Who has Alexandra Daddario dated? Boyfriends List Till 2021

• Alexandra Daddario is an American actress who rose to fame for her portrayal of Annabeth Chase in the ‘Percy Jackson’ series of films.
• She has dated some of the most successful men in Hollywood, including Jason Fuchs and Trey Songz.
• Rumors surfaced that she was romantically involved with her co-star Logan Wade Lerman, which led to an engagement that was later called off.
• Rumors also circulated that she was in a relationship with co-star Zac Efron, which were later debunked by Daddario.
• In 2020, she sparked rumours of a possible romance with lawyer and journalist Ari Melber, but they parted ways a few months later.

Alexandra Daddario is an American actress who rose to fame for her portrayal of Annabeth Chase in the ‘Percy Jackson’ series of films. Born Alexandra Anna Daddario on 16 March 1989, in New York City, USA, Alexandra spent most of her life in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The eldest child of successful parents Christina, a New York lawyer, and Richard Daddario, a prosecutor and former chief of NYPD’s counter-terrorism unit, Alexandra attended the Brearly School for Girls and later the Professional Children’s School, both in New York.

She shared her childhood with a younger brother and sister, Matthew and Catharine, who also became actors. Her family comes from Italian, English, Irish and Czech ancestry. Her paternal grandfather, Emilio Quincy Daddario, was a member of the Democratic party, and served for Connecticut in the US House of Representatives.

In 2019, Alexandra admitted that she discovered her passion for acting at the young age of eleven, saying that she’d always loved storytelling, and that it simply seemed natural to pursue a career in films; her parents had given her every opportunity to achieve her dream.

With the support of her family, she attended Marymount Manhattan College, where she studied the Meisner Acting Technique, but later dropped out to pursue full-time acting. Alexandra made her television debut at the age of sixteen, appearing in the daytime soap opera ‘All My Children’ as the teenager Laurie Lewis.

Her first film credit came in the form of ‘Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief’ in 2010, and she continued to play the same role of Annabeth in the later ‘Percy Jackson’ movies. Following this breakthrough, Alexandra earned a recurring role in ‘White Collars’.

In 2011, Alexandra was cast in the comedy ‘Hall Pass’, starring alongside Owen Wilson, and portrayed Rachel in the comedy series ‘Parenthood’. The following year, Alexandra appeared in the Imagine Dragons music video for ‘Radioactive’, which achieved a record-setting billion views on YouTube, ultimately gaining her exceptional exposure. Since making her mark in Hollywood, Daddario has appeared in numerous feature films, and even attained a couple of producing credits as well.

Among the most notable titles, Alexandra appeared in ‘San Andreas’, with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and ‘Lost Transmissions’ alongside Juno Temple and Simon Pegg. Her most recent appearance was in ‘Songbird’, a drama depiction about the 2020 COVID19 pandemic.

Despite Alexandra’s fame, success, and of course her incredible beauty which received popular appreciation because of her bright blue eyes, Daddario has had a subtle dating history.

Alexandra Daddario

Regardless, she’s dated some of the most influential and successful men in Tinseltown, some of whom would easily cause envy among both her and their admirers.

A Quiet Romance

Daddario’s first public romance took place back in 2006, and for the better part remained rather quiet of which few details reached the gossip pages or media outlets, rather surprising considering that Alexandra dated the man in question for nearly three years. The mystery of Alexandra and Jason Fuchs’ relationship might mostly be due to the fact that neither of them had achieved any remarkable success in Hollywood at the time.

Daddario would only gain exposure a year following the end of their relationship, while Jason never appeared much on the red carpet. Despite achieving a prominent name in the filming industry, as a screenwriter Jason stayed more behind the scenes.

Most of his best work achieved success long after he and Daddario parted ways. Jason is perhaps best known for writing credits which include ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ in 2012, ‘Pan’ in 2015, and ‘Wonder Woman’ in 2017. Jason also achieved some exposure for his role as Lawrence Grey in the Fox series ‘The Passage’. Due to the mystery surrounding their romance, the details of how Alexandra and Jason met remain obscure, as do the reasons for their separation. However, since both Jason and Alexandra appeared in the short film ‘Pitch’ in 2006, it’s more than possible that they met on the set of the film.

Following her first relationship, Daddario remained single and quiet about her romantic status for some time, only sparking rumours about a possible hook-up in 2011.

Secret Liaison

In 2011 Daddario appeared to be getting very comfortable with one of her co-stars while filming ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’.

The co-star in question was none other than Tremain Aldon Neverson, an American rapper best known by his stage name, Trey Songz. Unfortunately, it seemed neither one of them had any interest in forming a full-time relationship, admitting later that they shared nothing more than a short fling.

After that, it would be some time before Daddario entered into a serious, long-term relationship, but the reason for her reluctance might surprise many of her fans. Although the ‘Percy Jackson’ star is not afraid to shed some clothing for the cameras, as proven by her many cover photoshoots for magazines which include GQ, and her appearance in ‘Baywatch’, Alexandra admitted that she gets nervous around boys.

During an interview with ‘Women’s Health Magazine’, Daddario spoke at length about her love life, saying that she would date, but tends to be very tentative, and is sometimes an embarrassing fail.

When she does find someone who strikes her fancy, Daddario said she would often put them to the test by taking them on Yoga dates. According to Alexandra, the dates would usually be uncomfortable, especially for the men, but if they last through it, she knows that he is a keeper.

Percy Jackson the Heart Thief

When questioned about her hopes for the future, Alexandra said that she would one day look forward to raising a family and getting married – not necessarily in that order –  but for the time being, she focuses on her career. However, despite being very busy, Daddario did once get very close to tying the knot, and it seems that she formed the habit of falling for her co-stars.

While Percy Jackson may never have stolen Zues’ lightning bolt, it seems the actor, Logan Wade Lerman, did steal the heart of his counterpart in the film.


The two met for the first time during the auditioning stages for the film ‘The Lightning Thief’, according to Lerman, and later again while filming ‘Sea of Monsters’.

Logan admitted that he simply adored Alexandra from the first time he laid eyes on her. Although he had difficulty approaching her at first, Lerman eventually worked up the courage to ask her to rehearse together. It was the beginning of their romance, and apparently their chemistry won them their respective roles.

Initially the two assumed a quiet friendship, only appearing out together every so often, but things later became serious between them, so serious in fact that Logan would propose.  According to most sources, that was in 2016, but shortly after news broke, the two separated and parted ways. To date, neither has spoken publicly about their engagement nor about the reason why they called it off; as such, fans can only speculate.

Bae-Watch Rumours

In 2018, Daddario once again sparked dating rumours, this time with her co-star in ‘Baywatch’, Zac Efron. Due to their incredible chemistry on-screen, and their continued liaisons off the film set, fans and admirers everywhere suspected something intimate might be brewing between them. Even if it wasn’t, people kept shipping their hopes for a romance between the two.

However, in an interview with ‘People’ magazine, Daddario stated that they were only friends, but was this really the truth? The rumours truly took off after Zac and Alexandra began posting pictures together on social media, prompting an investigation from the gossip outlet ‘Seventeen’. In their article, the magazine suggested that the two certainly had flirty chemistry, especially when appearing together at interviews and on the red carpet, and stating that their relationship needs only be confirmed.

A short while later, the magazine published a gossip article, claiming that they gained inside information from a close friend of both Zac and Daddario. According to this supposed friend, Zac and Alexandra got caught in an on-again-off-again complication, but they aren’t officially dating.

Because of this article, Alexandra reached out to ‘People’ magazine, debunking their theory and the supposed information they gathered, by officially stating that she and Zac were only good friends. Unfortunately, especially for all their admirers shipping the relationship, the pair parted ways in 2018; soon after the rumours also died down, and with it all the hopes of ever seeing them get together.

Recent Rumours

In 2018, more rumours regarding Daddario’s love life surfaced after she appeared in public with a male friend, later identified as lawyer and journalist Ari Melber.

Alexandra Daddario

Although at first, the two seemed only to be friends, romantic suggestions began plaguing them after they expressed public affection following what seemed to be a romantic dinner.

The two began appearing together more frequently, and although neither of them confirmed their relationship publicly, fans and admirers assumed something brewed between them, as the two also shared a few posts on social media, one of which included a celebration with a mutual friend, Richard Lewis, at the time celebrating 24 years of sobriety.

Unfortunately, their romance, which first popped up in July, lasted only a short time, as a couple of months later it appeared as if Alexandra was single again. That was until 2019, when rumours surfaced that she might be dating Emma Watson’s ex-boyfriend, Brandon Wallace. At first, it once again only seemed to be rumours, but after the two took a vacation together in Italy, the rumours seemed to be confirmed.

Aside from going on romantic dates at the Pier Luigi restaurant, Alexandra also sported a dazzling ring, which made fans believe that the two might have taken their relationship much further than initially suspected.

Unfortunately, since that vacation together, Brandon and Alexandra have not been seen in each other’s company again. If something romantic happened between them, it sadly most likely ended in Italy.

Her Latest Romance

In 2020, Alexandra once again sparked rumours of a possible romance, this time because of a video she posted on social media. The video invited fans to meet her latest boyfriend, which of course attracted the attention of many fans and admirers, and which ultimately accumulated millions of views.

However, the video turned out to be far stranger than anyone could have guessed.

Most people tuned in, curious to meet the new, lucky man in Daddario’s life, but were both surprised and disappointed by the humorous exploit Alexandra played on everyone. Instead of introducing a man, whom many would believe to be a hunky slab of beef, she introduced the world to the latest edition of her plant collection.

Yip, Daddario’s new ‘boyfriend’, was a plant. While some found the video hilarious, others were disappointed, actually hoping the ‘Baywatch’ beauty finally found love, but instead were tricked into watching her introduce a plant to the world. At least the video gained a lot of views and likes, the same as a great many of Daddario’s Instagram posts.

As of yet, in 2020 and 2021, it seems Alexandra is enjoying her single status, and while she continues to dream of the family life, she seems content to focus on her career. However, who knows when romance can surprise her again – after all, love will find you in the most curious of places and times.

Until any new updates surface, fans and admirers can look forward to seeing Daddario in her latest film, ‘Die In A Gunfight’, set to premiere late in 2021r. According to most previews of the film, it appears to be a romantic crime drama that some suggest is a modernised presentation of the classic Shakespeare play ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

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