What happened to Ryan Buell? Bio: Arrested, Married, Cancer, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Who is Ryan Buell?

Ryan Daniel Buell was born on the 8th July 1982 in Corry, Pennsylvania USA, of Native American and Italian descent, and is probably best recognized for being a former television personality, appearing in the reality A&E series “Paranormal State” (2007-2011) as the main host, paranormal investigator and producer. He is also known for being the founder of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS).

What has happened to him?

After being arrested twice and released from prison in July of 2017, Ryan Buell started pursuing his career from the very beginning. He relocated to Pennsylvania, where he was raised, and began working in the field of advertising shows and running his own blog, becoming once again an active member of the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, according to his fans, he continued to take money for events which he later cancelled; court cases remain unresolved.

Early Life and Parents

Ryan Buell spent his childhood in Sumter, South Carolina, where he was raised alongside a brother and four older sisters by his father, Tim Buell, who worked as a state police officer, and his mother, Shelly Bonavita Lundburg, who is the owner of a accountancy business.


Regarding his education, Ryan became interested in journalism very early, and while in high school was an editor of his high school newspaper. Moreover, he was also active in participating in various school plays, and alongside Rebecca Pointe, his schoolmate, Ryan ran a daily news program. After matriculating. he enrolled into Penn State University, State College, from which he graduated with BA degrees in Anthropology and Journalism, and where as he was a student of journalism, Ryan also worked as an editor.

Paranormal Research Society (PRS)

While in college, he became enormously interested in the paranormal. and decided to establish the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) on campus. As the founder of the PRS, he had a chance to talk to thousands of people who apparently were eyewitnesses to the unknown, so he gathered experience and knowledge about everything he was curious about.

Rise to Fame and “Paranormal State”

Concerning his career as a television personality, Ryan’s life completely changed right after his graduation, as his society was spotted by TV producers who wanted to create the show which would follow the PRS’ work. So in no time, he was chosen as the main host of the reality TV paranormal series entitled “Paranormal State”, produced by Go Go Luckey Productions and which followed the work of the PRS. The show premiered on the 10th December 2007, and was aired on the A&E Network until May of 2011, increasing tremendously not only his popularity, but also his net worth.

Career as a Producer

Moreover, Ryan also became known as an executive producer, who worked on the film “American Ghost Hunter”, which was released in 2010. During the same year, he was also the co-executive producer of “Paranormal State” as well as of “The Ghost Prophecies”, which he also co-created, adding a considerable amount to his net worth.

His Memoir and Bisexuality

To speak further about his career in the broader entertainment industry, Ryan Buell has tried himself as an author, releasing his memoir entitled “Paranormal State: My Journey Into The Unknown” in September of 2010. Among other subjects, Ryan also opens up about his sexual orientation, and comes out as bisexual and his efforts to patch it up with Catholicism. The sales of the memoir also increased his fortune.

Ryan Buell Net Worth and Assets

His career started in 2007 and he has been an active member of the entertainment industry ever since, primarily as a reality television personality concerned with paranormal investigations. So, if you ever wondered how rich Ryan Buell is, it has been estimated by authoritative sources that the total size of his net worth is over $1.5 million, accumulated largely through his successful career as described, with other sources being his career as a producer, and as an author. His assets also include a BMW.

Cancer Controversy

In July of 2012, Ryan Buell stated in the media that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and that he was fighting the battle for life. A lot of his fans and the fans of his show were shocked by the diagnosis of his disease, until he revealed in an interview for the magazine “People” that he was near remission. However, his mother later denied his statements, saying that he hadn’t had cancer at all.

Other Controversies

Ryan also became a public figure after being arrested two times. In July of 2014, he announced his new show “Conversations with the Dead Tour” and began selling tickets for it, earning more than $80,000. However, he did not book any venues for the show, as his friend Chip Coffey stated, and the money was not refunded to the customers.

Two years later, he was arrested, while he was spending time in Florence County, South Carolina, and extradited back to State College, Pennsylvania, where he was charged with theft and receiving stolen property. After spending a month in prison, Ryan was released on bail. Howover, he was arrested again in April of 2017 on charges of harassment of his boyfriend. In July he was released, and admitted to the media that he was a drug addict who had spent some time in rehabilitation. Both of the aforementioned cases are still unresolved, as apparently are other behavioural problems.

Investigating the Malvern Manor…

Posted by Ryan D. Buell on Friday, December 7, 2018

Personal Life and Appearance

To talk about his personal life, as mentioned Ryan Buell is bisexual, and is known as a big supporter of the LGBT community. He has been married to his longtime partner, Sergey Poberezhny, since 2014, and his current residence is in State College, Pennsylvania.

Speaking about his appearance, Ryan has short dark brown hair and dark colored eyes. He is quite tall, as he stands at a height of 6ft 1in (1.85m), while his weight is reputed to be around 154lbs (70kgs).

Social Media Presence

In addition to his career, Ryan is an active member across many of the most popular social media sites, which he uses not only to promote his upcoming projects, but also to share various other contents from his private life. He runs official Instagram and Twitter accounts, having more than 92,000 followers. He is also active on his official Facebook page.

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    1. The whole show is fake. Why do people still believe in him. All he wants is your money. It looks like he has some kind of serious addiction, as his face looks so distorted like he had bad plastic surgery. Faking cancer and taking peoples money, is grotesque. Thousands still follow him on facebook, and believes every word that comes from his mouth.

  1. I never knew any of these things about Ryan until now reading information on him that I Googled. My first inclination was to tell you I enjoyed your show. You gave me a Feeling that you really wanted to help people dealing with stress from Paranormal events wreaking havoc when their lives. I thought you were unlike ghost adventure Zak Bagans who doesn’t give a damn about anyone other than making money and making good TV. Or the Tennessee Wraith Chasers who their only concern is themselves and trying to get the perfect picture of a ghost or even capture a ghost. Which is the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard in my life. But all this stuff about stealing it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I was always told if you were a thief that you’re a liar also they go hand-in-hand. And it seems that you made quite a mess of your life and reputation. And I actually truly felt you were one of the good guys. But life being what it is. You turned out to be just another greedy little bastard stealing people’s money. People who believed and you as a person. Believed in your character as a good person. And as far as chip he could see all those spirits but he couldn’t see that you were a thief and a liar. Usually a medium picks up on the energy around him. It seems that you may have had a demon protecting you protecting you from anyone seeing you for who you truly are. And being a good Catholic as you claim to be. I guess you go into that category of all those good Catholic priests who indulge their desires with little boys. They’re good liars to. I can attest to that personally. The priests of my Catholic School used to tell me how much you love me too. But just like what he did to me. I believed in him and I believed in you. And now you make me feel dirty. Good luck Ryan. I hope you really find God. Because I’m sure he’s going to have a long talk with you when you do meet him. I won’t wish you to hell. Satan doesn’t need any more competition.

  2. Even Lorraine Warren an acclaimed psychic medium. She seems like a sweet older woman but very intuitive. She couldn’t even sense the damage that you were doing to yourself as well as others? You kind of blown it all for me with paranormal shows. I really had experiences when I was young. But I found out the real devils and demons are not the Dead. They’re the people like yourself who lie and steal from poor people. And create a facade that you’re good humble Christian man. On a quest to help people. So actually all the homes that you visited in your series when they open the door they invited the devil in. And then your bullshit prayer let the spirit of God surround us. You couldn’t have believed in it. Because the thief and a liar wouldn’t believe in anything. Especially in the battle of Good vs Evil. You’re just as evil as the people who are dead doing evil Deeds. So when you die Ryan where are you going? My God I am so disappointed reading about all the crap you have done to your fans. If all the acclaimed mediums you had on your show never picked up on the real you. I doubt their talents also. Unless they also partook in your deception. At least you can show the scam artist paranormal teams who are in it for the money. How to make money.

  3. HE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!!! Go on I’m waiting ….. still waiting exactly what I thought noone!!!

  4. I’m guessing none of you people suffer from an addiction or even know someone who does. I’m so glad Ryan has gone through rehab and is on his way to a better life and he knows the damage he’s caused so people please cut him some slack. I’ve been there. I’m there. Love you Ryan.

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