Vladimir Putin’s daughter Mariya Putina Wiki: Net Worth, Boyfriend Jorrit Faassen, Children, Height, Married

• Mariya Vladimirovna Putina was born under the star sign of Taurus, on 28th April 1985
• She was educated at the private German School in Moscow and graduated from the St. Petersburg University and Moscow State Linguistic University
• Mariya is involved in medical research in her homeland, and is a PhD candidate in endocrinology
• She is in a long-term relationship with her Dutch businessman boyfriend, Jorrit Faassen
• Mariya’s net worth is estimated at around $3.5 million

Vladimir Putin, the Russian head of state, is a man sometimes shrouded in mystery – a lot of details from his private life are kept away from the public eye. The same can be said about his daughters, and most people do not even know about the existence of Mariya or Katerina. Luckily, we are here for you, and we have done our homework and discovered everything you need to know about Mariya Putina’s bio, relationships, net worth, education, and so on.

Childhood years

Mariya Vladimirovna Putina was born under the star sign of Taurus, on 28th April 1985, in the former Leningrad, which is now Saint Petersburg, and she was named after her father’s mother. Just like most other girls with the same name in Russia, she was given a nickname while she was still a young girl – her friends and family called her Masha. Mariya also has a younger sister, Katerina Tikhonovna, who is nowadays a professional acrobatic dancer. According to various media reports, Putin’s daughters always got on well with each other, but their shielded childhood was certainly different from that of most other childrens’ experience of life.


Being the oldest daughter of the Russian president, Mariya must have felt a great responsibility to perform well in school, and it seems that she justified all those expectations. Of course, Mariya could not attend  ‘normal’ public school due to safety reasons, which is why she was  educated at the private German School in Moscow. Upon finishing her high school education, she enrolled at the St. Petersburg University, and graduated with a major in International Economics. Additionally, Mariya graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University.

Mariya Putina


Over the years, Mariya probably heard a lot of petty comments on how she ould not need to work a day in her life, as her father is so powerful and wealthy. However, it seems as though she never paid a lot of attention to such remarks, and she has been actively involved in several research projects. For instance, Mariya is a PhD candidate in endocrinology, and already a co-author of several books on this topic, having participated in five medical studies on this subject, so it’s evident that Mariya is quite involved in medical research in her homeland.

Who is Vladimir Putin?

A former KGB agent, Vladimir Putin is a highly charismatic politician, and has now been present at the top of the Russian political scene for more than twenty years. He was a prime minister of Russia for a year back in 1999, and since May 2012 – he is the President of the state, no more no less! His smirk and bright demeanor often disguise a strong and tenacious leader, and he is well-known for being a tough negotiator.

However, his private life is not as perfect as his political career seems to be. Since 2008, Putin has been strongly linked with Alina Kabaeva, a retired rhythmic gymnast, and she was even given the nickname the “First Mistress”. According to some reports, Alina was the reason for Vladimir’s divorce in 2014.

The divorce of Mariya’s parents

The reasons for the divorce of Mariya’s parents will probably stay a state secret, but a lot of media speculation focuses on Alina Kabaeva and her role in the whole mess. Either way, Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin divorced in 2014, after 31 years of marriage. Of course, Mariya was not a little girl at the time so she could understand what was going on, but a divorce is always a stressful period. Her mother Lyudmila was a flight attendant when she met Vladimir, and was the first lady of the state for several years. However, soon after the divorce in 2015, Lyudmila married Artur Ocheretny.

Is Mariya married?

As of 2018, Mariya is not married, but she is involved in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, a Dutch businessman by the name of Jorrit Faassen. He was working as an executive at “Gazprom”, a gas company owned by Putin’s government when he met Mariya. Recently, there have been some rumors about the couple having a child, but these have been dismissed. Mariya and her boyfriend lived together for a while in South Holland, in a mansion near The Hague, but they moved back to Russia after some turmoil on the political scene.

What is Mariya’s current net worth?

Since her father is the Russian President, it is clear that Mariya can lead a comfortable lifestyle. However, it is a bit challenging to determine her personal net worth, however, authoritative sources estimate Mariya’s fortune at around $3.5 million, as of late 2018.

Personal life

Mariya is rarely seen in public, and does not have any social media profiles under her real name. That is why it is not easy to find a photo of her, but a couple of her pictures went public over the years – she has blond hair and light brown eyes. Mariya also speaks Mandarin, English and German.

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