Who has Cash Baker dated? Girlfriends List, Dating History

• Cash Baker is a popular social media influencer and musician.
• His parents are James and Tara Baker, and he has an older sister named Lani Lynn.
• Cash and his brother Maverick started their YouTube channel 'Cash & Maverick' in 201•
• He has been rumored to be in a relationship with Charli Elise, Mishka Shantal Silva, Neven Crisorio, Kate Marie, and Caryn Marjorie.
• Cash is only 17, so any relationships he may be in are likely to be short-term teenage romances.

Cash Baker is a popular social media influencer, who has built his online career posting videos on TikTok, and music and prank videos on YouTube. Along with his brother, Maverick, Cash has become a social media sensation even before turning 18. Needless to say, since coming to notice Cash has been the object of girls’ attention, and his fans still wonder if he has been in any romantic relationships with any of his multiple female friends. Let’s find out the truth about his private life.

Cash Baker was born the younger son of James and Tara Baker on 5 March 2003, in Henryetta, Oklahoma, where his father owns a company which installs seamless gutters, while his mother is a housewife; James Baker is a big friend of Sean Spicer, the popular TV host and Trump supporter.


Cash’s parents often accompany him and his brother while on tour, as his father likes to post photos of the crowds of their fans gathering before the show.

Cash has an older sister named Lani Lynn; she is a popular model signed to Kim Dawson Agency, Elite Miami Models and LA Models, and who has recently married her long-term boyfriend Garett Randol, an aspiring indie movies director. Cash has a very warm relationship with his sister, often stating she is ‘the best sister he could ever ask for’; they still spend a lot of time together.

When Cash was only 11 years old, his older brother, Maverick suggested registering their own channel on YouTube, so “Cash & Maverick” became a member of the worldwide community in 2012. However, they only started posting their official music videos on their YouTube channel in 2019, soon gathering millions of views and ‘likes’. Their work “Whatever It Takes” posted on 4 April 2019 and, directed by Jason Paul Burks, hit 45 million views in less than a year. His videos on TikTok also quickly became the center of attention, attracting more than 7.5 million followers in less than a couple of years, so his online fame spread faster than Cash could even have imagined.

Cash Baker

Cash Baker and Charli Elise

Charli Elise, 15, is another aspiring singer, TikToker and YouTuber, who has been featured in some of Cash & Maverick’s videos on their channel. Charli has recently released her single “You’re So”, also sharing various DIY videos, tutorials and product reviews on her social media profiles. Having 2.4 million followers on TikTok, 80,000 subscribers on her Instagram page, and almost 30,000 viewers on her verified YouTube account, Charli also appears in the video Cash and Maverick posted on their TikTok and Instagram account.

Charli portrays Maverick’s girlfriend, who occupies his whole attention, while Cash portrays a neglected brother and friend, who is left unnoticed.

Since Maverick has a long-term relationship with Cailee Kennedy, the Bakers’ fans decided that Cash is actually the one who has a fling with Charli. She posted their mutual TikTok videos in July 2019, which gathered over five million views in total. The success of their online collaboration made a lot of Cash’s fans think that there was something between him and Charli. However, their relationship was confirmed neither by Cash nor by Charli.

After her rumored affair with Cash, Charli dated social media personality Parker Pannell.

Cash Baker and his rumored affairs after VidCon2018

After the annual event entitled VidCon in 2018, rumors of Cash’s new affairs spread around his fan community, after the shots he posted on his Instagram account. In one photo, Mishka Shantal Silva, a young model from Texas, was sitting on Cash’s back – his followers instantly guessed that there must be something going on between him and her. They seemed to have had a good time at VidCon and now must be dating – at least the comments under the photo in Cash’s Instagram profile said so. However, Baker’s fans were even more confused to see another, similar photo of Cash holding another girl, Neven Crisorio, who was also at VidCon with him.

Neven is another model, signed to Mavrick Artists Agency, who appeared in Jaci Butler’s video “Color Me You”. She works in Los Angeles, and as yet she hasn’t confirmed if she was really linked to Cash, so the photo of them must have been just a friendly shot, even though his fans speculated a lot on him.

Cash Baker and Kate Marie

In July 2020, Cash posted several photos of himself and his long-term friend Kate Marie, on his Instagram account. The question that Cash put into the caption of the photo caught his followers by surprise: ‘What would be our ship name – Kash or Cate?’, Cash asked of his subscribers to share their opinion in their comments.

Kate would be a good match for Cash, as they have similar religious views, are of almost the same age (Kate has recently turned 16), and have been friends for a long time. However, Kate has shared on her Instagram account that they haven’t seen each other for a long time, and that she misses him very much, also calling Cash her ‘most favorite person’. Who knows what this friendship may turn into?

Cash Baker and Caryn Marjorie

On 19 September 2020, a new music video – “White Benz” – was posted on Cash & Maverick’s YouTube channel.

Another single now performed solo by Cash Baker got more than 60,000 views in just two days, featuring model Caryn Marjorie as Cash’s on-screen love interest. Cash’s fans wonder if they felt something for each other in real life, but Cash and Caryn have only posted mutual photos thanking each other for good work together. Even though it’s a typical situation for fans and followers – to link on-screen matches – the way Caryn looks at Cash made a lot of people think she really has some genuinely gentle feelings for him in her  heart.

As Cash is still just 17, perhaps his fans are expecting rather too much in terms of any serious, longer-term relationships – teenage romances are all too common, especially in the entertainment industry, but they usually end relatively quickly, despite protestations of undying love from the participants. You will have noticed that replacement love interests are often soon found, and in that late teen period, why not? There’s only one way to discover and confirm a relationship, isn’t there!? So don’t be surprised to hear of more such associations – real or imagined – concerning Cash Baker.

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