Who is Donal Logue’s transgender daughter Jade Logue? Wiki: Missing, Found, Male or Female, Birth Name

• Jade Logue is the transgender daughter of actor Donal Logue who starred in the series “Gotham”.
• Jade's current net worth is estimated to be $80,000.
• She made a public declaration of her being transgender when she was 15, and began to change her appearance to look more like a woman.
• Jade went missing in mid-2017 and was found 400 miles away from home two weeks later.
• Jade's father Donal has had a successful acting career, appearing in films such as "Blade" and "The Patriot", and series such as "Sons of Anarchy" and "Gotham".

Who is Jade Logue?

Arlo Logue was born on 25 March 2001 in the United States of America, and now as Jade Logue is best known as the transgender daughter of actor Donal Logue who starred in the series “Gotham” playing detective Harvey Bullock. Jade recently made headlines after going missing, prompting her father to start a widespread search.

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The Net Worth of Jade Logue

How rich is Jade Logue? As of late-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $80,000, earned through her various endeavors. Her wealth is supported thanks to her father, who has a net worth at $3 million. There is a possibility that her wealth may increase.

Early Life and Transgender Decision

Jade is from her father’s former marriage to Kasey Walker, the younger of two children before their parents divorced. She is very close to her parents and her brother Finn – it is not known when she discovered that she identified more as a woman than a man. There is very little information about her childhood, though there is some speculation that her decision to become transgender might have been affected by her parents’ rocky relationship leading to their divorce. Her parents knew for some time about her gender identity and didn’t oppose her but instead supported her decision. Things were quiet in her life and her family’s life, but when she turned 15 she made a public declaration of her being transgender. She acknowledged that being open about it would invite bullying and detractors, but she also received a lot of support. Since becoming openly transgender, she began changing her appearance to look more like a woman. – she grew her hair and started to change the way she dressed. In recent years, she’s started to look more like a woman due to her style and hair. The only thing that makes people realize that she was born biologically as a male is pictures of her during childhood, posted by her father.

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In mid-2017, Jade went out to meet a friend and never came home. Donal was unable to contact her and without any way to find out her whereabouts, he went online and posted a tweet stating that his child had gone missing, but had not ‘run away’. He later deleted the tweet and would launch a wide public appeal to help find her, this time asking help from the police. Later, the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children also became involved. There were some questions as to whether or not the child had just run away from home and was not really missing but Donal went to clarify online that she was indeed missing according to his discussion with the authorities.

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After two weeks, Jade was found 400 miles away from home in North Carolina and was promptly returned to her parents. No statement was made as to why she ended up there, or if she really did run away. Donal posted a thank you to all the supporters and organizations that helped him with the search. Prior to being found, he continued posting heartfelt messages and photos on various social media websites. Other celebrities also started to help him, posting their own messages in support and to help spread the word online.

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Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, not much is known about Jade’s romantic relationships, if any. Many sources state that she is still young and likely not focused on any romance. Transgender people also tend to differ when it comes to sexual preferences, even if they’ve already changed gender. Some transgender identify as heterosexual, homosexual, or other categories. Time will tell which category Jade is a part of. One of the reasons there is little information about her current endeavors is due to the lack of any online presence. She does have social media accounts, particularly on Twitter, but it has not been updated since early in the year. Her activity has decreased significantly after she attracted a lot of media attention with her disappearance.

Father – Donal Logue

Jade’s father Donal began his career in film in the 1990s, appearing in several projects before making a television guest appearance in “The X-Files”. He started to gain more prominent roles as the years passed, including in films such as “Blade” and “The Patriot”. In 2000, he won a Special Grand Jury Prize for best actor during the Sundance Film Festival for his work as the lead in the film “The Tao of Steve”. Afterwards, he was cast in the critically acclaimed comedy “Grounded for Life”, while also working on the show “ER”.

After making guest appearances in shows such as “House, M.D.”, he worked on the films “Zodiac” and “Ghost Rider”, in which he co-starred alongside Nicolas Cage. His next notable project would be as the lead of the series “Terriers”, but which was cancelled due to low ratings. He then joined the cast of the show “Sons of Anarchy”, playing ex-US Marshal Lee Toric, and had a role in the series “Vikings” before joining the cast of “Copper” as General Brendan Donovan. A few of his latest projects include a six episode role in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, and a lead role in the series “Gotham” based on the DC Comics universe, particularly from the “Batman” franchise.

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  1. Gag. There’s no way a young child like Arlo REALLY can know that ‘he identifies as a female’, so transgender surgeries and shit are necessary. Wake up, people! Transgender isn’t even an actual thing — humans made it up, so everyone can feel special and even warm fuzzies or some other stupid shit. Guess what?!? Life isn’t always a bed of roses; get off your high horse, and when the going gets tough, that’s when you’re supposed to work harder…not be coddled by claiming it’s too hard for you, then saying you identify a certain way!! I cannot wait to see the day all these mentally ill people who claim they’re trannies get shown the 100% truth!! They’re no worse than pedophiliacs or other such monstrosities, and all they are is what I just said: mentally ill. And IDGAF if you’re babied enough & you piss and moan that you’re actually a different gender than what you were BORN AS — I will NOT call you anything but your BIRTH GENDER, which, if you’re too damn dumb to know, is determined by chromosomes!! Any of you who don’t like what I say: TOO BAD! You call it respect or whatever else, but it’s against what my guaranteed right from the first amendment states, as well as me speaking the ABSOLUTE TRUTH! If you can’t deal with it, you have a lot of maturity to learn!!

    1. Yeah, I can see why you wouldn’t share your name… My grandchild’s good friend took his own life recently because of people like you. I UNDERSTAND not understanding– I truly do. My personal feeling is that you can be whoever you truly are without “changing” your gender, which, as you pointed out is only a physical trait… but apparently that doesn’t work for everyone, and I will respect their treading their own path, and support and love them. And you– perhaps you should shut up about something you “don’t understand”, since it doesn’t really affect you and is none of your business. Go throw rocks at a wall, instead of at children and others, who don’t deserve to be hurt by strangers. Your “absolute truth” is only a judgmental opinion, based on your very limited emotional range… and your cowardice in doing it anonymously, from a keyboard, tells us all about you that we need to know: that your “opinion” is meaningless, and your rant is because YOU were babied and are still pissing and moaning because your life isn’t what you wanted. GET OVER IT. And stop attacking people you don’t know.

  2. I have a question for Mr/Mrs No Name. I work in the medical field and have seen babies born with both genders or no gender. There’s also babies born with one gender on the outside but their insides are the other gender. Even babies born with female genitalia but no female organs, or male organs inside. They have basically no gender other than what’s showing on the outside. God made them that way, it wasn’t a choice! Don’t you think there would be some confusion for them? How do you know the reason behind transgender people feeling the opposite gender isn’t something similar to the things listed above. You’re condemning them without considering it could be something medical, something they have no control over. You think it’s a choice because their life is hard and that’s their way out of the difficulties of life. Don’t you realize being transgender would be a more difficult life because of people like you. They are already suffering enough mental and emotional anguish without people telling them they are mentally ill. You are not taking anything into consideration, like medical conditions, hormones and genetics that may play a part and contribute to their situation. These things could effect their emotions and cause the feelings of being a different gender than they were born. Open your mind and realize not everyone is trying to get away with something in life, that sometimes it’s truly not something they have control over.

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