Justin Bieber’s Sister, Allie Bieber: Age, Father, Wiki, TikTok

Allie Bieber, also known as Allie Rebelo, emerges as a notable Canadian personality and celebrity offspring, gaining recognition as the step-sister of the renowned Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Beyond her familial association, Allie has carved a distinct presence for herself in the realm of social media, showcasing her individuality and talent apart from the immense fame of her brother. Join us in delving deeper into the intriguing personality of Allie Bieber.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 7 April 2007, in Ontario Canada, Allie is a Stratford native, having spent the majority of her life in this Canadian city.

Allie’s parents are Chelsey and Jeremy Bieber; it’s important to note that Allie is Justin Bieber’s step-sister, as Chelsey is not his biological mother. Justin has three half-siblings who come from his father’s marriages to Erin Wagner and Chelsey Rebelo. They are Jazmyn and Jaxon Bieber, as well as Allie.

While Allie is Justin’s step-sister and Chelsey’s daughter, information regarding her biological father is not readily available.

Despite her strong ties to Stratford, Allie is no stranger to travel, frequently journeying to various locations worldwide to visit her well-known brother and mother.

Although she’s got a very publicly known family, her childhood isn’t something we’re all privy to. We know who she and her family are, but we don’t really know what they get up to behind closed doors and away from the limelight.


Allie has finished her school studies. During her high school years, she found joy and camaraderie in playing sports such as soccer and basketball. Her athletic and active nature made these activities not only a source of physical engagement but also a means to socialize and relish her time at school alongside friends.

Beyond the realm of sports, she channels her interests into dance and painting during her leisure hours, showcasing a well-rounded and expressive approach to her free time.


Allie is a content creator who stands as a go-to authority for the latest news and trends in fashion, particularly catering to young girls through the content she shares on social media. Fans gain insights into her distinctive style not only through her own posts but also through glimpses captured by her mother and father on their social media accounts.

To carefully navigate her burgeoning career and uphold a positive social media image, Allie’s parents have assumed responsibility for managing her social media channels. This strategic decision reflects a mindful approach, acknowledging the challenges that individuals, especially those connected to celebrities, may face, including issues like bullying, depression, or even thoughts of self-harm.

In addition to her prowess in the realm of fashion, Allie shares another talent with her family, as a singer. The musical inclination appears to be a shared trait, evident in the collaboration between Allie and her famous brother. They’ve recorded some songs together, raising the possibility that these compositions might one day be released to the public, offering fans a taste of Allie’s musical abilities.

Earning fame as part of the Bieber family comes with its share of challenges, particularly for a figure like Justin Bieber, who boasts a substantial following of young fans. However, a notable shift may occur, as Allie has successfully finished high school, potentially altering the dynamics of her public image.

In a testament to her close ties with all her family members, particularly her sister Jazmyn, the youngster once co-hosted Jazmyn’s YouTube channel during their younger years. This collaborative effort not only highlights their sibling bond, but also underscores the genuine friendship that exists between the two.

Interesting Facts

Beyond her love of sports, she channels her interests into dance and painting during her leisure hours, showcasing a well-rounded and expressive approach to her free time.

Allie loves TikTok as much as other girls her age, so it really comes as no surprise that one of her videos managed to go viral. The video features her, Justin, Hailey, Jazmyn, and Bay dancing to the muso Drake’s “Tootsie Slide.” They all nailed the dance perfectly, which is probably why the video was such a hit.

Later Personal Life

Allie’s still young so there isn’t much to report for her ‘later’ life. There’s sure to be lots more to talk about in the future, though!

Physical Characteristics

Allie is still growing, but currently she’s about 5ft 3ins (160cms) tall and weighs roughly 95lbs (43kgs). She had dark brown eyes and blonde hair.

Net Worth

Since Allie is still just a kid, she doesn’t have a net worth to report on. In the future, though, it’s possible she’ll attain some wealth, perhaps not as much as Justin’s reputed wealth of close to $300 million.A

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