Who has Freddie Highmore dated? Girlfriends, Dating History

• Born in London, England, in 1992
• Gained fame in roles in "Finding Neverland", "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory", and "The Spiderwick Chronicles"
• Dated Sarah Bolger, Dakota Fanning, and Emma Roberts (all actresses)
• Rumored to date Abigail Breslin (actress)
• Currently single and focused on upcoming projects

The English bachelor

Born Alfred Thomas Highmore in London, England, on 14 February 1992 under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, Freddie has achieved enormous success from landing roles in such film titles as “Finding Neverland”, “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory”, and “The Spiderwick Chronicles.” Besides that, the handsome young actor is also recognized for portraying Dr. Shaun Murphy in the drama series “The Good Doctor”, which has been aired on the ABC network since 2017. Freddie is certainly considered one of the most talented actors among many other teenagers who are also involved in the field of entertainment.

Even though he is very open regarding his professional life, Freddie is just the opposite when it comes to his dating history and personal life. However, his love life has been under a microscope since he became famous in the world of acting. His good-looking appearance and charm leads the young actor to win the hearts of many young ladies including those who are famous. So, if you are interested in who he was romantically linked to over the years, stay with us and you may discover something interesting!

Freddie Highmore and Sarah Bolger met each other at the audition for the film “The Spiderwick Chronicles”.

She is also recognized for starring in the role of Princess Mary Tudor in the Showtime historical fiction series “The Tudors”, and playing Princess Aurora in the ABC fantasy adventure drama series “Once Upon A Time”. According to her interview with IFTN magazine, the beautiful actress revealed that they didn’t expect to be selected for the roles, saying “Myself and Freddie Highmore were very surprised because when we went over for the screen test we were introduced to each other, and you know in our heads we were saying ‘OK well I’m Irish, he’s English – clearly one of us is not going to get this movie!’ Fortunately, they were both cast in the film, and soon started hanging out together on and off set.

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In no time, they became pretty close friends, and in October 2006 Freddie and Sarah set off rumors that they had become romantically involved in a relationship. Moreover, a photo of them kissing surfaced, and although they didn’t publicly admit that they were together, the photo was taken as proof that the duo had hooked up. However, his fans didn’t at all like the idea of them being together, because he was only 15 years old at the time. Furthermore, his fans even accused Sarah of molesting him. After dating for more than three years, the couple allegedly ended their romance, and parted their ways in June 2009; the reasons for their split weren’t revealed, but quite possibly the young age factor played a part. Whatever the reason, we hope that at least they remained on good terms.

When the acclaimed actor finished things with his “The Spiderwick Chronicles” co-star, Freddie Highmore fell for another actress. In July 2009, several magazines, such as Pop Sugar and E! News, reported that he went on a dinner date with Dakota Fanning. She is known for starring in such film and TV titles as “I Am Sam”, “Charlotte’s Web”, and “The Alienist”. The actors were spotted at the restaurant Il Cielo, located in Beverly Hills, California, and of course it was immediately believed that the two of them were an item, even though they never confirmed it. At that age, going to dinner means many thing, so it could be that they were more than friends.

In 2011, Freddie was rumored to be in a relationship with his “The Art of Getting By” co-star Emma Roberts. She is also known for portraying Addie Singer in the Nickelodeon series “Unfabulous” and landing the lead role of Chanel Oberlin in the Fox comedy horror series “Scream Queens”.

Freddie Highmore

They appeared in the lead roles, and the interesting fact is that their characters were romantically linked on the big screen. It obviously led their fans to think that the two of them were something more in real life too. In their joint interview with Teen Vogue magazine, Freddie and Emma revealed more details about their ‘friendship’. He said, “Everyone seems to say we have great chemistry, so apparently we did bond very well! It was really fun getting to work with Emma, I think it made the more… intimate scenes definitely easier,” while Emma shared, “I think it definitely helped that everyone—especially Freddie and I—clicked from the beginning. It didn’t take much forced “getting to know you” time. I think that’s why the movie flowed so well.” He would later also reveal to Metro magazine that kissing Emma wasn’t awkward at all, saying, “We hit it off right away, and it was very relaxed,  without any awkward moments,” but adding, “It was very easy to get along with her.”

However, when he was asked if he spent some time with her off set, Freddie said, “A little.” – obviously an attempt to deny the dating rumors. Maybe he just wanted to hide their relationship from the public eye after all. Anyway, whether they were together or not remains a mystery.

Relationship with Abigail Breslin – Just a Rumor?

In November 2016, the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” star sparked rumors of romance again, regrading a relationship with attractive actress Abigail Breslin, known for her portrayal of Olive Hoover in “Little Miss Sunshine”.

Although you can find information on several different websites that they were actually dating, there is no any proof. In addition, the two of them have never been seen together in the public. Neither of them has ever confirmed or denied the rumors. Shortly afterwards, those rumors were shut down after the beautiful actress shared an Instagram photo of herself kissing another man, namely Ira Kunyansky. So, it turned out that the rumors were false.

Following the rumors that he and Abigail were a couple, Freddie became one of the most adorable single actors out there. He hasn’t been romantically linked to any girl ever since. In March 2018, Star magazine published an article about his relationship status.

According to the printed edition of Live RampUp magazine,  “Freddie Highmore hasn’t been on a date in nine years because he is still traumatized by his failed romance with Dakota Fanning! Freddie was a teenager then, and it didn’t exactly end well, as tends to happen with teen romances. He tries to say that he’s too busy to go on dates or try Tinder, but the reality is he’s scared of putting himself out there. Freddie is nerdy, bookish and has no clue how to socialize with women. It definitely makes his performance more believable!”

In 2019, Freddie revealed more details about dating during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Show”, making a distinction between dating in the US and the UK.

“North American dating is very different than in the UK. I find it quite baffling, in the UK it’s quite clear when you’re going on a date because it’s in the evening and it’s like dinner. Whereas in North America, Vancouver it’s like ‘hey do you want to go kayaking?’ And then you just think you’re going kayaking with a friend and then it ends up being a date without you knowing,” Freddie said.

It is obvious that the famous actor is very secretive when it comes to his personal life. Unlike many celebrities, Freddie Highmore manages to keep his love life out of the public eye, partly due to his inactivity on social media platforms. So, it is believed that the “Finding Neverland” star is currently single and focused more on his upcoming projects. Whether this true or not, we hope he is happy! We have no doubt that the public will certainly be informed when he finds the right one.

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