Ralph Tresvant’s Wife Amber Tresvant: Wiki Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Affairs

• Amber Tresvant is the wife of R&B singer Ralph Tresvant
• She was born in Los Angeles, California and is a Gemini
• Amber is an actress, virtual artist, visual art designer and has a solo album
• She and Ralph married in 2004 and have a son, Dakari, and Ralph has three children from a previous marriage
• Amber is not linked to any affairs or scandals, though there were rumors of her and Ralph splitting two years ago.

A very few celebrities can brag about the fact that their fans are always on their side, for better or worse. Ralph Tresvant, lead singer of “New Edition,” is one of those who can claim that for sure, although his biggest fan is now his loving spouse. She has come a long way from a teenage girl who admires “New Edition”, to the official wife of the R’n’B star. Meet Amber Tresvant, maiden name Serrano.

Amber Tresvant

Amber Tresvant’s Wiki Bio

Amber is a true representative of the Gemini zodiac, passionate about her career and devoted to her family. It is known that she was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 29 May 1976.  Amber’s parents were engineers, too busy with their careers, so that they didn’t devote much time to their children, and had a lot of disagreements. They separated when Amber was only eight years old, so she, her older brother and younger sister went with their mom.

Her mother was a hard-working woman who was trying to provide her kids with a good life, so in fact Amber’s grandparents raised her, but she has a special bond with her sister and brother. After a few years her mom remarried, and after initial issues, Amber is now on good terms with her stepdad.

Physical Characteristics of Ralph Tresvant’s Wife

Amber Tresvant is glowing with her looks and attitude, and seems much younger than 43. This attractive woman has almost the ideal body measurements – she’s 5 ‘7 ” tall (about 170 cm) and weighs about 120 lbs (55 kg). She has dark brown eyes and curly black hair that she dyes in brown shades.

Amber Tresvant and Ralph Tresvant

Education and Career

Amber’s professions are virtual artist and visual art designer. She is the owner of the Divine Inner Vision agency, which brings solid earnings. She showed an interest and talent for art from an early age, and during her education she was a member of many school sections dealing with handicrafts and fine arts. During her vacations, she worked in a local store of handicraft goods.

Amber also has other talents; she appeared in an episodic role in the popular comedy “House Party,” besides which she played a role in the biographical documentary about her husband’s music group, entitled “The New Edition Story.”

Apart from acting, it seems like Amber has a beautiful voice too. She recorded a solo album soon after she married Ralph Tresvant, but it didn’t attract the audience. She also sang two soundtrack songs for movies “Money Can Not Buy You Love” and “Somebody Bigger than You and I.”

Amber’s Personal Life

Anonymous girl Amber Serrano stepped into the world of celebrities after she married Ralph Tresvant, famous pop singer from the ‘90s. Amber met her now spouse when she was only 13, then a curly black-haired girl who admired the New Edition group, and especially its lead singer, Ralph Tresvant. Who would say that destiny would reunite them a few years later?

At a time when Amber and Ralph met again, this R’n’B singer was married with his love from school days, Shelly. They welcomed three kids, and have recently become grandparents, with their oldest daughter giving birth to a boy. As both Ralph and Shelly had issues (he was a playboy, and she was a drug addict), they just didn’t make it, and separated in 1996 after Shelly alleged his numerous affairs.


Media Claimed Amber Was a Culprit for Ralph’s Divorce

Nowadays, Amber Tresvant is not interesting for the media, as she lives an apparently peaceful and relaxing life with her husband and teenage son, but back then, the media rumor was that Amber was actually the main reason for the divorce of Ralph and Shelly.

Amber and the singer met again a few years later, and started a relationship, although Ralph was still officially married. After the divorce, they finally stepped out in public. Ralph and Amber Tresvant became husband and wife on 18 September 2004, after being in a harmonious relationship for more than eight years, in a grandiose double wedding ceremony, with the other couple being Ralph’s best friend and colleague from the group, Ricky Bell, and his lady, Amy Corea.

How Many Kids Amber Has?

Amber Tresvant has a son named Dakari, from her marriage with Ralph, who’s 14 years old now. Besides, she’s a step-mom to Ralph’s children from his marriage with Shelly, daughters Na’Quelle and Mariah, and son Ralph Tresvant Jr.

Amber Tresvant’s Affairs and Scandals

Amber is not a person who wants to get into the media no matter what. She’s not too active on social networks, except when it comes to her profession. That is why you can’t link her name with affairs and scandals, but you can find some of her artwork on Instagram and Pinterest.

Two years ago, there were some suspicion that she and Ralph are not together anymore, caused by a single Amber post on the social network – apparently, her photo without a wedding ring started all those rumors. However, Amber and her husband never confirmed this talk, and it seems that the Tresvant family is happier than ever.

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