Who are Andrew Camarata and his wife? About Net Worth, House, and Sister

There is no doubt that the internet has something for everyone, even for people who are interested in heavy machinery and home projects. For the latter audience, Andrew Camarata is the guy to look for when it comes to exciting videos of property maintenance videos, which he’s been sharing on YouTube for several years.

Whether Andrew’s popularity comes from the high quality of his content or his hard-working attitude and well-liked personality, the truth is that his channel has reached a level of success which is rarely matched by YouTubers who make videos of similar topics.

With the fame and recognition Andrew has achieved on the internet, it’s no wonder that his audience has long wondered what’s going on with him when cameras are off, especially if it has to do with his personal life and relationships.

Do you also want to know more about Andrew Camarata? Stay reading to find out!

Who Is Andrew Camarata?

Andrew Camarata is a YouTuber and property maintenance expert, based in Saugerties, New York State, born on 11 December 1985. According to a video Andrew posted in 2022, his family comes from Italy and Germany, with his last name having Italian origins.

Andrew was interested in electric toy cars and the outdoors from an early age, always coming up with new ideas on how to have fun at home, whether it was by driving around his cars and riding bikes, or throwing rocks from the tree house he built as a child.

Andrew’s father worked with computers, leading him to take courses in computer science at his technical school. He was also increasingly interested in the trades, taking related courses throughout high school. In an interview with “The Proper Job” podcast, Andrew revealed that he had average grades, but considered some courses such as Spanish a ‘waste of time’ since he didn’t learn much in it.

Fast forwarding to his late teens, Andrew attended college to study computer science, but soon left after realizing he didn’t want to work in the computer field. After that, Andrew took several small jobs, but only stuck around for one at the local postal service office, as it allowed him to have a stable income for several years.

How Did His Channel Start?

Andrew Camarata’s YouTube channel was started in 2014, but he didn’t begin sharing videos on it until February 2016. Nonetheless, several years before posting his first video, Andrew was already vastly experienced in the property maintenance business. His earliest experiences in the field came from his property, doing maintenance for himself before deciding he could make money from it.

As Andrew affirmed in an interview with “The Proper Job” podcast, he started his business as a property maintenance expert while still working at the local postal service office. His reasoning behind maintaining his main job was financial stability, as he didn’t want to risk his income before knowing whether his business would take off. It wasn’t until 2011 that he finally left his postal office job to dedicate full-time to his business.

Andrew’s habit of filming casual moments came from when he used his father’s video camera to film important moments from his childhood. He kept that habit later in life when he bought an action camera, with which he filmed time lapses of his maintenance and automotive projects, and stored the videos on an online server.

As Andrew told “The Proper Job”, he started sharing the videos on YouTube because he thought that his time lapses looked great. Some of his oldest pre-YouTube footage can be found in videos such as the famous “Talking about every vehicle I’ve had” posted in 2019.

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Wife and Family

Despite the huge online popularity achieved by Andrew Camarata, not much is known about his personal life and relationships. Andrew stated his relationship status as single on his official Facebook page, but there’s no further information about any past relationship.

Information about Andrew’s family is limited as well, though it’s known that he has a sister named Chelsea. Some childhood footage of the siblings riding toy cars and playing together can be seen in Andrew’s videos such as “Best Of footage and interview” and “Talking about every vehicle I’ve had”.

Chelsea doesn’t appear much in Andrew’s current videos, but her social media lets us see that she’s an entrepreneur, designer, cyclist and ice skater. She’s the owner of a sports clothing brand named Kaden Apparel, created in 2013 following Chelsea’s ‘frustration’ with the then-limited options of sports clothing for women, according to the company’s Instagram account.

How Rich Is Andrew Camarata?

According to online reports, Andrew Camarata has an estimated net worth of $1.9 million, as a result of the earnings from his career as an online content creator and his company.

Andrew Camarata’s YouTube channel is possibly his biggest source of income; these days, he has over 1.3 million subscribers and his videos have been watched over 600 million times, making his presence on the video-sharing platform quite massive.

Andrew is also the owner of Camarata Property Maintenance, often featuring his projects with the business in his videos. On top of that, Andrew is considerably popular on Instagram and Facebook too, having almost 50,000 followers combined on both platforms. This social media presence has given him the chance to sell merchandise designed by himself.

All in all, Andrew Camarata is a very successful content creator as it is, but his net worth will surely grow more as his popularity online expands.

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