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Peter Gene Hernandez is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer, known professionally by his stage name Bruno Mars. He rose to fame in 2010, becoming known for performing a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from Funk, Hip Hop, Reggae, Pop, R&B and Disco to Rock.

Accompanied by his band, The Hooligans, Bruno earned widespread popularity for spectacular stage performances, influenced by retro inspiration. With more than 130 million album sales globally, Mars is easily recognised as one of the best-selling artists of all time, and after achieving a record high of eight number-one singles in quick succession, Bruno is often compared with Elvis Presley, the only other male artist to have achieved similar success.

Mars also became the only artist with five diamond-certified singles in America, and has won numerous accolades for both his song-writing and performances.

Among the many awards Mars could boast, he’s earned 11 Grammys, 10 Soul Train Awards, and holds three Guinness world records.

Without a doubt, the Hawaiin native has become one of the most successful male artists in the world, all thanks to the influences of the cultured Hernandez family. Born on 8 October 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Peter Gene lived most of his young life raised along with five siblings by his father Peter Hernandez, and his mother, Bernadette San Pedro Bayot. Mars’ parents met while performing at a Hawaiian show, where his father played percussion, and his mother was a Hula dancer.

Growing up as one of six children, Bruno gained his wide array of musical influences by listening to various different genres that his parents and siblings enjoyed. Mars gained further inspiration from his mother who was both a dancer and singer, and his father who performed Little Richard rock music.

At the age of two, Peter Gene earned his nickname Bruno from his father, who noted his close resemblance to the Wrestler, Bruno Sammartino, and ever since he’s been known as Bruno by the rest of the family.

Growing up, Bruno was also encouraged to sing Elvis and Michael Jackson songs by his uncle, who did Elvis impressions. From the age of four, Bruno became a regular feature with the Hernandez family band, The Love Notes, but after experiencing stage fright that caused him to wet himself on stage, his parents considered removing him from the act.

However, Bruno didn’t give up and continued to perform, becoming known in Hawaii as ‘Little Elvis’. In 1992, Bruno landed a cameo role in the film ‘Honeymoon In Vegas’, earning him his first exposure as a national American artist. Unfortunately, in 1997 at the age of twelve, Mars’ parents divorced which saw the end of The Love Notes, as well as Mars’ childhood career. At the time, Mars and his brother moved away with their father, experiencing several years of financial depression.

The Hernandez men lived in the slums of Hawaii for some time, sleeping on rooftops, in the back of their car, and at one point even in an abandoned bird park. Mars also began suffering at the hands of bullies, and transferred between several schools. He later attended President Theodore Roosevelt High School in Honolulu, where became a member of The School Boys group, performing as an opening act at various shows around Hawaii.

During this time, Mars’ financial troubles came to an end, but it was not the last oppression the young artist would endure. In 2003, after matriculating from high school, Bruno moved to Los Angeles hoping to pursue a musical career. His sister had presented a demo of Mars’ performances to the suits at Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment record label which prompted his relocation, but the deal never went through. Nonetheless, Mars moved to Los Angeles where his music career would eventually take off.

Before that could happen, Mars still endured several tough years, oppressed by the poverty of the neighbourhood in which he lived. In the beginning, Mars was stereotyped as a Latin artist, with producers even prompting him to sing in Spanish, so Mars adopted his stage name in the hope of shaking off this stereotyping, refusing to only perform Latin music.

In 2004, Mars signed with Motown Records, but the deal held few benefits, and Bruno would move from one label to the next, hoping to succeed. For the time being, Mars worked as a struggling songwriter, although eventually earning excellent credit for his work.

Among other artists, Mars wrote songs for the likes of Sugababes, Adam Levine, Sean Kingston, and Flo Rida. In 2010, Mars released his Extended Play album ‘It’s Better That You Don’t Understand’, and a month later his first hit single, ‘Just The Way You Are’, which earned him global recognition.

Following this, Mars released his first album – ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ – eventually becoming the renowned artist we know today. Of course, after earning world recognition, fame, and success, Mars’ love life attracted a lot of attention, especially after Rita Ora admitted dating the ‘Please Me’ singer.

Surprisingly, despite his fame, Mars has successfully kept most of his personal life out of the tabloids, but make no mistake, the ‘Treasure’ singer has had several romances that can be discussed.

It Will Rain

The first romance in Bruno Mars’ history is one that both his fans and the tabloids know little about, mostly because it took place sometime before the singer gained any true fame.

Unfortunately, the details are up for debate, and few facts can be discussed with certainty.

Some suggest that Bruno dated Chanel Malvar in 2009, while other sources place the beginning of their relationship as far back as 2007, shortly after his relocation to Los Angeles. The only certainty from the rumours is that Bruno did become romantically involved with Malvar, which neither Mars nor Malvar denied.

Chanel is an American actress, whom most would recognise for her role in ‘17 Again’, starring opposite Zac Efron. She also starred in the film ‘Community’, as well as ‘Bring It On: Fight To The Finish’.

Since little is known about Mars and Malvar’s time together, it’s impossible to say how they met, but the reasons for their break-up have long been discussed by gossip writers and tabloid publications. According to Malvar’s history, she once worked as a back-up dancer for several artists, which may have been how Mars initially met Chanel, though this hasn’t been confirmed.

Fans of Mars have also suggested that his song ‘Grenade’ might have been written for Chanel, but since their relationship gained public notice, it came to light that the song ‘It Will Rain’ was inspired by their split. Chanel later confirmed their romance on her personal blog, which she no longer maintains, and also discussed their break-up. Exactly what happened between them remains a mystery, but according to Chanel as written in her blog, their relationship ended because Mars started seeing someone else.

That someone has been suggested to be Rita Ora, whom Bruno was known to have become involved with. However, other sources suggested that Mars ended their relationship after he caught Malvar with another man, which has never been confirmed. This theory was also supported by many of Mars’ fans, who simply didn’t want to believe the apparent nonsense Chanel wrote about one of their favourite artists.

On the other hand, considering the only factual news about Mars’ relationship, it seems unlikely that Chanel’s versions could be true.

Bruno Mars

Considering how loyal Bruno has been to his current girlfriend, it seems too far-fetched that Mars would fool around. Then again, Bruno may have simply learned his lesson.

Though if anything can be learned from Mars’ lyrics, he seems more likely to treasure the women by his side, which discredits Chanel’s revelations even more. Regardless, their relationship ended in 2011, shortly after Mars shot to fame, and according to certain sources, their romance having lasted for nearly two years.

Some sources suggest that their love affair ended in 2012, but amidst all the confusion, one cann’t honestly determine what was real and what wasn’t. Whatever may have happened between them, Malvar and Mars’ relationship was messy at best.

Mixing Business and Pleasure

As if Rita Ora has not caused enough controversy, the singer came forward about her past relationship with Bruno Mars, which caused quite an up-set among gossipers.

Not only would the world never have known about her romance with Mars, but the confessions also supported Mars’ ex-girlfriend’s claims that Bruno fooled around with her. While his fans are reluctant to believe the rumours, according to Rita, she was ‘the other girl’ Malvar mentioned in her blog.

In 2012, during a candid interview with German magazine ‘Bravo’, Ora admitted that she dated Bruno Mars while they were still up-and-coming artists. According to Ora, it was love at first sight, and for the first couple of years they were in a very happy place.

Rita stated that the couple met when she signed with Jay-Z’s ‘Roc Nation’ record label, and Mars was hired as a complementary songwriter who contributed on most of the songs featured on Ora’s debut album. The pair worked closely together, but according to the time that Ora suggested they dated, Mars would have been in a relationship with Chanel. This began back in 2009, while Mars was a struggling songwriter making a name for himself in the music industry.

Although Mars was yet to confirm the rumours, the public accepted it to be true, as later evidence surfaced which confirmed the possibility of a dalliance between Ora and Mars. However, Mars successfully kept the truth out of the tabloids, even after gaining attention, and his romantic life drew the interest of his fans and the tabloids.

Unfortunately, Or couldn’t keep quiet about past conquests, revealing all the details to the world shortly after she gained fame. According to her, she was eighteen years old at the time, and fell head over heels in love with the ‘Lazy-Song’ artist. Since then, fans have suggested that Ora inspired the lyrics of ‘Grenade’, though Mars has never confirmed this theory. According to both Ora and Bruno, their relationship was a happy experience, and the couple eventually broke up on amicable terms, blaming their respective careers and hectic schedules for the split.

According to all the sources, Ora and Mars dated from 2009 until calling it quits in 2011, their romance coming to an abrupt end after two happy years.

Even though it’s accepted that Mars and Ora dated, Bruno has never officially confirmed it.

However, considering how guarded Mars is about his personal life, it seems unlikely that the singer would ever reveal the true details to the world. Again, if it happened, then Mars might also be reluctant to admit to his past behaviour, considering that his romance with Ora took place at the same time that he was supposed to be dating Chanel Malvar.

Nonetheless, these two relationships are the only confirmed past romances in Mars’ history, despite the relative mystery surrounding the circumstances.

Fooling Around

Naturally, no celebs dating history is complete without mentioning a few rumoured hook-ups, and for Bruno Mars, one of the most reserved singers currently performing, it would hardly be any different.

Of course, the following dalliances haven’t been confirmed, and remain only suspected involvements in the ‘That’s What I Like’ singer’s history; though, rather surprising, Mars has been the subject of only two separate suggestions, both of which happened in 2011.

Bruno Mars

Following his romances with both Malvar and Ora, it seems that Bruno took a short break from the dating scene to focus on producing his follow-up album, but that didn’t prevent the tabloids from publishing a couple of rumours.

According to the ‘Daily Star’ news publication, Mars hooked up with the latest member of Sugababes, Amelle Berrabah, who replaced former member, Mutya Buena. According to the publication, the couple dated for a month at the time of print, and even went so far as to suggest the possibility that Amelle and Mars might soon become engaged.

The paper cited a close source who stated that Berrabah was absolutely smitten with Mars, saying that she believes that Bruno is the one. Unfortunately, the rumours lasted about as long as the edition was in circulation, as shortly afterward,s the rumours were explicitly denied.

Neither Amelle nor Bruno confirmed the relationship and things fizzled out quickly thereafter.

Then, again in October later that same year, New York publication, ‘Page Six’, published rumours regarding an alleged hook-up between radio personality Rocsi Diaz and Bruno.

According to Page Six, the couple might have been dating as far back as December 2010, when Mars featured on Diaz’s radio talk show. Unfortunately, these were nothing but wild rumours, and despite the fact that the two did spend time together shopping in Milan, neither Mars nor Rocsi confirmed that anything romantic happened.

The rumours also gained a little support after Rocsi wished the singer a happy birthday on social media, but it seemed more as if the two were just friends. As it turned out, this time around it was the tabloid publications that fooled around more than the celebs mentioned in their articles.

Inspired Finesse

The latest woman in Mars’ life is no other than American model and actress, Jessica Caban, whom Bruno’s fans, of course, know is his long-term partner and the inspiration behind the singer’s latest hits which includes ‘Versace On The Floor’ and ‘That’s What I Like’. The couple began dating in 2011, amidst several rumours regarding Mars’ love life, but unlike his past mistakes, it seems that Bruno has remained exclusive with his model girlfriend.

According to some reports, Mars met the American beauty in a New York restaurant, apparently so smitten with her good looks that the singer couldn’t keep his distance, and so introduced himself. Although the couple keeps their romance private, Jessica’s social media is dominated by sweet pictures and posts related to her love for Bruno, who also seems as taken by her as she seems to be doting on him.

Of course, fans of both Caban and Mars absolutely adore the couple and celebrate their romance, and as it appears, she became the singer’s latest inspiration. Even though Jessica is four years older than Mars, their age difference hardly seems a problem for the couple as they seem as happy as could be.

After dating for a year, the ‘Jane The Virgin’ actress moved to Los Angeles to be with her boyfriend, but at one point it seemed that there was trouble in paradise. According to Mars, who rarely speaks of Jessica to the public, his song ‘When I Was Your Man’ was dedicated to Caban. As Mars stated, he wrote the song at a time when he thought that he could lose Jessica, but things turned out for the best, and the couple worked through their difficulties.

After several years together, their adoring fans couldn’t help but wonder when the couple would marry.

This question became even more relevant after Mars released his hit song ‘Marry You!’, but it seems that their fans might still have to wait a while before the couple share any engagement news. Even though they’re not married, the couple has remained true to each other, as displayed by Mars’ behaviour at his ‘Victoria’s Secret’ performance.

Despite being surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world, Mars only had eyes for his girlfriend. When questioned about their future plans, Mars only commented that they are happy for the time being, saying that Jessica is his rock and his best friend.

After about 10 years together, the couple is still happily living in their Los Angeles mansion with their adopted Rottweiler, Geronimo.

What fans are hoping to hear now is their engagement announcement, which might not be too far into the future, although after so long together, is it so important?

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