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• Michael Provost is a actor born in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia with a net worth of $400,000.
• He has worked on various projects such as "Shameless" (2011), "Ender's Game" (2013) and "Reality High" (2017).
• In 2018 he starred in the Netflix television series "Insatiable" which sparked controversy due to its promotion of fat shaming.
• In his free time he likes to do physical activities such as biking and mountain climbing.
• He is active on social media, with nearly a million followers on Instagram.

Who is Michael Provost?

Michael Provost was born on 24 January 1998, in Atlanta, Georgia USA, and is an actor, best known for appearing in the Netflix film entitled “#REALITYHIGH”. He also gained popularity for his role in the Netflix television series “Insatiable”, which began airing in 2018.

The Wealth of Michael Provost

How rich is Michael Provost? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $400,000, earned through a successful career in acting. He’s worked alongside various high profile actors, and as he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Acting Beginnings

Very little is known about Michael’s family and his childhood, but he is of Irish, Scottish and French Canadian descent, and grew up with two older and two younger brothers. One of his earliest acting projects was in 2011’s “Shameless”, appearing in a support role during one of its seasons. The show is set on the South Side of Chicago, and follows the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, who spends most of his days drunk or searching for misadventures.

Michael Provost

Two years later he worked as the acting double of Asa Butterfield in the 2013 film “Ender’s Game”, appearing alongside Harrison Ford and Hailee Steinfeld. The film is based on the 1984 novel of the same name by Orson Scott Card, and follows the story of an unusually gifted child who is sent to a military academy in outer space to prepare for a future alien invasion. The film was only barely successful at the box office, gaining $125.5 million on a $115 million budget.

Rise to Fame

He started to gain more opportunities, but it took him a few years before he was cast in more prominent roles. In 2017, Provost appeared in a few episodes of the series “Chance” alongside Hugh Laurie; the show is based on the Kem Nunn book of the same name, and aired for two seasons, following the life of a forensic neuropsychiatrist who is pulled into the life of his patient. Afterwards his popularity increased significantly when he was cast in the film “Reality High” which gained a lot of good reviews being compared to films such as “Mean Girls”. The film follows the story of an overachieving high school girl who competes against a social media-obsessed classmate to gain the attention of a guy they like. Other stars of the film include Keith Powers, Nesta Cooper, Anne Winters, and Jake Borelli.


After “Reality High”, Michael got another opportunity for a Netflix project, this time in the TV series entitled “Insatiable”, starring Debby Ryan and based on The New York Times article called “The Pageant King of Alabama”. The show follows a teenager who is constantly bullied due to being overweight. After a freak accident, she was forced onto a liquid diet which drastically changes her physical appearance. Now thinner, she aims to seek revenge on her bullies, deciding to work with an obsessed beauty pageant coach to become a beauty pageant queen. The show was originally set to appear on The CW but they decided not to pick it up, leading it to be acquired by Netflix

Prior to the release of the show, an online petition was released calling for its cancellation due to its tendency to promote fat shaming. The show’s creator defended the show, stating that it was based on her own experiences. After the release of the series, it gained a lot of negative reviews due to its stereotyping and bad social commentary, with many high profile critics stating that the show wasn’t funny, and was filled with bad jokes. Other critics who were suffering from weight problems also called the show insulting and lazy, with many apparently insulted at the fact that they hired an actress to wear a fat suit just for the role; the community is very sensitive against these types of moves. Despite that, the show continues to air, and is set for a second season in 2019.


Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, not much is known about Provost’s romantic relationships, if any. Many sources state that he is single and likely not yet interested in a romantic relationship as he is still young, focused on his acting career. During his free time, he enjoys doing a lot of physical activities, often biking and mountain climbing as evident in his online activity.

Similar to numerous actors, he is highly active online through accounts on major social media websites including Instagram on which he shares a lot of personal photos, often travelling and doing various physical activities. He also has an interest in history and the arts, often posting historical facts and art events through his account. He has gained nearly a million followers online, many apparently thanks to his physical appearance – many of the comments on his photos are about his looks or how many people are attracted to him. Despite his growing fame, he has not yet reached a similar level of fame to other mainstream actors, and time will tell if he will have an acting project that will be more of a breakthrough role.

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