What does Tabitha Swatosh do now? Her Age, Height, Dating

Tabitha Swatosh is an American actress, model, internet personality and influencer, who gained fame on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. She’s won several beauty contests and regularly uploads story times, lip-syncs and short dance videos on her social media accounts.

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Early life, family, education

Tabitha’s journey to becoming a prominent TikTok and YouTube content creator had its roots in her early life and the strong support system of her family. Born in Lamar, Missouri, USA, on 25 August 2000, she grew up in a tight-knit household with her parents, Mathew and Stacie Swatosh, and with two younger siblings, her brother Blake and her sister Madalyn, who are also content creators on TikTok. Their collective creativity shines through as they frequently appear in each other’s TikTok videos, showcasing their shared talent and chemistry.

The Swatosh siblings, including Tabitha, have a unique advantage in having the unwavering support of their parents in pursuing their careers as content creators. This familial encouragement has undoubtedly played a significant role in their success in the world of social media.

In her early years, Tabitha went to a local high school, where her journey towards becoming a social media sensation began. After completing her high school education, she went on to further her academic pursuits, eventually graduating from Missouri State University.


Tabitha Swatosh’s career has been marked by her accomplishments as both a model and an emerging actor, making her a multi-faceted talent in the world of entertainment.

In the realm of modeling, Tabitha has achieved significant success and recognition. She’s secured titles such as Miss Missouri State University, Miss Merry Christmas 2017, Missouri Teen 2018, and Lamar Fair Queen 2018. These accolades not only reflect her physical beauty, but also her poise, intelligence and overall appeal. Winning these titles showcases her versatility and her ability to shine on various stages.

Her modeling career has extended to working with well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Dell, Sporting Goods, and YouTube’s Coachella campaign.


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Tabitha Swatosh’s foray into acting is a testament to her desire to diversify her talents. She took part in the Netflix reality TV show “Hype House,” together with other Gen Z TikTok influencers. This venture marking a significant step in her acting career. The show premiered on 7 January 2022, and while it garnered attention and fans, it also generated controversy.

Her presence on “Hype House” ended abruptly when she was kicked off the show by the producers, which left fans disappointed, as she’d become a notable presence in the show. The reason for her expulsion wasn’t initially disclosed by Tabitha herself, but the show’s producer announced that she was removed due to alleged misbehavior with other contestants and influencers.

Notably, Tabitha’s interactions with Renata Ri seemed to be a point of contention. The public reaction to her expulsion was significant, with many viewers expressing their support for Tabitha, and questioning the circumstances of her removal. Some even accused Renata of constantly provoking Tabitha, which added to the controversy.

Tabitha Swatosh’s career as a model and actor has been marked by both triumphs and challenges. As her career continues to evolve, she remains a prominent figure in the world of social media and entertainment.

Hype House

The Hype House, founded in December 2019, is a collective of young social media influencers, predominantly on TikTok and YouTube. It was created by a group of popular TikTok creators, including Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), Thomas Petrou, Daisy Keech, and Alex Warren, who came together to produce a wide variety of viral content.

The Hype House quickly gained fame for its daily uploads, spanning lip-syncing, dancing, skits, and vlogs. The group’s diverse talents and massive followings made them influential figures on social media.

In January 2022, the Hype House made its way to Netflix, with a reality show that provided a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and challenges faced by its creators. This series allowed viewers to gain deeper insights into the personalities behind the screens, and offered a glimpse of the day-to-day lives of internet sensations. Despite their remarkable success, the Hype House was not without its share of controversies and internal conflicts, with infighting and disputes among members occasionally generating headlines and public debate. The expulsion of certain members such as Tabitha further fueled speculation and discussion about the dynamics within the group.

Despite these challenges, the Hype House exemplifies the power of collaboration and the rise of Gen Z influencers in the digital world, and remains a significant player in the online content creation landscape.


Tabitha is currently in a relationship with Michael Sanzone; it’s unclear when they started dating, but fans speculate that it began in 2022, and they’ve been posting couple photos on their Instagram accounts since then. Most recently, they posted pictures of their Halloween costumes, dressing up as characters from the Disney and Pixar movie “UP”.

Her previous relationship was with Matt Ryan, but they broke up after reportedly being in a long-distance relationship.

Appearance and clothing style

Standing at 5ft 6ins (167cms) tall, and weighing about 126lbs (55kgs), she possesses a slender and graceful physique. Her brown hair and green eyes form a captivating combination, adding depth and character to her overall look.

One aspect that sets Tabitha apart is her fashion sense and clothing style. Known for her elegant taste, she consistently gravitates toward dresses and skirts in her wardrobe choices. Her preference for these clothing items highlights her feminine and sophisticated style, which resonates with her audience and complements her overall appearance.

Hobbies and interests

Beyond her thriving career as an internet personality and content creator, Tabitha is a person of diverse interests and hobbies that enrich her life and provide depth to her personality.

One of her notable hobbies is reading; she’s openly shared her love for books, including a photo holding Rupi Kaur’s book of poetry, “The Sun and Her Flowers.” This demonstrates her intellectual curiosity and a passion for delving into the world of literature, which can be a source of inspiration for her creative work.

Tabitha is also a keen traveler, who enjoys exploring places and experiencing different cultures. Travel not only broadens her horizons, but also provides a constant stream of fresh perspectives and inspiration for her content creation.

Lastly, music plays a significant role in Tabitha’s world, as it serves as a source of inspiration and expression, offering a way to unwind, escape, and fuel her creativity.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Tabitha Swatosh has achieved a commendable level of success in her career as an internet personality, model, and content creator, which has translated into an estimated net worth of close to $1 million. This financial milestone reflects not only her talent and influence, but also her ability to effectively monetize her online presence, and is testament to the lucrative opportunities available to content creators in the digital age.

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