What has Lauren Lindsey Donzis played in? Her Age, Height, Bio

Who is Lauren Lindsey Donzis?

Lauren is an American actress known for her versatility and captivating performance both on television and in films. She gained recognition for her role as Ruby in the Disney Channel series “Liv and Maddie” and as Nori in the Netflix series “No Good Nick”. Lauren continues to be a rising star in the entertainment industry, gaining popularity partly for her charismatic presence on screen.

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Early Life and Education

Lauren was born on 28 July 2004, in Los Angeles, California, to parents Robin and Paul Donzis. Her mother is a lawyer and her father is an ophthalmologist and also a former lawyer. Lauren has an elder sister named Elizabeth. She was homeschooled, following a unique child actor education program. Additionally, Lauren took ballet lessons and was a part of the Superstars Dance Academy’s junior competition squad. She also attended the NUVO Dance Convention, where she was awarded a workshop scholarship, recognized as a Break Out Artist.

Roles in TV Series

Lauren has emerged as a young star in the television industry, in various TV series. Her journey in the world of acting began in 2015 with an appearance in an episode of the Disney Channel comedy “Austin & Ally”. This initial role, although small, set the stage for her burgeoning career.

In the same year, Lauren appeared in two episodes of another family-friendly sitcom – “Best Friends Whenever” – which starred Landry Bender and Lauren Taylor as two teenagers who have the ability to leap through time.

However, it was her role in the Disney Channel sitcom “Liv and Maddie” (2016-2017) that truly catapulted Lauren into the limelight. In this series, she portrayed Ruby, the cousin of the main characters, Liv and Maddie Rooney, played by Dove Cameron. The story revolves around the lives of identical twins with vastly different personalities – Liv, a popular TV star, and Maddie, a basketball prodigy. Lauren joined the cast in its fourth and final season, seamlessly integrating into the dynamic of the show. Ruby’s quirky, spirited nature and her unique relationship with both Liv and Maddie provided new storylines and comedic elements that resonated well with the show’s young audience.

In the following years, Lauren appeared in minor roles in several other series, including “Ghosted” (2017), “All About the Washingtons” (2018) “The Young and the Restless” (2019).

A major role for Lauren was in the Netflix series “No Good Nick“ (2019), in which she played Molly, one of the main characters, in the family drama that centers on a teenage girl named Nick, who infiltrates a family with the intent to seek revenge, but faces various moral dilemmas along the way. Her best friend, Molly, is an intelligent and observant character, often providing insight and perspective in the unfolding narrative. Lauren’s performance in the series showcased a more mature and nuanced acting style, as she navigated the complex emotional and ethical themes presented in the show.

Lauren is not only a talented actress and singer, but also a voiceover artist, lending her voice to the character Destiny in the animated television series “101 Dalmatian Street” (2018-2020) which aired on Disney Channel.

Most recently, in 2021, we saw Lauren play one of the leads in the sitcom “Punky Brewster”, a reboot of the popular 1980s comedy of the same name. The original series centered on a bright young girl named Punky Brewster (played by Soleil Moon Frye) who is raised by her foster parent, Henry Warnimont (played by George Gaynes). The show was known for its heartwarming storylines and its focus on themes such as family, friendship, and resilience.

The modern revival follows a similar theme, but with a contemporary twist – the character Punky Brewster is now a mother of three on her own, doing her best to resurrect her life, when she meets a young girl who reminds her a lot of her younger self. The show aims to capture the spirit of the original while addressing more current societal and familial issues. In the series, Lauren plays one of Punky’s children, adding her unique charm and talent to the show.


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Roles in Movies

Lauren made her movie debut in 2015, with an appearance in the TV comedy “The Perfect Stanleys”, playing one of the children of Jenna Elfman and Matt Letcher. In the same year, she showcased her dramatic acting skills in the short drama “No She Wasn’t”, which follows the story of a woman who ends up drowning during a dinner party.

Lauren’s first starring role came in 2017, when she played the role of Drew in the Amazon original children’s movie “An American Girl Story: Summer Camp, Friends for Life”. The film is a part of the “American Girl” series, known for its line of dolls and books that explore various aspects of American history through the eyes of young girls. This particular installment focuses on contemporary themes, and is set in a modern-day summer camp.

More recently, in 2021, Lauren took on the role of Amanda in the sci-fi thriller “I Am Mortal”, written and directed by Tony Aloupis. Set 200 years into the future, the movie follows a group of rebels who challenge the status quo as they find out that humans have achieved immortality. Although the movie was criticized for overusing common sci-fi tropes, Lauren was praised for her portrayal of Amanda which allowed her to showcase her versatility in a new genre.

In the following year, Lauren starred alongside Violet McGraw and Santino Barnard in HBO’s comedy-drama “A Christmas Mystery”.

Personal Life

Lauren leads a private life, especially considering her young age. In her private life, Lauren enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and shopping. She is also passionate about dancing, and regularly engages in exercises and stretching routines to stay fit.

An animal lover, Lauren has shared pictures of her pet cat, Buster, on social media, reflecting her affection for animals​​​.

Her social media presence is another aspect of her persona. Lauren is active on platforms such as Instagram, sharing glimpses of her personal life, professional updates, and interactions with her fans, her audience, helping her maintain a connection with her fans and offering an insight into her life beyond her professional endeavors. Her Instagram page now numbers close to 700,000 followers.

Net Worth

As of December 2023, Lauren’s net worth is estimated to be close to $1 million. Her financial success is a reflection of her career in television and her growing prominence in the industry, and her net worth is expected to rise in the following years, as the young actress takes on more prominent roles.

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