Meet Sarah Caldeira: From Instagram Model to TikTok Sensation

Sarah Caldeira

The Instagram and OnlyFans model Sarah Caldeira, known online as “Sarah Illustrates”, was born on 16th February 1991, in California, USA, and has amassed a following of millions thanks to her couple TikTok channel and other content.

The brunette is known for her impressive physique, standing at 5ft 4ins (162cms) and reportedly weighing just 121lbs (55kgs). Over the years, she has also undergone various plastic surgery procedures such as a breast augmentation. However, the Californian – who is of German, Mexican and English descent – works hard to maintain her body with frequent exercise sessions and a healthy lifestyle.

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Sarah’s most successful platform by far is TikTok. The @alexillustrates account, which is run by the brunette and her husband Alex Caldeira, boasts over 1.4 million followers and 30 million likes at the time of writing. Several of their short videos have reached over 10 million views, proving that the couple’s comedy content is enormously popular.

It seems that Alex and Sarah do just about everything together, as both are also active on the internet subscription service OnlyFans. The contrast between their light-hearted TikTok videos and their explicit content might appear strange to some, but as it happens, it was entirely intentional on the couple’s behalf.

Just like thousands of social media influencers, Sarah and Alex’s journey to online fame began in 2020. ‘The pandemic happened, and my husband and I were literally bored at home, and we started doing Tik Tok and it like, blew up,’ Sarah explained during an hour-long solo interview with podcaster Alexis Texas. Alex joined the platform in late 2019, and the couple began taking TikTok seriously as a revenue stream from March 2020 onwards).

According to Sarah, she always wanted to work in the adult industry, but wasn’t sure about how to get her foot in the door. Alex was wholly supportive, and not only encouraged his wife to join OnlyFans in December 2020, but soon began participating as well.

Having started off with lingerie pictures to test the waters and see how much money she could make, Sarah slowly progressed to more revealing content. A year into OnlyFans, she and Alex uploaded their first sex tape, and the brunette recalled feeling ‘a huge rush of anxiety’ when her husband – who is in charge of editing all their content – posted the video for the world to see. However, the anxiety soon passed and gave way to excitement.

As Sarah and Alex began earning more and more money, they began branching out and collaborating with other adult content creators. According to Sarah, she and Alex have always been big communicators who make sure to be on the same page regarding important matters, and neither are insecure about what their partner does.

In fact, the Californian revealed on Alexis’ podcast that she had been encouraging Alex to do his first solo scene – for now, all of his adult videos feature himself with his wife and another woman, or just himself with his wife. ‘We don’t have a jealous bone in our body,’ Sarah joked. ‘I try to be jealous, I just can’t do it!’


Sarah and Alex have been together since 2009, and prior to their online fame, Alex was a videographer and photographer who went by the handle “Alex Illustrates”, which Sarah adopted when she joined TikTok. Although Sarah didn’t want to take the name on at first, it grew on her soon enough – and as it happens, she does draw and do art from time to time.

Many fans of the couple are curious to know how they met, and Sarah recently revealed that they got to know each other while working at a micro-brewery. Within just a few months, the professional relationship between the pair turned personal, as Alex went from her boss to boyfriend.

It appears that they continued to work together at the same micro-brewery until ten years later, when Alex made a solo account on TikTok and gained 18,000 followers overnight. Sarah, who was initially skeptical about joining the platform and thought it was for teenagers, soon followed his lead. After uploading a particularly humorous skit which sees Alex boss his wife around at work, the couple reached 500,000 followers, and began considering a full-time content creator career.

However, Sarah also confessed that the couple are now finding it hard to upload frequently on TikTok, due to its ever-changing guidelines, so it’s possible that they will be phasing out their skit videos and tongue-in-cheek humor in order to invest more time in their OnlyFans.

Regarding the social media sensation’s family, Sarah is an only child with no close living relatives. Although she didn’t go into any further details, the brunette revealed that her parents and grandparents were all deceased, and explained that she had no qualms about joining the adult industry because she felt that she didn’t have to give anybody any explanations. According to Sarah, her and Alex’s close friends were by no means surprised when they joined OnlyFans, as they had always been a liberal couple.


Despite her bubbly and outgoing persona, Sarah is in fact a sensitive soul who at times finds it hard to cope with the online criticism she often receives. One of her biggest pet peeves is when netizens mock her husband, or ask if he approves of her career; however, as time passes and her platform grows bigger, she is learning how to navigate the online hate.

Due to her main Instagram account being flagged on various occasions, the Californian has created two backups, @sarahfunworld and @sarahfunlife. Most of her skits feature herself and Alex, but she also does comedy content with friends from time to time.

While discussing any new and exciting things that had happened in their lives recently, Sarah gushed about moving to Los Angeles. According to the adult star, the move was strictly for work reasons, as all the content creators the couple wanted to collaborate with were based there. Although Alex and Sarah’s net worths are not public knowledge, the husband-wife team are clearly doing well for themselves, as their new home boasts a beautiful swimming pool and other expensive features.

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