What Happened to Dr. Brenda on “The Incredible Dr. Pol”? Is She Married? Her Net Worth, Salary, Bio, Wiki, Husband

• Dr. Brenda Grettenberger is a TV personality and veterinarian who stars on the reality show “The Incredible Dr. Pol”.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $800,000.
• She graduated from Michigan State College and started working at Pol Veterinary Services in 199•
• She was a regular cast member for the first 11 seasons of “The Incredible Dr. Pol”.
• She appears to have left the show and is known for being a private cast member.

Who is Dr. Brenda Grettenberger?

Brenda Grettenberg was born on 23 February 1967, in Eaton Rapids, Michigan USA, and is a television personality as well as a veterinarian, best known for being one of the stars of the reality television show “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. She serves as a member of the team of veterinarian Jan Pol, who is the star of the show.

The Net Worth of Dr. Brenda Grettenberger

How rich is Dr. Brenda Grettenberg? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $800,000, earned largely through a successful career in veterinary medicine, but also a significant amount from her appearances in “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life, Education, and Career

Very little is known about Dr. Brenda’s childhood, and her life before she came to study veterinary medicine. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at Michigan State College during the late-1980s, but had a bit of difficulty in looking for a job after graduating. She then discovered an ad from a local publication, which led her to being employed in a position with Pol Veterinary Services in 1992.

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger

There was a lot of adjustment at the time, and she mentioned that she experienced obstacles as a newcomer; some of the older farmers especially were not used to the idea of having a female vet. She spent the next two decades working for doctor Pol and their rural clinic. Eventually, with her boss’s fame growing, the clinic was approached by television producers in hopes of creating a television show based on their daily endeavors. She joined the cast of the show which would become “The Incredible Dr. Pol”.

The Incredible Dr. Pol

“The Incredible Dr. Pol” began airing in 2011 on Nat Geo Wild, mainly focused on Dr. Jan Pol, his employees which include Grettenberg, and Pol’s family. Their practice is located in rural Weidman, Michigan, and has been airing for two seasons a year, now up to 13 seasons through 2018. The cast of the show include Dr. Jan Pol, who was born in the Netherlands in 1942, but moved to Michigan to start his own practice, which is now one of the most active in the region, with over 22,000 clients.

He is joined by his wife Diane, who has been married to Dr. Jan for over 50 years. They have three children, all of whom are adopted. One of the producers of their show is their son Charles, who is the family’s youngest son. He was the constant sidekick of his father when he was a child and has become a constant cast member since the show began. Grettenberg initially specialized in dairy animals, but started to treat smaller animals when dairy farms in the area went into decline. She mentioned at the start of the show that she enjoys working at Pol Veterinarian Services, and wants to stay for the foreseeable future. She appears in the show alongside Dr. Emily Thomas, who originally practiced at South Carolina.

Disappearance and Possible Exit

While Dr. Brenda has been a constant presence on the show for the first 11 seasons, a lot of fans noticed that during the 12th season that she wasn’t a regular. Her name continued to appear as a part of the credits, but she was noticeably absent for several episodes. Many brushed it off as something personal and maybe she was off doing other business but the worst seemed to have been confirmed during the start of the 13th season.

She was not present in any of the episodes, and it seems that she will no longer be returning to “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. No official announcement has been made as to why she is gone or if she has already left for sure. However, inside information is that Dr. Brenda is no longer interested in making television appearances, but thi situation hasn’t been confirmed.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, not much is known about Grettenberg’s romantic relationships, if any. It has never been indicated in the show if she is married or in a relationship. Some people believe she is single and others state that she may like be just hiding her private life away from the cameras. She is known to be one of the more private cast members of the show, preferring to keep the show professional, and suffice to say that no relationship has even been hinted at.

One of the reasons why there is very limited information about her past and current endeavors is due to the lack of any online presence. She does not have any accounts on social media websites which is why there is a lot of speculation on her disappearance from the show. Many fans and clients who have met her testify to her passion and dedication to animals. Some of her video segments and a bit about her medical profile can be searched online. Videos of her can be seen on the website YouTube which mainly consists of clips taken from the show. There are no posts about her on the Nat Geo Wild official Twitter account.

Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson is currently a reporter for AffairPost based in London, United Kingdom. Prior to joining AffairPost in September 2018, she was a entertainment reporter. Olivia studied journalism at Cardiff University, graduating in 2010.

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  1. I hope Dr. Brenda returns to the show but understand having ones personal life opened for scrutiny would be or could be a major concern Dr. Brenda gives young females an excellent example that it is possible to be well educated compassionate, and well respected in her field. Dr. Brenda and Dr. Emily are a rare breed, and I only wish there could be more professionals like them to show todays students if you work hard it is possible to have your cake and eat it too. Watching Dr. Emily in her latter stages of pregnancy in a pair of overalls pulling out a baby calf makes me think of all those western bound females looking for a new and better life. I havent heard of any male counterparts who are able to do the same and not be given credit. As the phrase goes “you’ve come a long way baby” and yes Dr’s Brenda and Emily do it with class and style.

    1. Please return Dr Brenda, you have such s wealth of knowledge, and there just isn’t anyone else like you. Besides who is Dr Pol going to ask for a 2nd opinion, you seem to be the only one. Come back please. Jay S.

    2. I like Dr. Brenda even in that one particular episode when the cow died. I felt the pain from all present. I grew up on a dairy farm in Oswego County NYS. The view of the matriarch in our family was stay in the house learn to do all womanly stuff. What I enjoy about Dr. Brenda is her strong caring doesn’t take fools lightly attitude. She’s an excellent role model. Please stay on the show.

    3. Yes absolutely agree. Please re-evaluate you not being on Dr Pol. You are an inspiration to young people (girls and boys)
      You are down to earth and much appreciated by your fans🙏

    4. I really think Dr Brenda is awesome! I wish she would come back, she was so compassionate lady to all clients! I understand her wishes, but she is missed!

  2. Dr Brenda, please don’t leave the show. You add so much to the show. I know I’m not the only one to say, “I will miss you” if you leave . Come back.

  3. I love this show I think I learn all kinds of medical illness in all different kind of animals I have a Rottweiler and bull mastiff and he is my baby he is ten now and showing some heard of hearing I wish they had some way of finding out just how much my marmaduke can hear and not hear my heart hurts every day for him and eevery one keep telling me to start watching for him to get sick and die cause he’s at the age that theses dog die is that true

  4. How Dr Brenda stays with the show. That said her or anyone’s personal life is their life and people need to respect that. Love Dr Lol and all the staff Keep up the good work # 1show.

  5. Is Dr Brenda German I just thought because of her last name. Brenda please stay on the show we love you and we love seeing you work Marie Canada

  6. Dr. Brenda I think you are awesome. I don’t know if you are really leaving or if this is something the stupid media has cooked up. Please don’t leave

    1. Please don’t leave the show. I look for you in every episode. You bring a certain charm to the show. I really admire you.

  7. I love this show and have a hobby farm of my own many things I can apply and already know. These ladies Emily and Brenda rock and their love and passion for animals is infectious. I was sick this entire holiday with pneumonia and had to cancel xmas with my family b/c I couldn’t risk making everyone else sick. It was lonely but I had twelve days of Doc Pol, Brenda, Emily, Diane and many more it was awesome.

    Love you guys so much, you ladies ROCK!

  8. I’m a retired Vet tech with over 20 years experience and a life time of living on a farm… I really enjoy watching the show… Doc Brenda it will be a terrible loss if you leave the show… you are a role model for young women who are interested in the Veterinary field… you entered Veterinary Medicine at a time where it was hard for a woman to do so… you have had to do things twice are good as the men just to get 1/2 the recognition… I feel certain that with your involvement with the show you have encouraged many young women to follow their childhood dreams of being a Vet… keep up the good work…

  9. I am ftom Michigan, but niw residing in Arizona. I just love watching the passion that Dr. BRENDA shows. I hope she plans on st as ying on the show.

  10. It has been a joy watching Dr. Brenda and Dr. Emily and will miss them. I was able to meet Dr. Pol and all of the staff except for Dr. Brenda she was off that day.
    My friend who lives near the clinic took me for a meet and greet. We had a great time with all of them. I wish them nothing but, the best in all their future indevers. God bless them all!!
    James Nolan from Texas….

  11. I’m sad to see both my favorite girls have left the show, Dr. Brenda and Dr. Emily. In a way I am not surprised. To be filmed, and keep up such a chaotic pace must be very difficult. I often wondered when they found time for family, a personal life or there own animals. I hope they enjoy the new paths, they have chosen.
    Nancy from Cape Cod

  12. The Doctor Pol Show will not be the same without Dr’s Brenda and Emily. I have watched the show for years and it has always been my favorite show. The team work so hard and spend so many hours in the country with so many farmers. They are all awesome. I am hoping Dr. Brenda will return this season. She has such caring for her patients and animals. Is very knowledgeable and has endearing personality.. Same for Dr Emily and Dr. Pol. I will be looking for the new season and will always be a big fan of Doctor Pol and his family.

  13. I’ve been a fan of Dr. Pol and his staff for quite some time. I’m so depresses knowing that neither Dr. Brenda nor Dr. Emily will be on the show any longer. I wish them both the best, but couldn’t they spread it out over more than one season.

  14. If Dr. Brenda has moved on, I wish her well but I will miss her very much on the show. With Dr. Emily’s move and so many new cast members, I will miss the smiles of my favorites, their compassion with the animals for whom they care and all that they add to make this one of my favorite shows.

    Blessings to you.

  15. Doc the show will not be the same without you. I have used your advice many times on my hobby farm and my 2 little bosses at my and my wife’s home. If you decide to leave the show my wife and I would wish you a great and healthy future..Mike from Ohio

  16. I enjoy Dr Brenda’s no nonsense attitude. She’s to the point and I appreciate her professionalism. She seems to be very knowledgeable and losing her will definitely change the show.

  17. No, Dr Brenda!! When will be visiting Rooftop Landings? You are my favorite on the show. I am elderly, and have seen most of the problems that you address, as I grew up in farm country. Things have changed so much. Girls watch you and Dr. Emily in the large animal practice, and are totally inspired. Leaving the show would be such a loss for all viewers.

  18. What I love about Dr Brenda is the way she handles the animals. She’s calm, professional and knowledgeable. The animals, especially the horses, seem to ‘get it’ that she’s there to help. She doesn’t command the animals to be still or yell at them to stop being afraid. The horses seem to understand through her voice, and body language with her strong focus on the trouble, that she’s there to fix it. Dr. Brenda’s demeanor in these cases, exemplifies a strong self confidence to the troubled animal. I’ve found that brute force especially when controlling movement in a horse plus loud commands feels like predatory behavior to an equine and exacerbates the animals fear.
    I try to remember and copy Dr. Brenda’s behavior around my own equine friends, donkeys and horses, when they get excited. Not in a namby pamby style or coochie, coochie, but strong calm confidence that causes the animal to relax somewhat and with no need to defend itself against what I’m doing.

  19. I hope Dr. Brenda doesn’t leave Dr. Pol, she is so knowledgeable and love watching her treat the animals. I hope she does well in the future but she will certainly be missed !!!

  20. I hope Dr Brenda stays with Dr Pol! I love watching them everyday! It wouldn’t be the same without her. Dr Emily has left and now Dr Brenda? NO NoNo! Vicki

  21. Dr. Brenda
    You’re my favorite on the show. I so appreciate your dedication, caring and professionalism. You are a much needed role model. I’m so proud of you!
    It’s important you do what is best and healthiest for you though. You deserve only the best in life.
    Thanks for all you have done for animals and people. You rock!

  22. Dr. Brenda, Is didn’t know that you were planning to leave the show. You are the main reasons why I watch the show. I love to watch you work. You are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to horses and cows. I mean you just get right in there and get the job done. You show no fear and you show so much confidence, It’s nice to watch a female doing as much, if not more than the men. Please try and keep in touch to let us know what you are up to next. Good luck with you next adventure. I will miss seeing you on the show. Boy I sure am bummed now that I found that you might be leaving also. What will doctor Pol do without you.
    Thank you for all that you have accomplished. And thank you for spending a lot of evenings with me. You will be missed. Always Brenda Evans

  23. Dr. Brenda
    Please don’t leave the show. You are my favorite and I have been watching for years. You are an inspiration for many young women. You have such a great attitude and personality and have thousands of fans. You will be missed terribly if you leave.

  24. Boy, will you ever be missed, Dr. Brenda! Doc, say it ain’t so! My family and I watch the show ALL THE TIME now, on Disney, and when we even see your blue Jeep come into view (we are fairly early in our binge watching), we all shout out DOCTOR BRENDA! And we drop whatever we might be doing to cheer you on!

    I’m glad if you’ll still be working for Pol Vet Clinic, but we will miss so much sharing in your triumphs and occasional tears. Blessings to you — Patricia from Pennsylvania.

  25. Que lastima que dejó de aparecer. bueno acá en Chile aun están dando los capítulos donde ella aparece. Pero es una excelente profesional y mi hijo esta muy inspirado por su forma de trabajar y tratar a los animales y a sus dueños.
    Espero que nos siga enseñando y acompañando en televisión. Ver personas como ellas nos ayuda mucho a mejorar.

  26. Dr. Brenda I will miss you being on the show. You and Dr. Emily made the show so enjoyable. If you leave the show will not be the same. Please reconsider and make a bunch of viewers so happy especially me. A loyal viewer for Spring Hill Tennessee

  27. Is it really true that Dr. Brenda left. I really hope she didn’t she would be missed terribly. We watch The Incredible Dr. Pol Show every night. We would be really sad of she left.

  28. Dr. Brenda,
    Please don’t leave the show! You are so
    excellent with the people and animals. Your
    patience is evident and you have taught us all so much. Please stay and keep sharing your love
    for animals!

  29. Dr. Brenda is the epitome of a fantastic veterinarian, cool under pressure, team player, and loves animals.
    If she left the Dr. Pol show, most probably a very good reason, hopefully a sound judgment decision. I’m 77 years old and love her appearance on the show, has taught me what a veterinarian clinician is and should be.
    Truly a great example for young women to emulate and become part of a real vocation in medicine. I’m very impressed by this knowledgeable and nice person.


  31. Dr. Pol and his “extended family” have gotten me through this pandemic so far. I am pretty much homebound and only go outside for doctor appointments. I have depended on the “family” and especially Dr. Brenda since last March and I watch the show, which is on most days. I doubt that Dr. Brenda has any idea how much she is loved and idolized by her faithful followers. Don’t leave us, Dr. B.

  32. I have watched Dr Pol since the show started and feel like they are all family. To have Dr Brenda leave would be heartbreaking. If she does leave it will be with my best wishes and prayers. Good luck in whatever you choose, Dr. Brenda!

  33. I think “Nat Geo Wild” should bring doctor Emily and doctor Brenda back into the reality show of doctor Pol, otherwise the rating would drop drastically and there would be no more doctor Pol. These two veterinarian doctors Where the highlight of the show and doctor Pol himself too. BY letting them go and bringing in fresh out of college good looking graduates to the show would not cut it for Brenda and Emily,. They were as good and dedicated as Dr. Pol. I would bring them back at any cost! I have watched Every episode for past 10 years. I learned a lot from them, and lost interest when I learned they left the show. I felt my beloved inteligent, Knowledgable and very hard working friends left and have never see them again!
    My Best wishes to all three of them and their family

  34. I’ve watched the show for many years & always said if I lived in their “neighborhood” I’d want Dr. Brenda as my vet!! I’m just watching the new shows & see her taking charge so hopefully she’ll be with the practice for a long time. Love you all & learn lots! Thank you!!!

  35. Drs Brenda and Emily are wonderful Doctors. You are both so smart and compassionate. I wouldn’t want anyone else to take care of my animals oh and of course Dr Pol. Please don’t leave no one wants you to go.

  36. Dr. Brenda,
    You will be truly missed on the show. Wherever life leads you I hope you are safe and happy. Thank you for your time on the beloved show. You were a joy to watch.

  37. Wishing Dr. Brenda every good thing. She is a veteran professional and teaches us all every time she appears.

  38. I love that Dr. Brenda is so smart, calm, and no nonsense. She has a great sense of humor, seems like she’d be fun to have a glass of wine with! I can also envision her being fiercely private and camera shy. I hope she does what’s needed to be happy, but I really hope she still appears in the show, she is hands down my favorite! I wish she could see all of these comments and know how much she’s appreciated.

  39. I have commented before about Olivia Wilson’s poorly written articles that are posted on this website. She constantly switches from ‘Grettenberg’ to Dr. Brenda, which is confusing to the reader. There are multiple spelling/ grammatical errors in Olivia Wilson’s online articles (just one example- “Dr. Brenda is no longer interested in making television appearances, but thi (<—— error) situation hasn’t been confirmed”. There is also a grammatical error in Olivia Wilson’s profile! I quote “prior to joining AffairPost in September 2018, she was a (<— error) entertainment reporter”. Please have someone proof read the articles that are posted, as well as these “reporters” profiles. Perhaps I am incorrect in terms of how spelling/ grammar is in the U.K.?

  40. Dr Brenda please don’t leave the Dr Pol show, I really enjoy you and your calm personal addition, and endless knowledge and skill which has gained immense respect from your area’s animal owners! Noting especially your specialty with the reindeer. Please reconsider being present on the show with amazing Pol practice🙏‼️

    1. Brenda – I think you are are outstanding and brave. I’m very happy you are not leaving the practice.
      I feel your decision is your business. Everyone is entitled to their privacy and own life. Even if you do decide to retire some time in the near future, that’s your business, but I don’t see you doing that. Maybe a nice long vacation. Either way you will be greatly missed. You are a wealth of information.

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