Who is Marty Raney’s wife Mollee Roestel?

Discovery’s “Homestead Rescue” has rightfully earned its place as the favorite TV show of thousands in the US and beyond. Ever since it premiered in 2016, the show has not only let its audience see some of the most impressive and unique homestead renovations, but has also allowed everyone to witness how well the Raney family works together.

Starting with the family’s patriarch Marty and then to his children Matt and Misty, there’s no doubt that the Raneys are as creative as they are hard-working and resourceful.

Nonetheless, seeing the masterful Raney team on the small screen inevitably brings up many questions about the rest of the family, and the reasons they aren’t involved with the show.

So who is Marty’s wife Mollee Roestel? What does she do for a living, and are there any other members of the Raney family who we haven’t seen in “Homestead Rescue” yet? Keep watching to find out!

Who Is Mollee Roestel?

Marty Raney’s wife is Mollee Raney Roestel. While not much is known about Mollee’s childhood and early education, some online sources have pointed to her birthday in 1957 and her birthplace in Haines, Alaska USA. She’s been married to Marty since 1974, and is a devoted Jehovah’s Witness, but other details about her life aren’t easy to find.

Just like her husband and children, Mollee is an adventurer at heart. Her Facebook and Instagram profiles let us see a huge deal of her love for the outdoors, including going on trips, hiking, farming, and taking care of animals, on top of running marathons occasionally. It’s also worth noting that Mollee is very dedicated to her family, often sharing pics of the time she spends with her children and many grandchildren.

While Mollee doesn’t appear in “Homestead Rescue”, her Instagram pics show that she also spends lots of time on set when her husband and children are filming the show. On top of that, her LinkedIn lists her job as an accountant for Alaska Stone and Log Company, which is owned by Marty. This means that even though we don’t see Mollee in the show, she’s well acquainted with her family’s passion for renovating homesteads, and encouraging people’s hope of living a life off the grid.

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Mollee and Marty’s Family

While we’ve had the chance to know Misty and Matt thanks to “Homestead Rescue”, the truth is that there are other Raney siblings worth meeting.

Miles & Melanee Raney

The oldest children of Mollee and Marty are named Melanee and Miles, who were born in Alaska in the mid-1970s. Given the adventurous spirit of their parents, the two were soon used to going on trips to nature-surrounding places from a young age.

When Melanee and Miles were eight and six years old respectively, they hiked the legendary Chilkoot Pass alongside their parents and a six years old Misty and two years old Matt. The memorable feat was captured in a picture posted by the show’s social media, but that wasn’t the end of the adventure for the whole family.

Nowadays, Melanee owns a business named Chugach Adventures, which guides adventurers through the best places in Alaska. She’s also a mother of three kids and an artist, on top of running marathons alongside her children and mother Mollee.

Miles also keeps his family’s love for adventure alive, though his focus goes beyond exploring the US. As seen on his social media and now-abandoned blog The Wandering Traveler, he’s been on trips to many impressive places in the world, including Turkey, China, Bolivia, Peru and The Congo. He’s also visibly concerned with helping communities he visits, often sharing funding campaigns on his Facebook page.

While it would be great to see Miles and Melanee Raney in “Homestead Rescue”, it’s clear that the pair have other adventures with which to entertain themselves.

Will Mollee Ever Appear In The Show?

Reality TV shows have us used to seeing entire families share the spotlight, but that’s not the case for the Raney family. While Marty and his children Misty and Matt have everything necessary to keep their audience entertained and loyally tuning into the show season after season, it’s also worth noting that “Homestead Rescue” is a show mostly centered on families who need help, and how their lives change after the Raneys do their magic.

Nonetheless, Mollee, Miles, and Melanee chose not to appear in the show, as Marty affirmed in an interview with Fox News in 2017. Though that doesn’t mean that the possibility of them changing their minds about this sometime in the future, it’s a given that the three don’t appear to be interested in the fame brought by “Homestead Rescue”.

In the meantime, we should just enjoy that Marty, Misty and Matt are doing their best to make people’s homesteading dreams a reality.

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