Steven Ray Tickle from “Moonshiners” Wiki: Net Worth, Daughter, Wife, Death, Family, Height

• Steven Ray Tickle was born on November 30th, 1976, in Virginia, USA.
• He is best known for his role in the American docudrama TV show 'Moonshiners' and its sequel 'Tickle'.
• Tickle is also a classified carpenter and built the popular Clyde’s Restaurant in the Washington Metropolitan Area.
• He was arrested in 2013 and 2015 for drunkenness and illegal possession of a firearm, respectively.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $500,000 and he has a daughter named Daisy Tickle.

Who is Steven Ray Tickle?

Born Steven Ray Tickle – or just ‘Tickle’ – was born on 30th November 1976, in Virginia, USA, now aged 41 years old. Tickle, was thrown into the limelight by ‘Moonshiners in 2013, an American docudrama TV show featured on the Discovery Channel. The show is about people involved in the manufacture of illicit drink, and in which a man named Tim Smith is the ‘most wanted moonshiner’, while Tickle serves as his partner in crime.

The success of this show and his success too, brought on board the sequel, ‘Tickle’ also featured on Discovery Channel. Funnily enough, this was not Tickle’s first career, or choice. Besides this, Steven Tickle is a classified carpenter, recognized for building the popular Clyde’s Restaurant located in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Carpentry is a skill he enjoyed and traded in long before his TV career began.

Steven Ray Tickle’s Political Ambitions

Buoyed by the success and fame he has gathered through the TV Series, Tickle at one point nursed political ambitions, with his eyes set for the US Congress. In 2015 he considered running against U.S Representative Robert Hurt in south Virginia, wanting to be amongst the law makers, but this was somehow a long shot and out of reach for him, some kind of wild dream, which never came to pass, partly because of his run-in with the law.

Tickle’s Run-in with the Law; Dead?

Steven Ray Tickle hasn’t always had smooth sailing, especially in the public eye, having been arrested in 2013 for drunkenness, so he has enjoyed media attention for all the wrong reasons; according to a complaint filed by a citizen, Tickle apparently drank from an open container at a parking lot. In 2015 he was arrested again, and charged with illegal possession of a firearm; his three year jail term was suspended, but he was later thrown into prison for five months having violated his probation. At one point, it was even rumored that Steven Ray Tickle was dead after an accident, but clarified later that the rumor might have generated from some his actions.

How much could Steven Ray Tickle be worth Today?

From his debut in the 3rd season of “Moonshiners” alone, Tickle is believed to have earned over $1 million. From the Show “Tickle” it is estimated that Tickle earned an annual salary of $175,000. These significant earnings, however, are not the only sources of his net worth. Tickle is also an accomplished carpenter who built one of the popular food joints in Verizon Center in downtown Washington called ‘Clyde’s’ Restaurant. So, authoritative sources estimate that his net worth is over $500,000 as of late 2018.

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Steven Ray Tickle, Family Life, Married, Wife

Over and above his fame and net worth, Steven’s family life has been shrouded in mystery. The little that is in the public domain, however, indicates that Tickle was born to his mother Louise Eileen Tickle, and now lives in rural Pittsylvania County, Virginia, while working in Gretna. Little is revealed about his father, but it’s claimed that Tickle’s seeking refuge in drugs was as a result of his father’s illness, which took a toll on him as a young person. However, Tickle pulled himself together, and quit the habits that would have ruined him, and indulged in his career doing what he loves most. On being hitched, Tickle has kept his mouth shut, even though fans would love to hear that Steven has got someone close to his heart to share his life with, but seems to enjoy his single life at the moment. However, Tickle does have a doting daughter named Daisy Tickle, currently 17 years of age.

Steven Ray Tickle Media Popularity, Interesting Facts

Steven Ray Tickle’s personal life has largely remained a mystery, and the fact that he is tight lipped about it makes it even harder for his fans and followers to keep tabs on the goings on around him. Very little is known about his father, or wife and love life if any, or if he is in a relationship or intends to get hitched.

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