Merrick Hanna’s from “AGT” Wiki: Age, Height, Parents, Family, School

• Merrick Hanna is a dancer and actor who gained fame through his performances on the TV show “America’s Got Talent” Season 1•
• He started dancing at a young age and posted his performances on YouTube.
• He has also appeared in other TV shows and performed in theater plays.
• Merrick’s family consists of his parents, his younger brother Sagan and his grandmother Judith.
• He attends school, and has expressed the desire to follow engineering as a career path.

Who is Merrick Hanna?

Merrick William Hanna received worldwide fame through his performances as a contestant in the Season 12 of “America’s Got Talent” show, receiving multiple standing ovations from the judges, and engendered a large following of fans of all ages, although he was eliminated from the show during the second week of semi-finals.

Merrick Hanna was born on 22 March 2005, in Encinitas, California USA. He started dancing at a very young age, mostly watching through dance videos on YouTube. He subsequently posted his dances on YouTube, and a few went viral in popularity when he was as young as 10 years old. Before he appeared in “America’s Got Talent” Season 12, he auditioned for the show twice and didn’t make it. He also appeared in a few more TV shows, including “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation”, and “Lip Sync Battle Shorties” on Nickelodeon.

Merrick has experience in theater acting as well, being a performer in Shakespeare’s plays “A Winter’s Tale” and “Much Ado about Nothing” with the Intrepid Theater Company. He also worked as a child model for ad campaigns by a few national brands, including GAP Kids, Honda and H&M.

Merrick Hanna’s AGT Journey

Merrick performed a “flo-bot” style dance to the song “I built a friend” by Alec Benjamin in the first round of “America’s Got Talent” auditions. and was sent to the Judge Cuts round with four “yes” votes. Simon Cowell and Mel B particularly admired his creativity and his expressions that added further value to his performance. During the Judge Cuts round, Hanna danced to “Something Wild” by Lindsey Stirling and Andrew McMaho, and got further standing ovations from Simon Cowell and Mel B. and qualified for the Quarter Finals.

He elevated his performance with a stunning choreography to a cover of the song “Long Boy” during the Quarter Finals round, receiving standing ovations again from the two mentioned judges.

During the Semi-Finals round, he danced to “iRobot” by Jon Bellion, incorporating special effects that made it look like he was flying during one part of the performance, however, the judges did not respond very positively to his performance, and only Mel B gave him a standing ovation, so he was eliminated at this stage.

Height Details of Merrick Hanna

His current height is 5ft 1.5ins, or 1.48m.

Merrick Hanna’s post-AGT life

After his “America’s Got Talent” journey ended, Merrick kept himself busy with his education and formal learning of professional dancing. He studies under several studios, and regularly features in commercials both as a model and a dancer. Living in California, he is exposed to many opportunities to further his career as a dancer, and also many professional dancers and studios that he can learn from. He is also still close to his YouTube roots, calling YouTubers Boogie Frantick, J Smooth and Fikshun to be his inspirations.

He is active on social media too, with over 600,000 followers to his Instagram profile. He regularly posts about his performances, and shares his everyday life with his fans.

Who are Merrick Hanna’s Parents?

Merrick Hanna’s parents are Shawn and Aletha Hanna. They have always been supportive of his efforts, which seem very likely to lead to a career as a freestyle dancer, an actor, and a model. The parent’s decision to let Merrick follow his passion by learning freestyle dancing from YouTube and doing their best to help him live his dream was what led the talented young dancer become so successful, at just 13 years of age. In every TV show and performance, you can see Merrick Hanna’s parents close by, with his younger sibling cheering him on.

Merrick Hanna’s Family

Merrick Hanna’s family consists of his parents, his younger brother Sagan Hanna and his grandmother Judith Hanna – who regularly came to his TV performances – and who have been a huge inspiration to him as a dancer. At 80 years of age, Judith Hanna reportedly takes dance lessons four days a week, showing her grandchildren the way one should commit to learning a talent regardless of age.

What is Merrick Hanna’s School?

There are no clear public mentions about the school that Merrick attends. In his interviews, he has told the media that his parents always make sure that he keeps his dancing practices and education in balance. He also has a personal tutor who helps him catch up with school work when he is also busy with his budding career. Hanna trains in a variety of dance studios including YMCA, Evolution Dancer Center and Culture Shock, but has actually expressed the desire to follow engineering as a career path, apart from his dancing.

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