Meet Mia Ortega: The Future Nurse and Social Media Influencer

For some, Mia Ortega may be living in her sister’s shadow, but she’s actually a budding star all on her own. As the older sister of Jenna Ortega, this young woman has the same genes that make her a notable beauty, but unlike her famous sister, Mia took a completely different direction with her career. Instead of pursuing fame and fortune, Mia decided to become a nurse. Many of her fans are still in the dark about who she really is, and if you’re one of those fans, or just want to know more about Mia, join us as we get to know her a bit better.

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Early Personal Life

Mia Ortega was born in California on 15 May 2000, under the zodiac sign of Taurus, and proudly holds American nationality. Mia was raised in Southern California’s Coachella Valley, alongside her two sisters and two brothers.

Her siblings are Isaac, born in 1998, Mariah, born in 1999, Jenna, who arrived in 2002, and the youngest pair, Aaliyah and Markus, who are twins born in 2004.

In general, the Ortegas like to keep their private lives out of the spotlight. Although Jenna has shared some tidbits with her fans and the world, the kind of childhood that Mia had is still not really public knowledge.


Mia hasn’t revealed much about her education, but since Jenna attended Amelia Earhart Elementary School and John Glenn Middle School it’s possible her other siblings went there as well. It’s unclear whether or not Mia is already a registered nurse, or if she’s still finishing her studies.


Mia is a carer at heart, and that’s why she decided to become a nurse. We don’t know much about her career as of yet, but it’s likely that she’s working hard and making patients feel a lot better.

Interesting Facts

Sadly we don’t know anything interesting about Mia since she’s so private. Her sister, Jenna started her acting journey in 2012, marking her debut with a minor role in the short-lived television sitcom “Rob.” She also made a memorable guest appearance in “CSI: NY,” a spin-off of the widely popular “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

Jenna’s silver screen debut occurred in “Iron Man 3” in which she had a minor role as the American vice-president’s daughter. After this, Jenna secured a role in the acclaimed television series “Jane the Virgin”, in which she skilfully portrayed the younger version of the show’s title character.

Subsequently, she graced the big screen with her presence in films such as “The Little Rascals Save the Day”, and “After Words”. Additionally, Jenna ventured into the realm of streaming content with her role in the Netflix series “Richie Rich”.

However, it was her role as Harley Diaz in the Disney sitcom “Stuck in the Middle” that catapulted Jenna into the spotlight, taking Mia and the rest of the Ortega family to new heights of popularity. After this, Jenna’s career continued to flourish, and she landed roles in many well-known TV shows and movies, such as “You”, “The Babysitter: Killer Queen”, “Scream”, “Studio 666”, “X”, “American Carnage”, and “Scream VI”.

Later Personal Life

Mia is currently in a relationship, although she’s chosen to keep her boyfriend’s name confidential for the time being. She’s shared a handful of images of the two of them on her Instagram profile, mainly featured in her stories. Furthermore, Mia has thoughtfully made these pictures part of her profile’s story highlights.

The couple enjoyed some special moments together, including attending their college prom and a fun visit to Disneyland as a couple’s date. During these outings, they shared images of matching shoes and donned outfits that reflected their affection for each other. It’s quite evident that they’re content in their relationship, as Mia was present to celebrate her beloved’s graduation.

There may be a possibility of her revealing more about their relationship in the days to come. Her ever-growing Instagram following of almost 50,000 eagerly anticipates any updates she might choose to share.

Physical Characteristics

Mia stands at 5ft 7ins (170cms) tall and weighs about 143lbs (65kgs). She has lovely long brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

It’s hard to tell exactly how much Mia’s net worth is, given how privately she lives, but according to reports, it’s estimated to be close to $2 million, as of late 2023.

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