Is Miracle Watts and Tyler Still Together? Her Age, Career, Kids

Miracle Watts is a 30-year-old American social media personality, entrepreneur and actress, probably best known for her Instagram account, miraclewatts00, on which she’s amassed a following of over 2.9 million. In 2022, Miracle rose to greater prominence with her first television role as Big Bone in the second season of the “P-Valley” series. She is still together with Tyler Lepley, and they had a son, Xi, in September 2022.

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Early life and education

Miracle Watts was born on 30 January 1993, in Houston, Texas USA; she has a younger brother and sister. In her GaloreMag interview, Miracle revealed that she was a cheerleader in high school and played various sports. Moreover, she got into the habit of working out four to five days a week because she enjoyed food too much. It helped that she had always been a person who loved the outdoors. Miracle also admitted that she was obsessed with watching random YouTube tutorials, and as a kid wanted to become a rapper; however, she quickly discovered that her skills were subpar.


Miracle considers the beginning of her career a photoshoot that she had at 18, according to her interview with Bianca Bee. However, she gained online prominence in January 2014, when the well-known rapper Drake gave her a shoutout on the “2 On Thotful” track by OB O’Brien, on which he was featured. Drake, in his verse, raps,’ You, bring the cash right here, man; Miracle, sit your ass down here, man.’ Miracle worked at the Dreams exotic dancing club in her hometown, which Drake was known to frequent, and even mentioned in another song.

Miracle used the boosted interest to retire from dancing. Instead, she became an entrepreneur, and in January 2015, launched a line of fake eyelashes called The Miracle Lash, according to the GaloreMag interview mentioned above. She added that she sourced the ingredients of the greatest quality, and even traveled to India to find some haircare components.

In late 2016, Miracle started a brand called The Miracle Tresses, which sold wigs made from pure premium Indian hair. Miracle also disclosed that her favorites were MAC Cosmetics body and face products, especially the MAC Matte lipstick. Moreover, her favorite highlighter is from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and her favorite foundation is from Becca. However, when Miracle only had access to drugstore products, she bought Maybelline Infallible Foundation and Maybelline’s Falsies Volume Mascara.


Miracle debuted in the 2017 short romantic film “HHH”, with mostly unknown actors. She then didn’t act again for about years five before being cast as Big Bone in the “P-Valley” television series in June 2022. The series stars Nicco Annan, Brandee Evans, Shannon Thornton and Elarica Johnson in lead roles, and follows a group of dancers in the strip club The Pynk hidden in the fictional small Mississippi town of Chucalissa. It premiered in 2020 on Starz, a premium television network that focuses on producing theatrical releases and original series, and was based on the play entitled “Pussy Play.”

Miracle played an ambitious former fighter with an athletic body and impressive skills on the bar, adept at verbal battles as much as dancing. Unless something changes, she will return in the third season, which was renewed and scheduled to premiere in 2023. Unfortunately, the SAG-AFTRA strike that started in July halted its production, according to Screen Rant.

Personal brand

In the early 2010s, Miracle Watts signed a contract with brand management company Facet Studios; it’s unclear whether they helped promote her name or one of her businesses. Her primary clothing brand, TheMiracleLifestyle, primarily sells dresses and two-piece sets, many designed by her. Moreover, Miracle has a secondary brand, The Miracle Kloset, which sells second-hand clothing that she’s worn privately or in her social media pictures and videos. Miracle has created all her brands through a simple motto, ‘Find what you love and then try to monetize it. When you find what you love, stay consistent and authentic.’

She has also created a webinar for Instagram content creators, focused on monetizing posts, and hosted pop-up shops in 2019. In December of that year, Miracle organized the “Girl Boss Takes Tulum” vacation experience through her brand, The Miracle Lifestyle Retreat. By 11 March, Miracle sold out the limited occupancy from 24 to 27 April the following year. The packages started at $2,400 per person and included airplane tickets, transportation, a five-star luxury retreat, and regular parties.

False car crash reports

Miracle received an unexpected and unwanted popularity boost in August 2022, when FOX 11 reported that a dark-colored Mercedes-Benz ran a red light and crashed into several vehicles at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Slauson Avenue in Windsor Hills, Los Angeles. Six people died, and eight were injured – Miracle and a fellow social media personality, Kayla Nicole Jones, were incorrectly listed among the deceased. The reason for the misinformation was that a pregnant mother and her child died in the tragedy, and Miracle was presumably in Los Angeles, according to Blavity News. She posted on Instagram, ‘I am OK; thanks to everyone concerned. Let’s keep those who were involved in that crash today in our prayers.’ The victims were later identified as Asherey Ryan and her unborn son.

Dating actor Tyler Lempley

Mercedes met actor Tyler Lempley on the set of “P-Valley” in 2021, according to Essence, and started officially dating him on 14 June. They met during the chemistry reading phase of the audition process, he told WzraTV, but they got to know each other at a birthday dinner, saying that neither knew that the person celebrating their birthday was a mutual friend. Moreover, Tyler revealed to HipHollywood that they ‘had vibes about each other for some time before they made it official.’

The pregnancy rumors began circulating in early 2022, and the couple confirmed them in May. They hosted a cowboy-themed baby shower in July; a few close friends and family members attended, and said that Miracle’s hometown inspired the theme. The decoration included bandanas, cowboy hats, and a rustic horse-themed venue with ‘watering hole’ signs and wooden fences. Unsurprisingly, the guests ate Southern-inspired cuisine.

Miracle also revealed to Sheen MagazineTV that her favorite part of Tyler’s body is his eyebrows, and wrote in an Instagram post that he showed her that real love still exists, and courting and chivalry aren’t dead. Tyler said that she made him a much better person and that her ambition and drive motivated him daily. He was candid, and admitted that he thought that she was much more superficial but quickly discovered the depth of her character. Tyler also found that Miracle slept longer than he expected. Contrarily, he wasn’t surprised that she was a great cook; he predicted it based on her family dynamics and hometown.

Having a son

Their child, son Xi Leì Lepley, was born in September 2022, but Miracle announced the birth in October. The Shade Room received an exclusive picture and a video of Xi from a vacation in Bermuda. The proud parents also showed Xi’s nursery at home. On 20 October, Miracle wrote on Instagram that she thought about not posting pictures until she got closer to her pre-pregnancy physique, but ultimately decided to ‘keep it real’, writing that ‘not every woman snaps back without hard work, and that she wouldn’t feel authentic if she hid who she is today because she wasn’t perfect.’ Tyler posted in April 2023 to affirm her change, writing, ‘Today is wifey appreciation day. Give them a little 360, girl; we talkin’ about the most beautiful girl in the world.’ He also thanked her for the sacrifice that she took to bring their son into the world.

Who is Tyler Lepley?

Tyler Lepley is an American actor ,born on 24 March 1987, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA. His stepfather helped his mother raise him since he was six. Tyler was teased in school for being the only biracial kid, as he has Jamaican and Italian ancestry. That failed to dissuade his ambition; he was an athlete while he attended Central Bucks High School West in Doylestown, played football and basketball, ran track and did karate. Tyler made his acting debut by playing Detective Dave in the 2012 movie “Dirty People”, and Gym Guy in an episode of “92010” the same year. However, he was best known for his regular roles in “P-Valley” as Diamond since 2020, and “Harlem” as Ian starting in 2021. Tyler remains passionate about working out in the gym, according to an Instagram video by personal trainer Coach Keje in August 2021, in which he trained with Miracle.

Tyler was a father

Miracle wrote in early July 2022 on Instagram, ‘Stay motivated, stay consistent. I’m finna be a mama or whatever. I gotta buy some milk; I got kids to feed, so I just can’t give up.’ Using kids instead of kid wasn’t a typing error; her fans discovered that Tyler was already a father of two, Leo and Jade, with his ex-girlfriend April King, according to The Shade Room. Some fans noticed this, and Miracle replied that she has three children, although her biological son wasn’t born yet.

April King, a talent agent for ICM Partners (Independent Creative Management) literary and talent agency, was agitated by the wording. April commented on her post, ‘You do? You have met Leo twice and Jade once; they are not your children!’ Miracle responded that she would never try to fill your shoes as a mother and that, as a woman and mother, April should be thankful that someone wants to embrace her children and include them as family. At the end, Miracle reminded April that she has her phone number, implying that she wants to handle things privately. She also accused April of using fake profiles to comment online and denied the rumors that Tyler became engaged to April, and cheated on April with her. reported that Tyler might have broken up with April in July, a month after he started dating Miracle. Additionally, he spent time at a bachelor pad in downtown Los Angeles when he wasn’t with April and their children in the family home in Sherman Oaks, California. Tyler clarified to The Shade Room in February 2023 that April was his girlfriend, not his fiancé.

Rumored fling with Diddy

In early April 2021, Miracle Watts commented ‘GEEZZZZ!’ followed by heart-eye emojis on one of rapper Puff Daddy’s Instagram pictures, in which he is swimming and flaunting his buff upper body. Sean Love Combs, also known as P. Diddy or Diddy, captioned that picture with ‘Welcome to the LOVE ERA.’ News websites such as jumped to conclusions and reported that Miracle could no longer stay silent. They noted that the rumors started about a month before, when Miracle was part of Diddy’s entourage during his vacation with fellow rapper DJ Khaled. Moreover, two drink choices at Miracle’s 28th birthday party were from brands Cîroc and DeLeón Tequila, which Diddy co-owned or marketed, according to HotNewHipHop.

Rumored affair with Rich the Kid

In March 2018, the Instagram account of rapper Rich the Kid posted a screenshot of a text message from 12 March, allegedly from Rich to Miracle. In it, Rich asked Miracle about her Louis Vuitton shoe size, and confirmed that he had purchased them. In the description, Rich’s wife, who is known for her @ttladyluscious social media accounts, wrote that she was behind the post, and that Rich had been having an affair with social media personalities Tori Brixx, India Love, Miracle, and Blacc Chyna. She also noted that he lives with her and their two children, making his affairs more insulting.

Rumored ex-boyfriend August Alsina

In 2015, Miracle became good friends and potentially dated August Alsina, an R&B and hip-hop recording artist who performed at the Wireless Festival with Drake that year. He broke into the industry in 2011, released his notable EP (extended play) album, “Downtown: Life Under the Gun,” in August 2013, and his first album, “Testimony” in April 2014.

Their relationship remains unconfirmed, but August told in November 2015 that Mercedes told him, after spending a week and a half together, that he has different personalities and is sometimes absent mentally. He admitted that he was all over the place and implied with a facial gesture that they were intimate when she told him that. Other hints included Miracle posting a picture of August with roses and in boxers in a private setting to Instagram. According to unreliable sources, they broke up in May 2016.

Dating Hasan Suliman

Miracle reportedly dated Hasan Suliman from 2012 to 2013. Hasan founded Powered by Facet, which operated Faced Studios that she signed with. However, their relationship happened before she became a public figure, so details remain vague.

Physical characteristics

Miracle Watts has black hair and dark brown eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs about 160lbs (72kgs); her shoe size is US 9. She has several tattoos – in her Instagram posts, the ones that stand out are a star on her left breast, a large design based on hearts across her left thigh, the word ‘Numb‘ on her left wrist, and the sentence, ‘A prayer for the world; hearts kept in cages’ on her left forearm. Miracle also revealed the story behind one of her wrist tattoos on Instagram she got the word ‘thrive’ tattooed after watching the “Naked & Afraid” television show about two people surviving on a remote island, which coincided with her moving to a different city.

Net worth

Miracle Watts has a net worth of $2 million. She gained her initial wealth as an exotic dancer in Texas, then started several businesses in the beauty, wellness, and tourism industries. Moreover, Miracle has also promoted over a dozen brands on her Instagram account, including Pretty Melanin, SKIN KINI, Fashion Nova, and SKIMS, and can monetize her YouTube channel, @miraclewatts00, on which she has over 86,000 subscribers.

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