Is Biggie from “Baddies West” a Transgender? Age, Height, Career


The reality TV star Damerlin “Biggie” Baez was born on 12th September 1996, in Providence, Rhode Island USA, and claims to be of Dominican descent. Since her first appearance in the guilty pleasure franchise “Baddies” – which is a reboot of “Bad Girls Club”, and features plenty of fighting and drama – there’s been speculation that Biggie is transgender, due to her physique and deep voice; however, we can confirm that she’s a biological woman.

Biggie is 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall, and weighs approximately 220lbs (100kgs).


Biggie joined the “Baddies” show in its third season, “Baddies West”, which premiered in January 2023. Almost immediately, she became involved in verbal altercations with her castmate Stunna Girl, and after several episodes of brewing tensions, the dislike between both women turned into an open feud, when Stunna asked Biggie to stop giving her unwanted advice, saying: ‘You’re not my mother… I make way more money than you. I can just tell by the chain you’ve got on your neck.’

Biggie promptly punched Stunna in the face, to be separated from her castmate by the show’s security, who are always on standby. However, the ladies fought two more times in the same episode, while also hurling insults at each other – Stunna criticized Biggie’s weight and image, whereas Biggie claimed that Stunna had no morals or respect for herself. The episode aired in March 2023 soon went viral.

At the “Baddies West” reunion shortly afterwards, Biggie and Stunna got into another skirmish. As the reunion episode was full of fights in an attempt to live up to its predecessor, their tussle didn’t have the shock impact they may have hoped for; later, videos of Stunna chasing Biggie after the reunion and taking her phone away from her began circulating online.

In June 2023, Biggie celebrated being the first “Baddie” to judge auditions after being as a cast member. Two months after sitting in on the auditions for the show’s fourth season, “Baddies East”, in August 2023 it was revealed that Biggie would be joining the other Baddies as a replacement cast member.

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Of course, there’s no telling how much of “Baddies” is scripted, but after returning to the show, Biggie began posting sneak peeks of some of the altercations she and her co-stars were involved in. Since then, she’s been religiously posting weekly updates, and keeping fans in the loop so they know what to expect with each new episode.

“Baddies” Franchise

The first season of “Baddies”, “Baddies ATL”, premiered on Zeus Network in May 2021. As we mentioned, the show is derived from the Oxygen network’s iconic “Bad Girls Club” series, and has former “BGC” stars Natalie Nunn and Tanisha Thomas as two of its executive producers.

Talks of a “BGC” reboot first came about in early 2019, when Natalie announced that Zeus was working on a reunion special, at first, set to released on online platform OnlyFans; however, many of the “BGC” sensations involved dropped out of the project, and the network decided not to go forward with it.

Instead, Natalie and other “BGC” co-stars had a sit-down conversation, in which it was announced that “Baddies” had been greenlit, and was in its production stages. On Valentine’s Day 2021, Zeus released the “Baddies ATL” teaser trailer, which reunited various former “BGC” cast members.

According to viewers, the main difference between “BGC” and “Baddies” is that the latter series is more repetitive, and has less activities planned for its cast members. As one Reddit user wrote, ‘There’s no plot, they hop from house to house and rent hella busses which must cost a lot, and there’s really nothing that makes the show appealing aside from the girls being allowed to fight.’

Nevertheless, many viewers still tuned in for the show’s shock factor, despite criticizing Zeus Network for its shoddy production. The “Baddies ATL” cast members included Janelle Shanks, Sidney Starr, Judi Jai and other reality TV stars who resided in a mansion in Atlanta during the filming of the first season.

Season 2, “Baddies South”, began airing in June 2022. Natalie Nunn and Christina Salgado were the only season one cast members set to return, as Zeus went with a host of new faces such as Bri Walker, Jela Lanier and Anne Moore. However, Christina didn’t return either, as she was removed from the series for unspecified reasons, and only appeared in one confessional scene.

Notable Cast Members: Chrisean Rock

“Baddies South”, and the “Baddies” franchise as a whole, became enormously popular thanks to Chrisean “Rock” Malone, who returned as a main cast member in seasons three and four.

Chrisean first rose to public prominence in 2020, when she joined the cast of rapper Blueface’s OnlyFans reality show, “Blue Girls Club”. The low-budget show saw various young women compete for Blueface’s affections while living in his house, with many brawling over him and some even getting his name tattooed on their bodies.

Chrisean went viral when she got her tooth knocked out while fighting with Blueface’s long-time girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis, who is also the mother of two of his children. After being declared the winner of the show, Chrisean signed to Blueface’s record label.

Not much was heard of the dysfunctional duo until February 2022, when Blueface claimed that Chrisean – who had by then left his label – had stolen his car and been arrested in Oklahoma for drug possession. The rapper’s manager, Wack 100, also took to social media to claim that Chrisean had stolen from Blueface. ‘Broke in the house again, stole thousands, stole the G Wagon as we found out not knowing it was her… I have no remorse for this BOZO’, he wrote alongside her teary-faced mugshot.

Disturbing text messages between Blueface and Chrisean were shared, and it was revealed that Chrisean had broken into his home, written ‘I love Blue’ on the wall in blood, and signed it before taking the car.

Three months later, the couple made headlines yet again when Chrisean was involved in a physical brawl with Blueface’s mother, Karlissa. In August 2022, the reality TV starlet was arrested for punching Blueface in the face outside a bar in Arizona, and a month later, Blueface and Chrisean’s father were also seen getting into a fight. By this point, the internet was both horrified and fascinated by the relationship dynamic between the couple.

Amazingly, the warring former lovers now have had their own reality show, “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love”, and have welcomed a son named Chrisean Jr. to the world, but Blueface is currently engaged to Jaidyn Alexis, while Chrisean focuses on her reality TV career, and raising her newborn.

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