What is Fox News Julie Roginsky doing now? Her wiki, net worth, salary, age, husband, married, career, news

• Julie Roginsky is an American television personality, journalist, columnist and Democratic Party strategist.
• She is best known for being the co-host of the Fox News Network daytime news and talk show “Outnumbered” and the Fox News Network panel talk show “The Five”.
• She is currently focused on her career at the Women's Campaign School at Yale University and her company, Saltier Politics.
• Julie has a net worth of over $23 million.
• She is active on social media, running her own Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Who is Julie Roginsky?

Julie Roginsky was born on the 25th April 1973, in Moscow, Russia, so is currently at the age of 45. She is an American television personality and journalist, probably best recognized for being a Democratic Party strategist and the co-host of the Fox News Network daytime news and talk show “Outnumbered”, and the Fox News Network panel talk show entitled “The Five”. She is also known as a columnist.

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What is Julie Roginsky doing now?

After leaving the Fox News Network, Julie focused on her career at the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University, where she has been serving on its Board of Directors since 2005. She uses her popularity to work on the program’s main goal to increase the number of women in appointed and elected offices. Moreover, she is probably also focused on her company and she also writes for Saltier Politics, a website co-founded by her and Emily DeCiccio.

Early Life and Family

Concerning her early life, Julie spent one part of her childhood in Moscow, the daughter of Abram and Tanya Roginsky, who were Soviet dissidents of Jewish ancestry, and was raised by her grandparents, until the time when her parents were permitted to leave the Soviet Union in 1980. Her grandparents became Refusniks, and they could not emigrate to the US until 1990. Before the family settled down in Plainsboro Township, New Jersey, they temporarily lived in Paris, London and New York City.


Regarding her education, Julie went to Princeton Day School, and upon matriculation enrolled into Boston University, from which she earned both her BA degree in Political Science and MA degree in Russian Economics. Undoubtedly, her outstanding academic performance would help her later to climb the ladder of success quite rapidly.

Career in Politics

Prior to becoming a famous journalist and television personality, Julie Roginsky spent some time pursuing her career in the politics. Her first job was associated with work on the congressional campaign of Dale McCormick, while he was running in a Democratic congressional primary for Maine’s 1st Congressional District. Afterwards, she also worked on the campaign of Rep. Frank Pallone.

Rise to Prominence

Julie’s rise to prominence came in 1999, when she worked on the New Jersey Democratic Co-ordinated Campaign, which was made her to be the first woman to manage it and they won three seats in the General Assembly. Thereafter, she was hired to serve in the position of the communications director of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, adding a considerable amount to her net worth. Furthermore, she was promoted to the position of the Washington DC-based Communications Director for former Senator Jon Corzine, after his election in 2001.

Comprehensive Communications Group

After getting enough knowledge and experience in that field, Julie Roginsky decided to move her career to the next level, by establishing Comprehensive Communications Group in 2003. Located in New York City, and it’s a public relations company which provides political consulting as well, increasing further her wealth. Some of her clients include Albio Sires, Cory Booker, Frank Lautenberg, Frank Pallone and Steve Rothman, among many others.

Career in Journalism

In addition to her involvement in politics, Julie Roginsky started pursuing a career in the field of journalism, when she began appearing as a Democratic strategist on Fox News Channel in 2004. Afterwards, she made several more guest appearance on other channels such as CNN, HLN and MSNBC. She gradually changed her vocation, and was eventually hired to work in the position of an on-air contributor at the CNBC Network in 2009. Concurrently, she also began writing columns for the CNBC.com website, and later for the FoxNews.com website, covering various topics. Two years later, she joined the Fox News Network to work in the same position as an on-air contributor to such TV shows as “Outnumbered” and “The Five”, increasing her net worth by a large margin. She worked there until 2017, now she works for the website entitled Saltier Politics, which she co-founded alongside Emily DeCiccio; they also launched their own podcast.

Lawsuit against Fox News

Julie worked for the Fox News Network until 2017, when she filed a lawsuit against them and its former Chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes, in the New York Supreme Court. The suit alleges that he offered her an opportunity to work in the permanent position of host of the panel talk show “The Five” if she had sex with him, and retaliated when she rejected his proposition.

Julie Roginsky Net Worth and Assets

Her career in politics started in 1999, while she has been an active member in the field of journalism since 2004. So, if you ever wondered how rich Julie Roginsky is, it has been estimated by authoritative sources that the total size of her net worth is over $23 million, accumulated through her successful joint careers as not only a Democratic co-ordinator, but also as a journalist. Another source of her wealth is coming from her owning Comprehensive Communications Group, while her assets include a house located in New York City, where she currently resides with her son.

Personal Life

To talk about her personal life, Julie Roginsky has never been open about it, so information about her relationships has not been revealed to the public yet. It is only known that she gave birth to her first child, a son named Zachary Peter Roginsky, in May of 2012; however, the name of his father is not available to the media, as she has kept it private.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

Speaking about her appearance and physical attributes, Julie is apparently a beautiful woman, with dark brown hair and dark brown colored eyes. Her body shape can be described as hourglass; she stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m) and her weight is reputed to be around 126lbs (57kgs), while her vital statistics are 36-26-37.

Social Media Presence

In addition to her career, Julie Roginsky is also an active member on the social media scene, across many of the most popular sites, which she uses mostly to promote her upcoming projects. So she runs her official Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as having launched her own Facebook page.

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