Who is the kid Tydus? His Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Tydus Talbott Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Tydus Talbott was born on 24 May 2014, in Santa Cruz, California USA, the first born child and the only son of Travis, and his wife, Corey. His parents are YouTube stars with the TravandCor channel, and Tydus has two younger sisters named Ryatt and Bowie. To speak of his educational background, Tydus is just nine years old and is still in elementary school.

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Tydus has become a YouTube sensation, but he doesn’t have his own channel,  instead starring on the family vlogging channel “Trav and Cor”, on which he is often seen alongside his younger siblings. He’s famous for his impersonation of Jake Paul, earning the nickname “Mini Jake Paul”. This act has turned him into an Instagram sensation, with over a million followers, on which he shares pictures and videos showcasing his luxurious lifestyle.

YouTube Popularity

His parents’ channel has more than 6.4 million subscribers on YouTube, and their videos have garnered more than 2.7 billion views – Tydus has been featured in several popular videos that have garnered millions of views. In “3 Year Old Tydus TOY REVIEWER!!“, he appeared as a young toy reviewer, amassing an impressive 56 million views in five years.

Another hit video, “3 Year Old Tydus MORNING ROUTINE!!“, drew in 42 million views in five years, and in “4 Year Old Tydus TOY REVIEW!!“, Tydus reviewed toys, and gained 39 million views in four years.

One memorable video, “Tydus CATCHES Santa Claus!!“, in which he encounters Santa Claus, captivated 37 million views in five years.

In “JAKE PAUL Helps TYDUS Catch The BIKE THIEF!“, with Jake Paul’s assistance, they caught a bike thief, accumulating 31 million views in four years.

Another entertaining video, “Tydus BLAMED His SISTER For This! BIG TROUBLE“, in which Tydus gets into trouble and blames his sister, reached 39 million views in four years. These videos have been a big hit with the audience, increasing his popularity by a large margin.

Tydus Music

Tydus has ventured into the world of music, and has released several catchy tracks. One of his most popular music videos is “TYDUS – ICE CREAM” which has amassed a whopping 50 million views in just four years.

Another hit in his collection is “TYDUS – First Girlfriend” which raked in an impressive 51 million views in three years. He also dropped “TYDUS – Gonna Be” which garnered 9.4 million views in two years.

Additionally, “TYDUS – Happy Hallo-Scream” captured 17 million views in a mere three years.

“TYDUS – Let’s Play” attracted 1.5 million views within 10 months of its release, and “TYDUS – Hit That Combo” gained 13 million views in three years.

Other Projects, Hobbies, and Interests

For Halloween in 2021, Tydus dressed up as Justin Bieber. He’s also affiliated with Jake Paul’s Team 10, and they’ve gone on Team 10 tours together. Their close friendship and collaboration have led to the creation of numerous popular videos.

Other Interests, Hobbies, Trivia

Tydus has displayed an early interest in activities such as skateboarding, boxing and snowboarding. He even learned how to swim, having been taught by Jake Paul and Anthony Trujillo in July 2018.

His parents, both college graduates, prioritize his education, and take a hands-on approach to ensure he receives proper schooling. They don’t rely solely on YouTube income to support their family, as they have profitable ventures aside from their online presence.

In his early years, Tydus was known for his spontaneous creation of the “poo-poo dance” at just a year and a half old. He also had an encounter with actor Bill Murray at the Pebble Beach Golf Links in California when he was only nine months old, which made headlines in local newspapers.

Tydus’s parents decided to have him impersonate Jake Paul, after inserting his comedy skits into their vlogs, which the audience found hilarious. Jake Paul has gifted Tydus various items, including mini dirt bikes and cars, while Tydus reciprocated with a new wristwatch for Jake.

In May 2018, Tydus’s father honored him by having his name tattooed on his wrist. Additionally, Tydus has his own brand of merchandise, sold through Fanjoy.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Tydus Talbott’s net worth is estimated at $5 million as of late 2023.

Personal Life, Dating, Single

Tydus is just nine years old, and so for now isn’t into dating, though there are some hints about his girlfriend in the video.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Tydus Talbott has brown eyes and blonde hair. He stands at a height of 4ft 2ins (1.27m), while he weighs approximately 75lbs (35kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, but he has a slim figure.

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