What movies is Sofia Bryant in? Her Age, Body Measurements

Sofia Byant is a promising young actress, who’s been making noises in the entertainment industry for a while. By appearing in movies such as “Suspicion”, “Never Better” and “Little Dixie” as well as several other productions for TV and streaming, there’s no doubt that Sofia is on her way to building a solid and successful career in Hollywood.

Image sourceLess than a decade after her acting debut, Sofia’s name is well-recognized by young audiences, and everyone else who’s noticed her talent for portraying a wide variety of characters, whether she’s in a coming-of-age series or an action-filled movie.

So who is Sofia, what movies and TV shows has she been in so far, and what else is there to find out about this skilled actress? Keep reading to find out.

Early Life

Sofia Bryant was born on 26 December 1999, in New York City, USA. She moved with her parents to Helsinki, Finland, at the age of three, but moved back to the US around the time she was nine years old.

Not much is known about Sofia’s family and her educational background, except for the fact she has a younger brother. Though she’s a self-described ‘hardcore New Yorker’, Sofia also admits that she sometimes misses the nature-filled life which she experienced in Finland. As she said in an interview with Rose & Ivy Journal, her favorite thing in the world is the wintry landscapes of Finland, and she gets to experience those again every time she goes back to the country to visit her family and friends.

As she told The Cherry Picks, one of her favorite series growing up was the animated “The Gumby Show”, because it awakened her creativity to play with clay and plan how her characters would act if filmed. Sofia’s early interest in creative activities such as visual arts and singing developed into her love for acting, joining activities in musical theater during her early teens, before naturally leaning into drama acting years later.

First Roles

Sofia Bryant made her debut in the entertainment industry by voicing the character Sandra in “Birdboy: The Forgotten Children”, an animated movie centered in a post-apocalyptic world, released in 2015. The next year she appeared in one episode of “The Good Wife”, portraying the character of Yesha Dargis.

In 2018, Sofia had small role in an episode of the procedural drama “Blue Bloods”, before appearing in the made-for-TV movie “Suspicion” as the main character Ellie Goodman. Then in 2019, Sofia was Janea Kroll in the military drama “The Code”.

Regarding the challenges of her early days as an actress, Sofia affirms that the best tool to overcome those was to be her ‘number one fan’, and avoid comparing herself to others. As she said in an interview with The Cherry Picks, it was important for her to be kind to herself and not measure her worth through other people’s standards.

Rise To Fame

Sofia Bryant’s definite rise to fame came with the Netflix series “I Am Not Okay With This”, which premiered in 2020. This coming-of-age and superhero drama series saw Sofia playing the main character Dina, the best friend of the protagonist Sydney, who awakens telekinetic powers after going through some personal issues.

According to Sofia, getting into the project went rather smoothly, as right after sending her audition tape, she had the chance to talk with the series’ writers, and found that they had many things in common. Later on, she had an on-set chemistry test with actress Sophia Lillis which went very well, resulting in Sofia getting the role once and for all.

Dina’s character is described by Sofia as a confident and loyal friend who is kind to others. Those positive characteristics made Sofia realize that she had a friend similar to Dina in real life, making the process of portraying the character easier, as she told Brief Take.

Though “I’m Not Okay With This” was canceled after one season, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more exciting projects were awaiting Sofia. One of those was “Mark, Mary & Some Other People”, which had Sofia playing the main character Tori. The movie premiered in 2021, and won a screenplay award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Other Roles

In 2021, Sofia was cast as Tasha in the horror-fantasy TV series “The Girl In The Woods”; as one of the main characters in the show, Tasha and her friends Carrie and Nolan deal with the challenges of being teens, as they also fight off monsters which come out of a secret door in their small town.

As Sofia told The Cherry Picks, Tasha’s experiences as a city girl in a small town were similar to her own childhood story of living in Finland, after being born in New York; these similitudes allowed Sofia to connect with her character more deeply. The series had eight episodes in total, and attracted positive reviews.

Also in 2021, Sofia starred in the short film “27 Candles”, and in the movie “Never Better”. The latter shows her character Terese, who is immunocompromised due to her cystic fibrosis, as she faces the challenges which come with being in the middle of a pandemic, and having not-so-health-concerned people around her.

Other of Sofia’s projects include her role as Blake in the action-themed podcast series “Bloodthirsty Hearts”; and the character Nell Alexander in “Little Dixie”, an action and suspense film starring Frank Grillo. In 2023, she was cast in the main role of Elysium in the “Deadly DILF” made-for-TV film.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Sofia Bryant’s personal life, including her relationship with her family and any romantic partners; she appears to be single, hasn’t married, nor has children.

When it comes to her hobbies, Sofia enjoys fashion and music a lot. In an interview with Who What Wear, Sofia revealed that she enjoys comfortable, eye-catching and alternative-looking clothing, and also derives inspiration from the food-show host Guy Fieri, whose love for animal-printed pieces influenced Sofia’s fashion taste when growing up.

Music is a big part of Sofia’s life, and partially helped her channel her attitude to play Tasha in “The Girl In The Woods”, as she and her co-stars put together playlists to make them understand their characters more deeply.

Sofia is also an advocate for social causes, using her social media to talk about topics such as racial discrimination, homophobia, and feminism.

Appearance & Net Worth

Sofia Bryant is a gorgeous Afro-American woman, who has brown eyes and dark brunette hair. Her weight is unknown, while she’s 5ft 7ins (1.73m) tall.

Sofia’s net worth is estimated at over $100,000, which comes from her career as an actress, though her fortune will likely keep growing as her promising career moves forward.

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