Who Really was Phil McGraw’s Ex-Wife Debbie Higgins? Her Cause of Death, Wedding, Net Worth, Wiki and Bio

 Who is Debbie Higgins?

Debbie Higgins was famous for her editorial work; her highly respected works include “Christy Mathewson Day” in 2011 and “Demon Hunters: Fear the Silence” which she did in 2013. Her fame is linked to her ex-husband Phil McGraw who is a famous American television personality. Debbie passed away in 2014.

Debbie Early Life and Education

Debbie was born in 1950 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, to a father who was a farmer, and a housewife mother, so is an American by nationality and of the White ethnicity.

As a young child, Debbie loved playing volleyball, football, dancing and singing. She went to New York High School where she was a cheerleader before joining the Massachusetts Institute of Commerce from where she graduated. Debbie also holds a fashion technology diploma. While in college, Higgins was the lead singer in the school band.

Debbie Professional Career

Debbie didn’t manage to have an extensive career but she made her mark. Her big break as an editor came when she worked  on the movie “Demon Hunters: Fear the Silence” which featured Mary Bonczek, Brian Gildea and Rob Dimension. The movie brought great fame for her and opened more doors in her career. Before this, Debbie had been featured in the “Christy Mathewson Day” where she worked alongside Tony Borgia and Edward G. Boehm among many others.

Debbie Huggins Marriage to Phil McGraw

Debbie was the first wife of Dr. Phil, as he is fondly known. The couple met when they were just 20 years of age and fell in love before tying the knot in 1970 in the Roeland Park Southridge Presbyterian Church. Apparently both Debbie and Dr. Phil hailed from Kansas City, where the latter spent over a decade playing football. Debbie married Dr. Phil at 20 years of age and although as a boyfriend Phil was known to be nice and loving, this allegedly changed after the two married. Phil is said to have wanted his wife to maintain her physique, and therefore asked her to start lifting weights in order to ensure she looked good. Phil was insecure about his wife’s looks and was constantly worried about what people would say if they saw him with an unattractive woman.

The couple divorced in 1973, just three years after they married. When Newsweek interviewed the couple, they talked about their failed marriage – Dr. Phil confessed that he was a huge football player who fell in love with a beautiful cheerleader, Debbie. However, he said that the union did not work out without offering any more details. Debbie, on the other side, was willing to open up and share her side of the story. According to her, Dr. Phil was a dominating person who always made her feel like a very tightly coiled spring. Each time they would interact, Debbie felt like a wound up person. Although she confessed that everything was fine at the beginning, that changed and she felt like she was in a mental prison. Dr. Phil would cheat on Debbie with other women, and each time she tried to confront him, he would become defensive and tell her that it was the norm.

Even before the two finalized their divorce, Dr. Phil was already dating Robin Jameson who he later married in 1976 and had children with. There is no news of Debbie ever remarrying.

Philip is now a renowned television psychologist who rose to fame through Oprah Winfrey, due to her massive number of followers.

Dr. Phil holds a PhD in clinical psychology which he uses well in his career. Although everyone expected him to go into practice after he graduated, he made a decision to branch out and started assisting trial lawyers to build their cases based on their investigation subject. He would use the accused, plaintiffs, and suspects’ behavioral patterns in order to determine how to best prepare defenses or prosecuting arguments.

In 1989, Phil became a co-founder of Courtroom Sciences Incorporated alongside Gary Dobbs, a lawyer. This firm was tasked with handling top global company’s cases by helping to win lawsuits and recover debts in multi-millions. It was while working at CSI that Dr. Phil was able to meet with Oprah Winfrey who he helped win a case, after which Oprah hosted Dr. Phil on one of her many shows as a thank you present. However, in 2006 Dr. Phil retired his practice license.

He runs a daytime show that is rated among the most successful films on the TV market right now. On the show, he offers advice and therapy to siblings faced with disputes, and boyfriends with roving eyes that make their girlfriends angry.

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Debbie Higgins Death, Cause of Death

As per Debbie’s brother, she died in 2014, but little is known about the cause of her death, other than that it was apparently from a form of cancer, unidentified. Whatever the cause, the crucial information still remains a secret.

Debbie Higgins Net Worth

Through her cheerleading and editing jobs, Debbie managed to earn a handsome amount of money, and apparently received a considerable amount as a divorce settlement. However, Debbie Higgins net worth has not been disclosed, although her ex-husband is reputed to earn $80 million per year in salary, and has a net worth of $400 million.

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    1. I wouldn’t know what women would see in him.He certainly isn’t handsome and he’s full of himself like Donkey Donny Trump

    2. Wow definitely he have his own secret!! I tell you you only you can figure out or help your self not from other can even help them self!

    3. He’s a fake like so many others on these shows tat make him millions. People just fall for his propaganda, just like the ones who fell fr D. Trump.

  1. Makes you wonder how he treats Robin and if he still is somewhat controlling in any way. Robin seems so meek compared to him. Noone knows what goes on behind closed door. And what is it he says about past performance and prediction of future performance? He preaches a good song and dance. J/S. Wow. I liked him alot until I read about this. I’m upset that I read it.

    1. I am so disappointed in him.i believe he is for Biden and that makes me sick. I have lost a lot of faith in him.

  2. I think Robin knows how to handle Dr. Phillip McGraw. She doesn’t seem meek to me. She has control on him from what I see when they are together. Maybe I’m all wrong in what I see, but I don’t think I am.

  3. I don’t know whether it is true or not about Dr. Phil being a cheater and mistreating her but what I do know is that most people aren’t the same in their 50s and 60s as they were in their “early learning” years. We are suppose to learn from our mistakes, change and grow. So even if true I give him props for overcoming and helping others.

    1. She is dead..

      Have some ..i don’t know..anything!!

      The as e words coming from you as a lady are horrific..how superficial you are..Gosh..

      May ex gfs..ex-wives go through hell and they can’t say anything because of people like you Katie blue

      1. I believe there’s 3 sides to every story. His side, her side and the truth. Perhaps the “good” doc treated his ex-wife like crap or maybe she simply took it that way. Maybe she’s salty the marriage ended. Who knows. That’s a “their” problem and issue. Not ours. I do have to give him credit that he didn’t retaliate by bashing her all over the internet, whether they were lies or not.

    2. i agree 100%

      & regardless of who says it, anyone who automatically takes ANYONE else’s word as truth without first seeking out & considering other data so they can make an informed opinion…well…their intelligence & integrity are both questionable, in my opinion.

      also…how DARE you say “think about it”! how “horrific” & “superficial”!
      some people are just ridiculous 🙄

    3. And you think about the fact that he never admits to even being married. He is hypocritical in the extreme. He pretends he would never cheat – which he did, Robin waves her wedding ring at some guest who said she would like to get together with Dr Phil – yet didn’t worry about the fact that Dr Phil was still married when she met him.

  4. whoever wrote this article is a joke….the pictures of Debbie Higgins and Huggins…uuugh…are like 3 different women for starters…and NONE of them are Debbie Higgins-McCall. She was not born in Las Vegas and she did not go to school in New York.

  5. How can he legally be on t.v. Practicing psychology with patients without a license? The biggest things I don’t like about his show is how he exploits his guests for ratings, in his early years he actually showed compassion towards his guests but now he seems to have none, and I cannot stand how he is always plugging everything his family has invented, created, written etc. to make more money. I find him now to be quite conceited and everyone in his family seems to have a huge ego.

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