Who is Howie Long’s Wife Diane Addonizio? Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, High School, Family, Husband, Sons

• Diane Addonizio was born in 1960 in New Jersey and is a lawyer and the wife of retired NFL player Howie Long
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, largely due to her legal career and her husband's success
• She has a Juris Doctorate from the USC School of Law and is inactive professionally, focusing on raising their family
• Her husband was a defensive end for the Oakland/LA Raiders and transitioned to broadcasting and writing after retiring
• Diane and Howie have three sons, all of whom have pursued careers in football, and she and her husband have no online presence

Who is Diane Addonizio?

Diane Addonizio was born in 1960, in Red Bank, New Jersey USA, and is a lawyer, but perhaps better known as the wife of retired National Football League (NFL) player Howie Long, who played most of his career with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders franchise. After his playing days, he transitioned to a career as a sports analyst.

The Net Worth of Diane Addonizio

How rich is Diane Addonizio? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $1 million, earned largely through a successful legal career, but also probably elevated thanks to her husband’s success, as he has a net worth estimated at $16 million. They reside in Virginia in house valued at $6 million. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life, Education, and Career

There is almost no information available about Diane’s early life, as she has remained private about it. There are no public details about her family, childhood and the reason as to why she wanted to pursue a career as a lawyer. After matriculating from high school, she completed a bachelor’s degree, and then enrolled at the USC School of Law, gaining her Juris Doctorate. She pursued her profession, but there are no specific details as to her career as a lawyer. After she married Long she became inactive, preferring to stay at home, raise the family, and support her husband’s endeavors.

Howie Long

Howard Matthew Moses Long played in the NFL as a defensive end, at first serving his rookie campaign for the Oakland Raiders before they moved to become the Los Angeles Raiders the following year, playing the next nine years in Los Angeles, and becoming one of the most popular players of his time. During his career he was selected for eight Pro Bowls, and helped the team win Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. After finishing his playing career, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000.

After football, Long tried his hand at an acting career, appearing in numerous action films including “Firestorm”, “Broken Arrow”, and “That Thing You Do!”, working with high profile actors such as John Travolta, Kevin Costner and Tom Hanks. He also expressed a strong interest in remaining connected with football through broadcasting, and subsequently joined the Fox Network as a co-host of their NFL Coverage, and also started writing on the Fox Sports website. He authored his own book entitled “Football for Dummies” – which helps fans understand the basics of professional football – and is a part of the “For Dummies” series.


Addonizio continues to retain her privacy even in a relationship with a high profile football personality. No details have been shared about their relationship and their marriage, except for the fact that they married in 1982. They have three children together, all of whom would follow in the footsteps of their father, trying their hand at a career in professional football.

Chris Long now plays as a defensive end for the NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles; he was the second overall pick of the 2008 NFL Draft, and has also played for the New England Patriots, helping them win Super Bowl LI in 2017. The following year, he joined the Eagles, and the won another Super Bowl at Super Bowl LII against his former team.

Their second son, Kyle Long also plays in the NFL, as a guard for the team the Chicago Bears. He played college football for the University of Oregon, and was then selected during the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Their youngest child, Howie Jr opted not to pursue a playing career, but instead joined the Raiders organization as a member of the player personnel team. Howie is known to be a Roman Catholic but it is not known if the rest of the family also follows the same religious beliefs. Sources state that it is likely, since the children have a great respect for their father.

Diane Addonizio on Social Media

One of the reasons why there is very little information about Diane’s past and current endeavors is due to her lack of any strong online presence; she does not have accounts with any of the major social media websites. She is a big fan of football and has been supportive of her family, in the background, and is a major reason why she got along well with Howie, and one of the reasons why the children were also encouraged to pursue a similar career.

Her husband is also inactive on any major social media website, but has extensive coverage online thanks to his work with Fox News – his articles and videos often appear on the company’s website. There are also numerous videos of him available on the video sharing website YouTube, and his opinions and analysis have been featured by other publications. Usually, couples stay away from having any social presence due to several reasons, one being that they’ve found no interest in it, and another is that they’ve decided to separate their professional lives from their personal ones.

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