriage which produced two sons, while Laura Dotson delivered a son making them a family of five with Laura becoming a stepmom at the point of her wedding to Dan.

Dan Dotson Net Worth

Dan now lives a relatively luxurious life with his family, with his auctioneering and television earnings estimated at $300,000 annually. Given his many years of active life in his business and on TV, and still counting at the age of 56, his net worth is estimated at over $4.5 million, while his wife, Laura’s net worth is estimated to be over $3.5 million.

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